World Social Work Day – March 20th 2018

I wanted to be a social worker just because
I wanted to make a bit of a difference to people’s lives. I seen that some people were
disadvantaged in society and I thought, what can I do to help that. I wanted to become a social worker to help
people and especially children and their families to improve their outcomes by offering more
opportunities and I think it’s more about empowering people to help themselves. I love the direct work with families and you do get a great deal of that. Being able to interact in so many different situations
and the challenge that it brings. I think the reason I came in to social work
in the first place because I was just generally interested in working alongside people. I think my favourite aspect of this is the
feedback that we get from children and when they tell us that, you know, something has
changed for them for the better. To meet a wide range of people to sit alongside
them. To have them share their own story with you really. I find the most rewarding aspect of my role
is to be able to improve people’s circumstances and their personal situations, whether that’s
someone being able to access employment or education or to improve the care they give
to their child. I think the most rewarding aspect of my job
is knowing that you’ve made a difference in people’s lives, whether that’s because you’ve
maximised their independence or promoted their well-being.

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