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And we’re live! My name is Sebastian
Foster and welcome to Foster Culture! All right so here it is. By popular demand I’ve
finally decided to vlog my travels, giving you guys the know how on exactly what I do
and how I manage to travel as often as I do. I have the travel bug since 2016 when
I decided to take a gap year to travel solo around the world, and since then I have
managed to explore 25 countries spanning across 4 continents! And with all the
wisdom and knowledge I ever learned I’m now able to give you guys exactly
what you need to the exact same thing! So I thought seeing as I’m going traveling
yet again, I should use this opportunity to show you guys exactly how I do this
the tricks and tips I take and use and basically just how have a good time! I’ll be
using my phone and a GoPro if I can work out how to turn on… To document the next 36 days
as I go overseas to Portugal to Malta Where else? To the UK, Ireland for a
total fun bros reunion! And then down to Spain, and finishing off with Morocco, before popping back to Portugal obviously to get my flight back to South Africa! Oh yes! For all those who
don’t know I am South African! This is where I live. That’s good though, because I know a lot of
South Africa’s don’t travel, hence why my channel’s name is Fostered Culture. My
goal here is not only to show you guys how I do it, but it’s also to try and get a
culture of travel amongst young people in South Africa and the rest of the
world. To get you guys to be excited to travel and to know how to do it! If I, a
21 year old University student can afford to travel the way I do, without
any extra cash from my parents, or friends or family, then it is possible
for you guys to! I’ll try and bring you guys daily videos on my travels.
There’ll be stories. And yeah, it’ll be lots of fun!
there should be exploring… I don’t know about do many museums but it’ll be fun! There will be partying, but most of all it’ll be about travel and showing you guys what is out
there and what you can all achieve! Follow me on social media! Facebook,
Instagram… on YouTube I guess. And let’s foster a culture of travel together!


  1. Chelsea Jordan Thomas said:

    Love love love this 🔥🙌

    December 26, 2018
  2. WheresTeddyNow said:

    Nice start. No just how did you do that moving globe thingy?

    December 29, 2018
  3. DOUG and NIKI said:

    Found you on Reddit…nice job!

    December 29, 2018
  4. Dia Taylor said:


    March 26, 2019
  5. Fostered Culture said:

    Looking back with hindsight… I look and sound like a total knob

    May 11, 2019

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