Warren Backs AOC’s Plan for Taxpayer-Funded Welfare for Illegals and Ex-Convicts

2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren endorsed a
policy proposal by controversial freshman lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that includes
taxpayer funded welfare benefits for illegals and ex-convicts. AOC alls her policy “A Just Society” FreeBeacon reports Democratic presidential
candidate Elizabeth Warren endorsed a Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) policy
proposal that includes taxpayer-funded welfare benefits for illegal immigrants. Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal, dubbed “A Just
Society,” calls for nationwide rent control and bans the federal government from denying
welfare benefits based on an individual’s immigration status and previous criminal convictions.
Warren became the first Democratic presidential candidate to endorse the plan, calling it
“just the type of bold, comprehensive thinking we’ll need” to make “big, structural
change.” Ocasio-Cortez is considered to be “one of
the most important endorsements in America,” and Warren’s immediate support of her latest
policy marks another attempt to win the freshman congressman’s nod of approval. Warren’s
quick embrace of Ocasio-Cortez’s plan is the latest sign of the social media superstar’s
policy impact on the Democratic presidential field. Neither Ocasio-Cortez nor Warren returned
requests for comment. Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal, consisting of
six separate bills, calls for the expansion of welfare. Bills three and four make it illegal
for the federal government to deny welfare benefits to ex-convicts and illegal immigrants.
The legislation does not address how to pay for the rising cost of welfare, nor does it
explain how it would accomplish its goals. “It’s been really hard for me to find
housing. I have the money to move places and stuff, but they deny me for my felony history.
It’s not right,” a man with a face tattoo said in the legislative package’s announcement
video. Ocasio-Cortez’s second bill, titled “The
Place to Prosper Act,” calls for federal rent control by imposing a 3 percent national
cap on annual rent increases. Similar legislation has failed at the local level amid concerns
that such policies increased housing prices while limiting supply. A recent study by the
American Economic Association found that San Francisco rent control policy “drove up
market rents in the long run, ultimately undermining the goals of the law.” The Council of Economic
Advisers found that in 11 metropolitan areas with housing regulations, deregulation would
reduce homelessness by an average of 31 percent. More than 80 percent of economists surveyed
by the University of Chicago in 2012 found rent control to be bad policy.


  1. Jonathan Schell said:

    They need to change draft rules to include women. They want to run for office then they should die for there country.

    October 1, 2019
  2. Abbey's Grandma said:

    Open Borders Socialism – Is Like An Open Invitation Dinner Party

    October 3, 2019

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