Views sought on Welfare and Devolution

The Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform
Committee has heard much about the experiences of people affected by changes to the Social
Security system as those changes have unrolled over th last three years. Now it’s looking
to the future – at changes which may come from the devolution of some welfare powers
to Scotland within the Scotland Bill currently working its way through Westminster.
Well we have known for some time that the Smith Commission is going to be delivering
now powers to Scotland. A lot of them are going to be in relation to Welfare and we
want to see whatever powers are delivered though the Scotland Bill at Westminster, we
want to hold an Inquiry into how we use those powers, so we want the public out there, those
involved in the Third Sector and other organisations who deal with welfare to start to give us
ideas about what they think we should do with the powers that we’re going to have. It’s
now about putting the meat on the bones and that’s what we have to do in our Inquiry.
The committee wants your views on how the new welfare powers proposed by the Smith Agreement
should be used to improve or change: Personal Independence Payments, the Disability
Living Allowance, Attendance Allowanceand Carer’s AllowanceThe housing and administrative
arrangements of Universal Credit as well as Discretionary Housing PaymentsThe Work Programme
and Work Choice The Regulated Social Fund, new benefits, top-ups and the delivery of
benefits overall. You can get more information about the inquiry
on our webpage. You can submit your views to the committee by email and post. Submissions
must be received by Friday the 28th of August. And join the debate on social media

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