Top 20 Culture Wars Hank Hill Fought That Are Still Hilariously Relevant (King of the Hill)

20 Culture Wars Hank Hill Has Fought That
Are Still Hilariously Relevant King of the Hill has been off the air since
2009, and many of us are still hoping it comes back one day. Seriously, check out the video
we did about a potential reboot. C’mon, Mike Judge, make it happen. Now is the time. With
that said, when we look back at conflicts that Hank Hill found himself in throughout
the 13 seasons the show ran, something becomes glaringly obvious. King of the Hill was one
of the most hilariously relevant, timely and relatable cartoons ever made. Specifically,
when it comes to the cultural battles that Hank finds himself fighting. King of the Hill’s writing effortlessly ridiculed
so many crazy cultural trends, movements and issues in a way that wasn’t polarizing or
preachy. It’s really one of the things that makes Mike Judge worthy of so much more credit
than he gets. And more importantly, created some of the greatest comedy when it came to
television animation. Bizarre trends, bureaucracy, technology, the fringes that come from all
sides of the political spectrum, weird social movements Just about everything was touched
on. And what made King of the Hill so brilliant was juxtaposing all the craziness with Hank
Hill’s awkward and uptight personality. I’m Kyle with WickedBinge. And today we’re
counting down 20 Culture Wars Hank Hill Fought That Are Still Hilariously Relevant. But first,
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whenever we upload. Let’s get started. #20 Hank vs. The Garage Band (S2 E7: The Man
Who Shot Cane Skretteberg) In the season 2 episode The Man Who Shot Cane
Skretteberg, Hank and the neighborhood get annoyed by the loud teenage garage band (voiced
by Green Day) nearby. When they bully Bobby and Joseph on the paintball field, Hank decides
to challenge them to a 4 v 4 game to teach them some respect. Hank’s disgust over the younger generation’s
disrespect is particularly funny given the hard time he and his friends give the old
man Pops, which kind of showcases the constant disconnect between older and younger generations.
After losing their first battle, Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhaur raise the stakes and ultimately
beat them and deprive them of their guitar amp. This was an earlier episode that focused on
a pretty common, but always relevant battle between adults and teenagers. #19 Hank vs. The Gym Bros (S11 E11: Bill,
Bulk and the Body Buddies) When Bill meets a body-builder named Dirk
to help him train for his Army physical, it doesn’t take long until he overdoes it and
alienates himself from his friends. Eventually, it’s up to Hank to come up with a plan to
save Bill from his new meathead friends. Overall, this episode does a great job mocking the
over-the-top Gym Bro who anyone who’s been to the gym has met. Also, Dirk’s voiced by
the guy who plays the Rex-Kwan-Do character from Napoleon Dynamite. And this one is Macho
Man Randy Savage. #18 Hank vs. The Workplace Junkie (S2 E20:
Junkie Business) When Hank is asked to hire a new member at
Strickland Propane, he ignorantly decides to hire a charismatic man over a more-qualified
woman. When it turns out that his new hire has a serious drug problem, it quickly becomes
evident that he needs to be fired. But when a group leader shows up, it’s revealed that
it’s illegal to fire someone for a drug addiction No matter how horrible their behavior is.
This episode critiqued the idea that drug addiction is an illness that absolves people
from responsibility. #17 Hank vs. Social Media (S13 E4: Lost in
Myspace) When the episode Lost In Myspace came out
in 2009, social media was still relatively new. But Hank Hill’s suspicions of Myspace
seemed to be the warning we all disregarded about social media usage. When Donna takes
over the Strickland Myspace page, she begins posting things that harm the Strickland reputation.
Like any other form of technology, Hank rallies against it and convinces everyone that good,
honest customer relations are what’s important, as opposed to superficial social media postings.
I think we greatly underestimated the importance of the message when this episode came out. #16 Hank vs. Sexual Harassment (S3 E16: John
Vitti Presents: Return to La Grunta) In the episode Jon Vitti Presents: Return
to La Grunta, Luanne gets a job at a resort as a drink server and decides to get Hank
a gift. That gift happens to be a ticket to go swimming with a dolphin where he gets uh,
molested by the dolphin. Totally embarrassed, Hank decides to keep things a secret and agrees
to keep his mouth shut when the resort offers to buy his silence. But when Luanne is harassed
at her job, he decides to throw her harasser in the pool with the dolphin that molested
him showing her that she shouldn’t feel ashamed. This is probably one of best commentaries
on the subject of harassment a show has done given that it relies the message properly,
in a hilarious way but also doesn’t embrace the crazy level of political correctness you
would expect from any show tackling the issue today. #15 Hank vs. Anger Management (S7 E7: Texas
Skill Saw Massacre) When Hank accidentally cuts Dale’s finger
off with his skill saw Well, it seemed more like Dale’s fault’ he’s court ordered to attend
Anger Management classes. Of course, Hank doesn’t get along to well with the instructor,
he also befriends another man with anger problems. But when his new friend dies from an anger
induced heart attack, Hank starts revaluating his own anger problems. But it wouldn’t fit
to end things like that. The episode ends with Hank acknowledging that his anger has
value, and his rage ultimately saves his friends from being crushed alive. Considering the
ongoing theme of the show is that Hank’s common sense is valuable in this crazy world, and
oftentimes his anger is more than justified. #14 Hank vs. Workplace Harassment (S8 E10:
That’s What She Said) When Strickland hires a new employee, voiced
by Ben Stiller, Hank becomes appalled by his sense of humor. With constant dirty jokes
and sporadic games of grab ass, Hank battles to maintain professionalism. He even goes
so far as to bring his complaint to a lawyer. And as funny as dirty jokes are, they’re even
funnier when juxtaposed with Hank’s no-nonsense, uptight behavior. #13 Hank vs. Skateboard Pastor (S8 E2: Reborn
to Be Wild) The episode Reborn to be Wild is a great example
of King of the Hill that has an age-old message. That oftentimes, the things you think will
never go out of style, actually will. So when Bobby joins a church group that intertwines
faith with all of the trendy stuff he’s into music, rock n’ roll and skateboarding Hank
worries that his faith will ultimately be just another trend. And although the Pastor
is a well meaning guy, Hank’s makes a great point. (church better, rock n roll worse)
This is a good episode because it picks apart not only the crazy Pastor that Bobby follows,
but also Hank’s own uptight and traditional views. But his message about trends coming
and going is one that will always be relevant. #12 Hank vs. Caleb (S10 E14: Hank’s Bully) In season 10, Hank finds himself the victim
of a local neighborhood bully named Caleb. The ten year old boy constantly harasses Hank,
calls him name and even rides his bike on his lawn. But Caleb’s parents are responsive
to Hank’s complaints. Embracing new age parenting techniques, they allow their son to get away
with any poor behavior he wants. Finally, Hank decides to unleash Bobby on the parents,
telling him to behave in a similar way to give them a taste of their own son’s medicine.
This episode’s a great jab at modern parents who let their kids get away with anything. #11 Hank vs. Videogame Addiction (S11 E8:
Grand Theft Arlen) Hank is not one for technology. This is demonstrated
routinely whenever he tries to use a computer. But when one of Bobby’s student-teachers for
his gaming class makes a game centered around pro pain with Hank a s a character, that all
changes. Essentially a parody of the Grand Theft Auto series, Hank finds himself hopelessly
addicted and wasting all of his time. Leaving us with the message that it’s important to
monitor the amount of time we spend playing videogames or with other time-consuming technologies. #10 Hank vs. The Comedian (S2 E16: Traffic
Jam) When Hank is forced to pick a traffic school
to attend in order to lower his insurance rates, he accidentally choose Def-ensive Driving
School. A comedy themed class taught by comedian Bodasack (voiced by Chris Rock). There are
a lot of sly jabs at the entertainment industry (show biz is evil) and watching Hank getting
uncomfortable with racial humor of course is hilarious. But when Bobby starts emulating
Bodasack’s comedy, innocently unaware of the comedy’s racial connotations, it leads him
to getting his source material from a white nationalist website. Leaving Hank and his
new friend Bodasack to save the day when he brings the material on stage. #9 Hank vs. Y2K (S4 E10: Hillennium) If you’re younger, there’s a solid chance
you may not even know what Y2K was. Back at the turn of the millennium, there were actually
tons of people terrified that the world would essentially shut down on New Years 2000. This
was because they thought computer software wouldn’t be able to accurately go from 1999
to 2000 because they used a two-digit system. Obviously, this was a giant hoax, but it was
actually a real fear. In the episode Hillenium, Hank buys into the Dooms Day theory and begins
hording toilet paper and other consumables. And although Y2K itself isn’t relevant to
anyone anymore, the conspiracy theory mentality is always something that will be around. And
it was hilarious to watch the usual common-sense Hank Hill embrace it. #8 Hank vs. Video Store Bureaucracy (S2 E17:
Hank’s Dirty Laundry) The episode Hank’s Dirty Laundry is another
episode that explores Hank’s hatred for bureaucracy. This time, at the video store. When he’s accused
of renting pornography due to a computer error at the store, he sets out to clear his name.
However, every step he takes in the process of clearing his name only digs him deeper
and deeper, creating a hilarious metaphor for corruption. #7 Hank vs. Hippies (S8 E12: Phish and Wild
Life) When Hank takes Bobby camping in the hopes
of teaching him the importance of self-reliance, he’s horrified to see that the campgrounds
have been completely taken over by hippies. A group that king of the Hill has taken jabs
at several times. Bobby ultimately gets enticed by them when offered food, but soon learns
that their lifestyle of taking whatever they want without earning it is wrong. And that
his dad’s valuing of responsibility and hard work is the way to go. And of course, Hank
dealing with the free-spirited hippies is hilarious in and of itself. #6 Hank vs. George W. Bush’s Hand Shake (S5
E1: The Perils of Polling) Desperate to teach Luanne the importance of
democracy, Hank does his best to convince her to vote in the upcoming election. And
although she decides to vote for a Communist because she likes his tie The bigger issue
is what happens when Hank gets the opportunity to meet George W. Bush. It turns out that
his handshake is limp and Hank begins to revaluate everything about not only his candidate, but
also democracy in general. Of course, he comes to his senses by the end of the episode, but
we’re left with the message that no candidate is perfect, but still, voting matters Even
if your candidate has a limp handshake. #5 Hank vs. The Boy Band (S7 E1: Get Your
Freak Off) The boy band era was an obvious choice for
something to unleash upon Hank Hill. While policing the music that Bobby is listening
to, Hank finally thinks he found an acceptable band for his son to liten to. A band called
4 Score. However, he only listens to a brief moment of it before making this determination.
Upon bringing Bobby and his friends to a concert, Hank is horrified to see the seemingly good,
family-friendly band break out with more sinister lyricsWhich
of course rubs off on Bobby. #4 Hank vs. Racism Accusations (S7 E20: Racist
Dawg) In the episode Racist Dawg, Hank’s dog Ladybird
attacks a repairman that Hank has hired who happens to be black. Resulting in accusations
of racism towards Ladybird and subsequently Hank, who others claim must have influenced
his dog. Hank’s employees and even Peggy begin to believe the idea to be true, until Hank
hires another repairman who happens to be white. Ladybird responds the same way, proving
that Hank’s problem isn’t with people of different races, but in fact, repairmen. In many ways,
this episode explores the importance of giving someone the benefit of the doubt and the danger
of jumping to conclusions with accusations of bigotry. #3 Hank vs. Witchcraft (S7 E23: The Witches
of East Arlen) One of the most popular characters that comes
into conflict with Hank is Ward, played by David Cross. In the episode The Witches of
Arlen, Hank tries to encourage Bobby to find a new hobby. Of course, Bobby finds himself
a deck of Tarot cards and begins hanging around with Ward and coven of weirdos. When Ward
convinces Bobby to drink dog blood for a sacrifice, Hank must find Bobby and stop it from happening.
What’s great about this episode is that instead of taking the safe route of creating a message
that says it’s always okay to be different, Hank tells Bobby that his new friends are
total weirdos — for his own good. And Bobby takes his dad’s advice. And all that said,
Ward is one of the funniest one-episode characters on King of the Hill. #2 Hank vs. The Pimp (S5 E3: Ho Yeah!) Most episodes of King of the Hill have comedy
that stems from having straight-and-narrow Hank stumble into some ridiculous situation.
Like when he accidentally bought crack from a drug dealer while attempting to buy fishing
bait. But one of the greatest examples of this was when he unknowingly befriends a prostitute
and starts being perceived as her pimp. In the episode Ho yeah, she gifts him a pimp
hat and he begins driving his father’s old Cadillac. Of course, people start getting
wrong idea as usual. And when her former pimp, Alabaster Jones, played by Snoop Dogg, shows
up to confront him Hank realizes he’s unknowingly made himself into Arlen’s pimp. Culturally,
you can probably say this one is a bit vague, be it relevant, but the truth is this just
happens to be one of my favorite episodes. #1 Hank vs. Anti-Halloween Evangelicals (S2
E4: Hilloween) The season 2 episode Hilloween is often considered
one of the best episodes of the series. One of the great things about it is that it’s
one of the episodes in which Hank doesn’t represent the traditional stick in the mud
(and, of course, we say that with love for Hank). Usually, Hank is the voice of reason
that takes issue with the fun, new trend trend that Bobby, Dale, Bill, Boomhaur, Cotton or
even Peggy has embraced. Usually, by the end of the episode, Hank turns out to be right,
but of course, everyone quickly forgets and goes back to thinking that Hank is a straight-laced
stick in the mud. In Hilloween, Hank goes head to head with
a bible study group leader named Junie Harper, who claims that Halloween is a satanic holiday
and gets Hank’s haunted house canceled. Hank takes Bobby to go egg her house and we actually
see Hank in a completely different light. Eventually, the city council passes a curfew
on Halloween. When Bobby starts to think he did wrong, Hank is left with no other choice
than to take to the streets in a devil outfit, encouraging everyone in the neighborhood to
defy the curfew, and go trick or treating. Definitely one of the most triumphant endings. And that’s our list. 20 Cultural Battles that
Hank Hill has fought that we think are still relevant today. Did we miss any cultural battles
from King of the Hill that you think are still important? Let us know in the comment section.
Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe and hit that notification bell. But most importantly,
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  1. TBustah said:

    Y2K wasn’t a “hoax”, it was just blown way out of proportion by crazy people and the media.

    Twenty years ago, the word was already heavily reliant on computers. If the computers for large grocery store and gas station chains were to crash, for example, it could cause some serious problems for the communities they serviced. Imagine not being able to buy the things you use every day because supply chains were interrupted or the store simply couldn’t ring you up. It was a legitimate concern, which is why many people stockpiled a few things just to be safe. Sure, there were your foil hat types who thought there was going to be a nuclear holocaust when government computers malfunctioned and accidentally launched a bunch of missiles, and media outlets fueled the fire, but the not all of the concerns were baseless.

    July 7, 2019
  2. TBustah said:

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  4. Jeremy W said:

    Hate to be the guy to spoil the wholesome, but Hank Hill's brand of sardonic, folksy conservatism isn't at all relevant today. I wish it was, I wish I could go back to a time when I thought my father was just an honest guy who stuck to his values, but I've spent the last four years watching him abandon nearly every principle he raised me on to become a faceless MAGA chud, being utterly fucked by the same policies he feverishly advocated for. Obviously, given Mike Judge's stance on the man, Hank never would have turned into a Trump supporter in the show, but it kind of scares me to have watched the kind of people Hank was based on, the kind of people who raised me, taught me, and employed me in my youth, turn into these tribal ideologues with no sense of purpose or identity beyond their support for their chief ideologue. In a sense, I think the character of Hank Hill was somewhat naive. A rose-tinted version of the southern moderate republican, which is unsurprising, given the buffoonish lefty strawmen he usually had to come to terms with when the show chose to delve into politics.

    That said, I'd be interested in some more modern episodes, where Dale tries to sell the rest of the boys on QAnon.

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    September 23, 2019
  83. Nick Flicks said:

    God damn, could you put any more god damn midrolls?

    September 26, 2019
  84. Homer J Simpson said:

    Nothing about Hank's battles with Kahn……….

    September 28, 2019
  85. Bernie Katzroy said:

    That was sum41 not green day

    September 29, 2019
  86. Mr. Blueberry said:

    I think nowadays, we need Hank Hill more than ever

    October 1, 2019
  87. DNulrammah said:

    @ 17:12 – Worst Matt Murdock impression ever. "…You could go to jail! I knew the risks when I put on the uniform."

    October 2, 2019
  88. Victoria Mathieu said:

    Not sure if this counts as a battle but there was the episode where Hank tackled whether or not to teach Bobby sex Ed. I think, even though the episode was more personal and less technical, the topic is still relevant today. I recently heard a story about a girl sharing her birth control pills with her boyfriend to be extra safe she got pregnant and he got man boobs. No one should still be that ignorant.

    October 3, 2019
  89. drinkyourtea said:

    The fourth episode you listed is more relevant today than it ever has been.

    October 5, 2019
  90. moneymike77p said:

    The witches of east Arlen
    Best line:
    Random Dude: Oh ya we kicked those warlocks out about an hour ago. Tall guy geek-tard. I cast a spell on his ASS with my FOOT!!!!

    October 16, 2019
  91. Terry P said:

    King of The Hill is the best! I love imitating Hank Hill because he's just such a great character!

    October 17, 2019
  92. Andrew Maddox said:

    Well, it seems to me that today it’s the extreme lefties that try to ruin Halloween rather than Christians. I remember all of the fuss about how it was just awful if a little white girl dressed as Mulan or if someone dressed up as an Indian (Native American) Chief.

    I swear, in all of my life I’ve never encountered a person that has accused Halloween of being a satanic holiday. I grew up in a very Catholic area in Louisiana. Everyone around there was handing out candy and putting decorations in their yard. My catholic school put up decorations and celebrated Halloween too. Idk, maybe it’s a Protestant thing, but if anything, when it comes to complaints about Halloween, it’s usually from really butt hurt people on the left who don’t want anyone to have a good time…

    With that said, “Hilloween” is probably one of my favorite episodes. Junie Harper is a funny character and I love when Hank ties up with her

    October 25, 2019
  93. Zealhozi said:

    I would pay cash for pro pain!!!!!

    October 25, 2019
  94. themark1994 said:

    What about hank vs the monorail

    October 26, 2019

    Hank Hill the light in the world of darkness

    October 26, 2019
  96. Travis Zachery said:

    Hank vs the transgender that he didn't know was a transgender.

    October 27, 2019
  97. SgtxAnus said:

    Y2K is relevant? What did you edit this on a DOS computer all PCs have the standard mm/dd/yyyy now

    October 30, 2019
  98. MrAcuriteOf1337 said:

    You're wrong about Y2K. It was a serious, legitimate issue that was successfully averted because all the public attention meant that a ton of fucking money was given to the engineers to fix it, and then they successfully fixed it.

    November 4, 2019
  99. Chumpy the Anteater said:

    3:11 we had a guy working as a shop cleaner at our machine shop who had a drug addiction, he came in clean for his interview but then things started to get ugly around all the machines and metal stock. He was a bit weird at times when he swept around, he’d be stoned to the point of bloodshot eyes, slowly sweeping, and eerily humming a song to himself. But strangest of all he would openly talk at the lunch table about how much he loved kids, even though he wasn’t married nor had any. Then things only got darker, he came into work one day stoned as hell, and was being clumsy around the metal stock. Foolishly he bumped into a metal stock rack and an 3 inch wide ten foot steel bar fell off and rolled onto him, this bastard was lucky though as he only broke a leg. But he decided to sue us to get a quick buck outta the boss. Stupidly when police were called to his home, they found hundreds of pictures of underaged girls sleeping, a camera, and a laptop filled with files of child pornography. This guy is serving life in prison to this day

    November 7, 2019
  100. ARednecksLife said:

    Nancy's Infidelity
    The fact that the entire neighbourhood including Bobby, but somehow not Peggy in the early Seasons, knows what's going on with their next door neighbour, but fails to tell Dale.

    November 8, 2019

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