“Tommy the Talented Tape Measure” Read Along

Welcome to Tool Town, where every tool lives
in houses that everyone helped to build. Every little tool goes to Nuts and Bolts Elementary
School. Their teacher Mrs. Cathy the Clock kept them in line by making sure they were
always on time. She encouraged her students to always do their best and she made sure
none of them were stressed. In Mrs. Cathy the Clock’s class there are students who
are all very different. Tommy the Tape Measure sat next to Sang the Shovel and Dante the
Drill. Willow the Wheelbarrow sat in front of Sang, Willow was always very positive.
Then there was Larry the Ladder who could sometimes be a troublemaker. Santos the Saw
was Tommy’s best friend. The last person in Tommy’s class was Hank the Hammer. Hank
sat in front of Tommy. Hank is very popular and liked by everyone. In their class they
all got along and celebrated each other’s differences rather than make fun of them.
Mrs.Cathy the Clock has a quote on the wall at the back of her classroom that says
“Our differences are what makes the future bright and wonderful”. Early in the morning,
Tommy walks with his moms to Nuts and Bolts Elementary.
“Good morning class!” says Mrs. Cathy the Clock. “I have something exciting to
share with you all!”. “I wonder what could it be,” whispered Tommy the Tape Measure.
“Is it a field trip where we search for treasure?” asked Sang the Shovel. “No
Sang, it’s something more special. It is something that shows all of the great things
about all of you. We are having a talent show to show our differences and skills!”. “That’s
awesome!” yelled Hank the Hammer. Hank had many talents he was proud to share.
Tommy did not feel the same about himself. I don’t know what I could do for the talent
show. Everyone else can do something cool and fun but I can’t do anything, thought
Tommy the Tape Measure. Tommy the Tape Measure began to panic, he did not want to be the
only student to not be in the talent show. Tommy walked home to his moms who were excited
to hear about Tommy’s day. “How was your day?!” asked Mama Pliers.
“Did you do anything fun?” asked Mama Tweezers. With tears running down his face
Tommy replied, “There is going to be a talent show at school and I don’t have any talents.”
Sang the Shovel can dig holes to plant flowers and food. Larry can reach anything he wants
and Willow is very strong and can carry a lot. I don’t have any talents, thought Tommy.
As all these worries kept Tommy awake, his moms calmed him down.
“You have so many talents! Now go to sleep, you can think about this more tomorrow. We
are so proud of you because we always know you try your best,” said Mama Tweezers.
“Alright everyone settle down. We will go around the circle and everyone can share what
they will be doing for the talent show,” Mrs. Cathy the Clock said.
As everyone went around the circle and shared their talents, Tommy began to panic.
I don’t know what I can do, Tommy thought. When it was Tommy’s turn he began to cry.
Mrs.Cathy the Clock saw how sad Tommy was and knew just what to do.
“I’ve just decided class, we are going to go on a field trip!”
The students started to talk with excitement. “Where are we going?” they asked.
“Well, we are going to a place that will make everyone feel like they belong!” Mrs.
Cathy the Clock replied. Tommy sat with his best friend Santos on the bus for the field
trip. They all tried to guess what Mrs.Cathy the Clock had planned for them.
“Are we going to the beach?” asked Sang the Shovel.
“Are we going to the zoo?” asked Dante the Drill.
“No we are not. It’s somewhere even more special!” Mrs.Cathy the Clock said. The
bus came to a stop in front of a large building called the History Museum. The class grows
excited for what the big building might possibly hold. Mrs.Cathy the Clock followed everyone
off of the bus to the front doors. Inside this building was a big museum filled with
the history of each tool. The hammer exhibit was the biggest, this made Hank feel very
special. Tommy walked around until he found a section with pictures that looked like him.
It was an entire place with facts about tape measures. Tommy found a part of the section
called Talents. This is perfect, thought Tommy. Maybe I can find what makes me special!
In this section, Tommy looked through a bunch of things tape measures can do. Tape measures
are flexible, tape measures help find how long things are and how far something goes.
Tommy could measure the wood to build a new house, or the distance his friends could jump
off a swing. He could also measure how tall his friends were. But he was not sure how
to show these on a stage for the talent show. At school the next day, Dante the Drill came
up to Tommy and asked, “Hey Tommy, can you help me with my act for the talent show?”
“Sure, I would love to!” Tommy said. As much as Tommy liked helping, he was still
upset because he was not sure of what to do for the show. The day the students had been
waiting for was finally here. It was time for the talent show. Everyone was very excited
to show what they could do, especially Hank. Tommy was very nervous because he did not
have a plan. The time came for the show to begin and the curtains went up letting the
crowd see Hank. Everyone cheered as Hank the Hammer built a tiny house. It was now Dante
the Drill’s turn. He put together a desk he could do his homework on. Tommy was on
stage helping Dante measure all of the parts Dante needed. Everyone cheered at how fast
they built the desk. Now it was Tommy’s turn. He slowly went out on the stage. He
stared at the crowd with fear, he did not have anything planned. Then Dante the Drill,
Santos the Saw and even Hank the Hammer came out on stage. They all helped him build a
bench to put by the school’s playground. Tommy measured the wood for the bench. All
of the sudden Tommy realized what his talent really was… It was helping others! He rose
above his own fear to help his friend Dante and he helped his other classmates build a
new bench for the playground. This made Tommy very happy because he now knew just how talented
he was. Now Tommy walks to school with his moms and he is really happy. He smiles very
wide as he walks. “Why are you smiling so wide?” asked Mama
Pliers. “It’s because now I know I have the best
talent, I help others. Now I know that when I grow up I have so many options and ways
I can help everyone! I can do anything!” Tommy replied happily. Tommy’s moms were
now smiling from ear to ear because Tommy sees himself just like they do. He sees himself
as a very special tool who can do anything and knows how important it is that he has
the talent of helping others.

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