To the Ends of the Earth (The Archer Illustration) | Harvest Episode 02

It was in my first year of university
when God brought an older guy into my life that began to meet with me
regularly and I remember one day he came in and, and we sat down we were talking
he said, did you know that there were five Great Commission verses in the New
Testament? Four in the different Gospels and one in the book of Acts? And of
course I didn’t know that, and so he so I have a an illustration that I want to
show you, and I call it the Archer Illustration. And so he took out a piece
of paper and you know he began to draw this out, he first drew out a target and
we turned in the Bible to Mark 16:15 and we read there, where Jesus says, go
into all the world and preach the gospel it’s good news to all creation, and so
the emphases of that Great Commission verse was, was the world or the target he
had drawn a target on that illustration and then he he drew a stick figure of an
archer shooting a shooting an arrow towards that target and he said well
let’s look at John 20:21 and we turned to our Bibles there and we looked at
where John records that Jesus said to them as the father has sent me now I’m
sending you and that Jesus was the was the archer in this illustration, he’s the
one sending the arrow towards this towards this target which was the world,
and then from there he put a bow and a and a you know a bowstring into the hand
of of that archer and we turned in the Bible to Acts chapter 1 verse 8, and in
that in that Great Commission verse it says, but you shall receive power when
the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and
in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth, but in Acts 1:8 he began to
explain how how that verse represents the power source
or the, the drawn bow as the arrow was to be launched and that in that verse that
the Holy Spirit is our power Jesus is the sender, but it’s the Holy Spirit that
empowers us in order to be this, this arrow that is launched towards the world.
Then in his illustration he drew an arrow with the tip, and kind of
exaggerated the tip and then he said well let’s look at the next verse and we
looked over at Luke 24:47 he says in Luke 24:47, it says that repentance and
forgiveness of sin will be preached in my name to all nations, beginning at
Jerusalem, but the emphasis of that Great Commission verse was the the content of
the message, that it was repentance and forgiveness of sin that was to be taken
this message taken to the world and so how that Great Commission verse
represented the tip of the arrow, and so he said turn in your Bible to Matthew 28,
and we flipped the pages and in that text in verse 19 and 20 we read, where
Jesus said, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe
everything that I have commanded you. And then he ends with, and surely I am
with you always even to the end of the age. And so the emphasis of Matthew 28
was on this this principle of, make disciples. That was the the most
effective means of the the shaft of this arrow the means by which the the tip the
message was to be taken to the world was through this process of making disciples.
And as we talked about that I began to realize that’s what he was
doing with me, he was investing in me, passing on to me the truth of this Great
Commission, but he was actually discipling me as we were talking
about this command to go and make disciples, and so this Great
Commission of the archer shooting an arrow towards a target and all of this
to, to show in a picture that Jesus wants to send us in the power of the Holy
Spirit, taking a message of repentance and forgiveness of sin to the world
which is the target, but to do that through making disciples, and you can do
that, you can be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus gave.

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