The Irish Cancer Society Relay For Life

To me what Relay For Life is, is it gathers
people together at various stages. There’s people who’ve survived cancer, people
who have cared for those who have had cancer, people who are relatives of those who’ve had
it, or people who just join teams to come together. You walk for 24 hours for cancer, starts at
5 o’clock on a Saturday, doesn’t finish until 5 o’clock on a Sunday. There’s loads of games going on, loads of
competitions, music’s just going non-stop. The idea is to get as many people as you can
to come down just even to do one hour, it’s just great fun, and there’s so many ages here
as well, and that’s brilliant craic. It’s bringing people together with that one
goal of defeating cancer through fundraising, through funding research, it has a very deep
meaning, but it also has great fun attached. It’s got a great sense of community attached,
and it’s got a sense of bringing people together. Everyone is just so friendly, so warm and
welcoming to come in, and this runs so well, there’s food, there’s everything, the kids
are so well entertained, we’ve obviously been very lucky with the weather, but couldn’t
say enough about it, it’s just fantastic, and I’ll definitely be back. Events like Relay For Life are really, really
important for raising awareness for communities right across the country, it educates people
about the risks of cancer and all the things they can actually be doing in their own life. For those that have come and they see what
Relay is about, they’re just so anxious to become involved, “please tell me for next
year, I want to take part again”, that’s a lovely feeling that people feel that as well. As a survivor it has been very special–very
special. My freckle is here…and I got 9 stitches
and I was going to be very sick but the doctor helped me. Well, Relay For Life it’s commemorating those
who have died, or are suffering from cancer. And to honour people, to remember people,
and it brings the community together, and heightens the awareness of cancer. The Candle of Hope ceremony or the Luminaria
is the most beautiful part of Relay, it’s very delicate, very soft, each candle represents
a person or a journey or a moment in life where somebody has either lost their battle
or is still fighting their battle against cancer. You never realise how strong you are until
you actually struggle…

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