The Cultural Genocide of China’s Uighurs

On this episode of China Uncensored, nothing says celebrate Chinese culture… like destroying everyone else’s culture. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. The Chinese Communist Party loves all the 56 ethnic minorities of China. For example, Tibetans. The Party liberated Tibet from the mean old
Dalai Lama created a modern society by burning down temples, mostly wiping out the language, and let’s not forget, making lots and lots of dead bodies. And since this strategy was so effective at making Tibetans cooperative, why not try it in other ethnic regions of
China? Well that’s just what the Communist Party has been doing in the Xinjiang Autonomous
region and its ethnic Uighur population. And it’s working just as well as you can
imagine. I went down to Washington DC to speak with
Irade Kashgary, a Uighur activist, about the Chinese Communist Party’s cultural
genocide. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you, I’m happy to be here. So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about
yourself. Of course, I was born in East Turkestan in
1993. My parent immigrated to the United States
in 1999 and, I am a US citizen and ever since I was five
years old I’ve been a Uighur human rights activist, I’ve been going to protests since then, complaining about what China’s been doing
to Uighur’s and, now I operate on a care and education which is a Uighur language school in northern Virginia. Now I understand that some people call East Turkestan a different name. Yes, they do go by Xinjiang but, just like my name for example which my parents gave me the name Irade Gilel, they change it to Eurita Gilelly. Similar to what they’re doing, this all part of their sinicization, their plans to try to completely suppress and get rid of Uighurs in general and, that’s why they renamed East Turkestan as
Xinjiang. That is the name that they wanna go by, the second you say East Turkestan, you’re detained, you’re sent away, you’re considered a separatist. But that is the name given to us back in the
1800s. One thing I don’t get is, I hear that all the ethnic minorities in China love the communist party so, surely the Uighurs also love the communist
party? You hear that yes but, unfortunately that
is not the case, that is false propaganda that they like to
spread. Even before 2001, they used to say things
like, “Uighurs are so happy here, they love the communist party, they’re great, we get along great.” Just like the Tibetans. Just like the Tibetans. So no difference right, we’re not under any oppression so, the unhappiness is because of that oppression because even back in history in the 1900s what would happen is Uighurs would get to a certain part of their career or they’d have caps there would be racism, they would be capped off at a certain position, they don’t have any self determination, even back then and, that’s where the unhappiness comes from. So just for the audience who might not have a super clear idea of the Uighur people, can you tell us a little bit about the Uighur
identity. Yeah, we’re Turkic muslims, we’ve been in existence for a very long time, we’ve had our own country, we have our own
country, currently oppressed, we’re- This feels so subversive, I love it. Yeah, we have a lot going on and, we have
history, we have culture, we’re Turkic and, we have a lot of Islamic points for example, our text is arabic and, we’ve been in existence
for so long, we used to be nomadic people and, then we settles in the northwest similar to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc. And in 1949 we were oppressed by the communist
party. Oppressed or liberated? Oppressed. So, you see this in Tibet as well as in Xinjiang or East Turkestan, I’m using both so people know the same page
we’re on. Like Tibet, you see an eradication of the traditional Tibetan culture. That’s happening in Xinjiang as well right? That is correct, it’s happening at an alarming
rate. It started as I mentioned very early on but, it’s getting more and more severe now, they’re attacking children, they’re handling the generations differently
so, while they’re arresting the people like me,
my age and older they are taking the younger kids that are still developing their minds and, they are teaching them to forget who they
are and to consider themselves Han Chinese. There are videos that have been released with
kids that are Uighur saying that they are Han Chinese,
this is ridiculous. How do you say that you’re not one thing and,
that your another. It’s like ethnic genocide. It’s ethnic genocide and, they’re making sure that any of our ideologies, any of our beliefs are completely being suppressed. I hear, so on Ramadan, which is traditional holiday where people
fast correct? I hear they have even been giving Uighur children
candy to tempt them. That’s been going on for a while actually, so even before the recent aggression, rise of aggression, they had been purposefully
during Ramadan bringing candy and cookies to schools so that
the kids would be more tempted. Now that’s not even the case, you have to
eat, you have to even drink alcohol, for adults
at least, I don’t wanna say- They’re not forcing it on the kids yet. Not yet. So, they’re tempting them with candy. It’s like the communist party has reached old child molester in a van kind of evil. Exactly, it’s getting ridiculous and at this
time they’re sending these kids to school far away from their parents. So, there’s two parts to this, one part is
that kids are being sent to orphanages because their
parents are being sent to reeducation camps so, they have no adult supervision so, for those that aren’t being left alone, they are being sent to orphanages as if they
didn’t have living parents or living family members. The other half whose parents may not have
been sent and, that’s a very very few, they are being sent to boarding schools and, this has been happening for a long time and, I know a specific girl who was a student here in the US and she thought she wanted to go is it her parents, two years ago and she thought, she’s very young so she’s innocent, she doesn’t realize what’s going on because she grew up in Chinese education. And, she went back and she was immediately sent off to boarding school, even though all of her stuff is here, her education is here, in the United States
but, the second she went back, off to boarding
school. How old was the girl? She was 14 years old. She stayed with me at my families house and, she was at a private school, a very well because her parents were somewhat
well off and were able to send her money. Now we don’t know, last we heard she went off to boarding school
but, we don’t know. So, how has the communist party changing the
face of Xinjiang, East Turkestan? Well, first and foremost they’ve destroyed one of our oldest cities, one of our oldest traditional cities, Kashgar. My last name actually is a note to that so,
Kashgari, Kashgar and, they completely demolished this
historic land with all of our agent buildings that contain a lot of history and, rebuilt on it to sinocize it and, to remove any sort of history that was there. They destroyed books, especially anything that contains religious
text but, at this point having something like a small
term, used once in the book means that they’re gonna
destroy it. They’re not allowing the language to be used
at all. The language is banned. They’re forcing people into the houses, Chinese party representatives into houses so that they can spy and, make sure that these Uighur families are not associating with their culture in any way. And as I understand a lot of traditional beliefs are also being discouraged, to put it lightly. Exactly, so the religious oppression is very
intense, anything that we believe in, we’re not allowed to say or they’re not allowed
to say, you know god bless or anything like that. They have to say Xi Jinping bless or the Chinese communist party bless. Really, I’m gonna start using that. Xi Jinping
bless. I’m sure you could do a little hashtag and make that run off real quick. Some things should not become viral. I agree. So, Xinjiang is becoming a surveillance state, people are even being monitored in their homes. What’s the goal of all this? To make sure that people aren’t associating
themselves with Uighur at all, this is all part of their plan to completely destroy the Uighur culture and, t o make sure that they’re not teaching their
kids for example or, they’re not keeping anything from the party. This is all part of their, you know they’re talking about the surveillance
state. This is 100% big brother esque level. Big brother’s great though. Yeah I mean, what can go wrong when they’re
watching your every single move and they have your kids
and, there’s been proof that they’re asking the kids to tell on their parent so if that’s not 1984. Just like in the cultural revolution. Just like the cultural revolution. So, how successful is the party at this cultural
genocide? I think they are getting pretty successful, I think it’s been happening at alarming rates. Earlier this year we were talking about people being sent into these so called reeducation
camps. Vocational training schools please. Vocational training schools. But really let’s be honest they’re a step
away from being concentration camps. They’re being sent to these at alarming rates because earlier this year we were saying that there was around the hundred
thousands, now we’re saying up to three million people
and, the UN even released a report on this as well. So this is, they’re being successful and, we need to speak up or we need to do something as soon as possible. I know the US government had been more vocal about the situation there. What can the rest of the world do? We can continue to be more and more vocal. The US has been taking lead on it recently there’s been the Uighur human rights act that’s
been released. But, the international community, the EU has spoken up as well but, it’s still speaking up is only the first step. We need to actually create acts. For example the US has to make Magnitsky act. We need to implement that, I think all countries need to implement it. Can you just mention how that applies specifically
to Xinjiang. Yeah there’s many leaders like Chen Quanguo
that need to be pinpointed that he needs to be sanctioned. There needs to be sanctions happening, we need to be able to say, “Look, you can’t
do this.” And, here are specific people doing this and they need pinpoint these leaders that
are behind all of it. So, what happens to people who try and stand
up to this? Inside of Xinjiang, East Turkestan? There have been very small movements for example in the sense of people stand up by you know, we really value books and art and stuff like
that and the second someone even tries to do something like that they get imprisoned. We have many many thought leaders, professors, authors that have been detained and sentenced to life in prison because what? They released a book a couple of years ago? They translated a religious text, for little
things like that they’re getting imprisoned. For even studying abroad they’re getting imprisoned. There have been many people who studied abroad that we haven’t heard from, we don’t know
where they are. Any sort of dissent from the communist party
angers them, they believe that they’ll get success through
the sinocisation of all cultures and Uighurs have a very strong
cultural identity and, this makes them fro example when they go out they don’t say that they’re
Chinese, they say they’re Uighur. This does not fall well with the communist
leaders. Communist China is not okay with this. They want everyone to be Han Chinese in one
sense, they don’t want anything that might divert
them from following, feeling any sort of way about the communist
party besides, all hail. Well, that was very insightful, thank you for joining us if the audience would
like to learn more about you or what you’re doing what can
they do? What they can do is, they can visit many of
our websites, we have, we have, these are
all sources. You can google Uighur’s on google and, you’ll be able to learn a lot from there. Besides that they can contact many of our
leaders and, make sure that you know read on the Uighur
human rights act, read on the act and see how that’s implementing right now in the government. Well thank you for joining us, great to talk to you. Alright, thank you! Well thank you very much for that fascinating interview. Yeah, of course! But there’s actually so much more to talk about. There is! I don’t think we got to half of it. Not even half. Fortunately, I spoke to Irade on the China Unscripted podcast… where… it was amazing. Yeah, it was amazing and we got to talk about more of the issues that are just so important. And I’ve put a link below so check it out!


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    May 7, 2019
  81. Sungur Tekin said:

    the state of the persecution of torture, torture does not fit into any humanity. The Chinese are very cruel, very cruel nation. Most of them have God, and they will ask for the account of their atrocities.

    God bless you, except for your deeds, yey Chinese, you are one of your scumbags, cattle, sheep, chicken, rabbits, geese, ducks, deer, birds, you're dirty people who eat filthy meat like a scorpion.

    May 9, 2019
  82. monkey said:

    While you ignore the real genocide of muslims caused by americas continuous petro dollar wars

    May 12, 2019
  83. Absolute Nice said:

    What about traditional beliefs of Jihad ?

    May 19, 2019
  84. amannisa oigur said:

    First of all, this land was not part of China, and China invaded this region. The meaning of this term "Xinjiang" in Chinese is "new border land". The locals are mainly Uyghurs 95%. There are also Kazak, Kirgiz, Uzbak, Tatar, All are Turkic speaking people. in 1995 Chinese population was less then 3% but now it reached 60% because of Chinese migration policy. Uighur are tired of chinese endless immigrants, today chinese are 60% in Uighur land, chinese took our farms,land,homes,jobs,schools and today chinese eliminate Uighurs!
    The communist China always worry about losing this land, therefore they are trying to extinguish locals by assimilation, killing. Now China using the global trend against terrorism as an excuse for cracking down the opposition. It is like a rapist saying the screaming of the victim as terrorism.

    May 19, 2019
  85. amannisa oigur said:

    Uighurs are ancinet indiginous people of Xinjinag Uighur Autonomous region aka Eastern Turkistan .Uighurs have been living more that 4000 years in this area.Uighurs are turk, Uighurs were once Buddhists and Christians but today mostly Muslims who practice a moderate and secular brand of Sufi Islam.Racial,lingustic and territorial traits distinct Uighur nation from Chinese nation.
    The region was taken by China 1949.Since there were commited Uighur genocide by China.All methods were used in order to wipe up Uighurs in Eastern Turkistan, though by that time numbers were thousands , then ten southnds.The dissaperances, mainly of Uighur male,arbitrary executions and forcible arbbortion/ sterilisation took place since.Besides 2 child plocisy was another ruthless genocide methods applyed to Uighurs. Since there were more than 400 riots across eastern Turkistan, but all were brutally and efortlessly opressed.
    Today number of internmented Uighurs go to millions .According to Uigur diaspora there are more than 3 M Uighurs in concentration camps.When Mao Zedong seized power in 1949. He encouraged the migration of ethnic Han to Uighur territory , so there were 2% chinese, but for the past 20-25 years Uighurs became minority in their own land.The chinese influx created demographical and ecological disbalance in Eastern Turkistan . The influx of unwelcomed Chinese in the compartement with its merciless and brutal chinese polices towards Uighurs, created discrimination,unemplyemnet,dissatisfaction and haterage.
    All jobs all of sudden were for chinese,farms were taken away by CCP and given to chinese, Uighurs homese demolished in order to build new, but for some reasons handred thousand Uighurs became homless,1 million Uighur girls age 14-22 were sent away to inner China, whith no contact to parents and increse of arbitrary detention of thousands hundreds and dissaperence continued.
    Uighurs simply became starngers in their own land.All this atrocities and horrific actions were justified by China and chinese people with one simple reason, which explains that Eastern Turkistan is and was inalienable parts of China, and that it has been for a long, long time.In 1980 Loulan was discovered in the Tarim Basin,but it was 3800 years ago that she died on the trade route known as the Silk Road. The natural dryness and salty soil preserved her and over two hundred other mummies, individuals who had lived in several closely located settlements along the trade route. The mummy has been called the Loulan Beauty because of her amazingly preserved stately The Tarim mummies are Caucasian and this fact has given credence to the claims of the local peoples, the Uyghur, who look more European than Asian that they are the descendants of the original inhabitants of the area and not later arrivals, as Chinese history claims. The Chinese government has been reluctant to allow full access to the mummies because of their racial identity.
    Three years ago, The New York Times reported on the mummies and their host museum in Urumqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, and noted that “At the heart of the matter lies these questions: Who first settled this inhospitable part of western China? And for how long has the oil-rich region been part of the Chinese empire?” Uighur separatists interpret the mummies as evidence that the first peoples to settle the area came from west and not the east, supporting their historical and political claims to the region.
    Another contradiction for chinese statement gave another big slap directly into Xi's face when German Chancellor Angela Merkel presents Chinese President Xi Jinping with a a map of China from the 18th century at the Chancellor's Office on March 28, 2014, in BerlinThe 1735 d’Anville map shows “China proper” as a landmass separate from areas like Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia and Manchuria. The island of Hainan is drawn in a different color, as is Taiwan. This depiction is utterly at odds with how history is taught here.
    These undenible facts, which showed who are owners of Eastern Turkisatn and future economical plan of Belt & Road , simply forced chinese government to implement ASAP solutions to sinicize Uighur turk people and make them loyal to CCP, by using harsh and brutal methods unprecedented in human history. But it was not so easy to bow ancinet indigenous Uighurs, who never accepetd chinese culture, language and saw them more as invaders then "developers of the region".Due to this after 9/11 the whole terrorism-centric narrative was invented. The entire Uighur population were all of a sudden painted as terrorists.Though the Chinese government never was transparent on this issue and has never provided any credible evidence to prove the claim of activities in relation to terrorism and extremism concerning the Uighur nation.
    Along with that, Uighur ancient architechture, reminicent of Uighur culture , promted Chinese government to destroy ancient buildings and cities. The most extensive demolitions have occurred in Xinjiang’s southwestern city of Kashgar—once considered “one of the best-preserved traditional Islamic cities in the world,” according to UHRP—where plans to rebuild 85 percent of the traditional Old City have been under way since February 2009.The Italian adventurer Marco Polo reported passing through around 1273,He called it “the largest and most important” city in “a province of many towns and castles.”
    According to one estimate made by a photographer using satellite images, two thirds of the old Old City—which originally contained over eight square kilometers (three square miles) of traditional Uyghur homes, bazaars and centers of worship—had been demolished by November 2011.

    May 19, 2019
  86. tea tinio said:

    watch out.

    Ma- Ling comes in large cans!

    May 20, 2019
  87. the nut brothers said:

    Chinese literally killing Uighurs, sending all Uighurs to organ harvesting and sell their organs to potential customers.
    DNA was taken from 99% of Uighurs, in China organs could be delivered in 2 hours.
    War against Uighurs about our land.
    Chinese wants to posses Uighur land without Uighurs.
    Hui Chinese Muslim thrive in China.

    June 5, 2019
  88. etheralwizard said:

    Chris, have you and Iman Tawhidi (Iman of Peace) ever interviewed each other? You both have great concerns for the Uighur people. That would be a fantastic interview! You both have very sharp wits, too! 🙂

    June 15, 2019
  89. Nick Klein said:

    China is indeed worse than the Soviet Union when it comes to treating Turkic peoples, the exception being the Stalin Era.

    August 10, 2019
  90. cmscms123456 said:

    Chris, what might be helpful to the World, is a "NEW" map of China, showing the 12 to 15 very different regions/cultures inside China, that are being repressed.. Much like the former Soviet Union before it fractured. Nothing would make China madder, that a NEW MAP showing what is coming very soon to the OLD CHINA.. China is a FAIL STATE, just as the form Soviet Union FAILED.

    August 19, 2019
  91. Çağatay Demir said:

    All my regards to Uyghur brothers from Turkic Republic

    August 30, 2019
  92. עמנואל נחמו said:

    This should be mainstream and the Muslim world should care about it.

    September 6, 2019
  93. TURAN 888 said:


    October 1, 2019
  94. TURAN 888 said:

    china is terrorist country

    October 1, 2019
  95. Jalaysia Naeshell said:

    Very informative interview . It’s so doleful what is occurring around the world

    October 8, 2019
  96. Syd Adnan said:

    I went to China but I hate this shit they’re doing

    November 5, 2019
  97. Magic Realism said:

    Best way to boycott China is not to buy anything made in China any more! There is blood attached to it! And since government officials of other countries prefer just watching this genocide we the people should act

    November 7, 2019
  98. Gregory Chaffer said:

    Everybody could stop buying Chinese Goods if it's made in China don't buy it

    November 13, 2019
  99. 闽南人 said:

    US: 3 million Uigurs persecuted
    China: I thought last week was 1 million?
    US: Oh like it makes ANY difference… Duhhh

    November 17, 2019
  100. 闽南人 said:

    China: Do you speak Chinese? Read? Been to Xinjiang?
    US: No. No. And your point is….

    November 17, 2019

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