The Artemis Musicians Society – Vivaldi’s Sonata #1 (Absolute Ambiguity)

I abhor this modern world of love
it’s a strange deplorable situation when in the face of fierce flirtation
you fumble with the question is this and infatuation
it’s at least some kind of attraction that’s put your heart all up in the place
where the best outcome is to be dead, heartbroken or become lovingly undone- I have to ask
is this fun being pursued digitally at the tips of clicking
fingers finally judging me worthy enough
for plans peppered with as many puns as innuendos I can´t assume to know
is this a date? when I manage to slur out reworded boundaries
between drunken kisses spelled out before in black and white
that sound kinda like i can’t fuck you
I don’t wanna tonight even now it just
doesn’t feel right but I know wordy wiles and cider
fed to a naive smile are cheaper
sleep easier than a whore but costs more my slowly splitting emotional
state or absolute ambiguity
because speaking subjectively it doesn’t feel great
to daily wonder was I

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