TDSB Welcoming Communities – You belong here!

[Music plays while showing the logo of TDSB Community Services | Reaching beyond the schools to support our community |] [Text on creen: TDSB WELCOMING COMMUNITIES
Well-being | Achievement | Equity] [Marcia Powers-Dunlop, Senior Manager, Professional Support Services, TDSB – speaks on camera]
I see welcoming communities really being able to make a significant difference in the well-being. You know we keep hearing one out of five children have a mental health issue, that means four don’t. And I think with programs like Welcoming Communities, they provide that support
[Image of group of students in steel pan drum lessons] in a very normal, comfortable fashion. [Images of groups of students participating in outdoor ed activities and hiking]
A child doesn’t feel stigmatized going to Welcoming Community, it’s not like they feel there’s a big red X from their forehead “there’s something wrong with me” No, it’s a group. I’m going to learn things, [image of group of younger students drawing together]
I’m going to talk with people, we may go on some outings, I’m going to have a mentor [Back to Marcia speaking]
I’m like everybody else, even though I’m away from everything I ever knew and was familiar with, there are people here who care, there are people here who know what’s going on, and I’m safe in asking them and they’re not going to make fun of me or turn me away or put me down for it If you feel that you’re as good as anyone else or as strong as anyone else [Image of students doing team building activities outdoors]
or smart as anyone else, you are going to achieve [Image of students playing inside a school gymnasium]
and you are going to move forward and I think that that’s what I saw with the [Image of students at steel pan practice] Welcoming Communities, through the [Image of Welcoming Communities staff leading activities in a classroom]
equity lens, all are treated with respect all are treated with sensitivity and also [Back to Marcia speaking]
all are the same. We may have differences, for instance we may have different likes and dislikes, but we’re all good people and we’re learning to respect each other and be empathetic. Such a valuable program and any child can go, you don’t have to have a special criteria and anyone can come into the program and really benefit and it’s really truly a hidden resource and treasure that the TDSB has. [TDSB logo on screen and text] Operated by Toronto District School Board [IRCC logo on screen and text] Funded by Immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada [Follow us on social media]
[] [We can help you reach your goals. Learn more about our services today]
[Reaching beyond the schools to support our community]

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