Take Deaf Culture, Humor and Youtube — Mix It All Together and You Get??

In any sub culture there are always experiences and attitudes that all members have seen. In the Deaf world it’s called Deaf culture, but not everyone is aware of what it means. Guthrie: “The point of the show? Well it’s
simple — it’s somewhat poking fun at or making a parody of Deaf culture.” That’s Guthrie Nutter and the show that he just mentioned is his Deaf Culture web series. Guthrie: “This series will give you a guide to the top five things you need to know about Deaf culture. I’ll be throwing lots of things your way.” The series just started and has covered everything from busting myths that hearing people have about Deaf people… Guthrie: “Now, about Deafness — there are several myths. Let’s go ahead and bust ’em.” to the ways that hearing people have acted towards Deaf people. And DHN has an exclusive on his next episode: Guthrie: “Suppose you’re trying to get the attention of a Deaf person. What should you do? Well, here are 5 tips.” The video was released today, but you’ll only be able to find it on our website for the next hour. He isn’t the first person to try and educate people on Deaf culture, but he says that his way is what makes a difference. Guthrie: “It seems like instead of explaining again and again I’d save time and energy. At the same time I’m silly about it instead
of lecturing people about Deaf culture again. This way is more fun.” Video: (indistinct chatter) By wearing silly costumes or being a bit over dramatic, he’s taking real life situations that many Deaf people have experienced and putting them into a context that he hopes others will understand. Guthrie: “I think maybe through humor, dialogue, and laughter it would plant a seed — something that would stick with them, show them they were thinking wrong — that moving forward, maybe it would shift people’s perspectives.” Guthrie says that this show was little more than an experiment, but the positive reaction has forced him to buckle down and create meaningful shows. Guthrie: “I didn’t care a ton about it, and then all of a sudden I realized people actually liked it! I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to roll up my sleeves and get this going.’” Video: (snapping) (snapping increases) (blast) The series will go on hold this May as Guthrie finishes his masters at Gallaudet University — but he promises it will be back. Guthrie: “Hmmm, definitely! Okay you know what, it will definitely be back this fall!” Guthrie: “Awesome!” You can find more of his shows on his YouTube channel and check out his latest video by following this link or watching it below. Tell us what other Deaf culture topics you’d like to see on our Facebook.

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