Structure of Tooth – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Now Student to study the Detailed structure Tooth it is also called as a Anatomy of Tooth observe the diagram carefully. let’s study the part of the structure of Tooth the part of the Tooth is divided into three regions crown,Neck and root region now speaking about Crown region the part of the Teeth which you can see about the gums is called a Crown Region the part of the Teeth which is present in the gum region is called as Neck Region and the part of the Teeth which is inserted inside the jaw bone is called as Root Region very simple again I am repeating the part of the teeth which can be seen about us call it as crown in short what you can see if the teeth in the chrome Neck Region which present in the gum part and we noted under the jaw bone the part of the teeth which is inserted inside the jaw bone is called as root region now let’s see over the past present in ground neck and root region not speaking about come crown is covered by a layer called s enamel enamel is the hardest substance of your body below enamel they the main structure or the skeleton of the two that is called as dentine now taking in the center and consists of pulse cavity this pulse cavity has not supplies blood supply and various fluid tissues which you can see labeled over you now speaking about good region Bruce Lee till shows various structure first of all the dentin of work regions will show you structure like this a prediction which is moving towards a certain degree of projecting thing coming out from Denton region and moving towards enamel this is called as Denton family cue line next speaking about the next part in the road you can see the dentin is surrounded by this layer this layer is called as feelings of the root this is called as cement of the root now cement of the route is connected to the jawbone with the help of a ligament and that ligament is called as periodontal ligament inside this pulse you can see it is getting narrow towards the lower side and finally it is getting connected to the nerves and the blood vessel of our body which is called as root canal over here we have completed with the structure of suit thank you very much student


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