Staffordshire University Social Work and Social Welfare Law: Connect to your Future

At the connected University we’re
connecting great minds to great opportunities, students to industry and
you to a future in Social Work and social welfare. “What we’re looking for
from our students is people who are interested in social justice. So perhaps
if people see things around in society that they think are unfair or unjust,
can see that we live in a really rich country but there’s lots of inequalities
and have a real passion and interest in working with people to make a difference.” “Practice
is at the forefront of everything we do, so we have practitioners from the
outside coming in and teaching or talking to students about what’s
happening in practice right now. There been case studies we discuss case
studies and sometimes we have ex students who are now in employment who will come in
and talk about their experience of going from university into employment afterwards.” “What
we actually contribute alongside the faculty is our own practical experience
of hands-on engagement with a local authority whether that be social workers
or other professionals and our own experience of how that works, the highs
and the lows of that some of the things that you learn some of the things you
have to work through and often the complexities and theever changing face
of what it means to be a social worker.” “All our placements are with our regional
partners and our local partners so when students go out on placements they will
be placed in local authorities now lour local ones obviously Stoke-on-Trent and
we’ve got Staffordshire Council as well or the NHS and we have a variety of
placements in the charity sector so the YMCA or the CABS and a number of
other charities that are local to us.” “So at Staffs uni we do over 170 days on
placements across the two two final years and one of the benefits
of that is that get to work with real people it really does prepare you for
going out in the world on social work,” “One of the things that has impressed me it’s the
quality of students from from Staffordshire University and we have
opportunities in community-based social work in our area teams and also with
hospital discharge cases and a variety of other settings as well.”
“Coming back to education was quite scary at first but it’s been the best thing
ever. The staff have been absolutely amazing. I felt as if I had
transferable life skills up which I hadn’t recognized before I didn’t
know I had any skills because I thought I was just a mum.” “When I came here as
a student age 19 I had dreams and aspirations that I thought well if I get
this degree I might be able to pursue that but I never really realized the
potential that this degree unlocked for me and it really did because I’ve been
able to work in the third sector and now progressed my career in politics all
because of the standing and the foundations that I built here at
Staffordshire University.” “We were really pleased last summer when we got the
survey results from the National Student Survey that we got a hundred percent
overall satisfaction so we felt really proud that that was a validation from
the students themselves that they were really satisfied with the course.” The
future of Education is here connecting learning to experience and industry. Our
state-of-the-art facilities are waiting for you.
Staffordshire University the connected University

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