SPHINX Holds KEY to Lost Ancient Civilizations | Dr. Schoch Reveals All [CITD2018]

– [Announcer] The Edge of Wonder presents Contact in the Desert 2018. (upbeat music) Special guests featuring
Dr. Robert Schoch. – Hey guys, I have an
awesome guest here today, Dr. Robert Schoch. It’s great to see you and
have you here with us. – Thank you. I very much appreciate being
here and being interviewed. – That’s great. So tell us a little bit about yourself and some of the work that you’ve done. – I am a full time faculty
member at Boston University but what you’re referring to is my work on ancient civilizations and this is something I’ve been pursuing for almost 30 years now. I first got involved in
ancient civilizations in a professional way, should we say, in about 19, late 1980s, early 1990s. First trip to Egypt was
really pivotal in 1990. And ever since, I’ve been
applying my expertise. I have a PhD from Yale
in geology and geophysics and I’ve been applying that
geological and geophysical expertise to the study
of ancient civilizations. And what I’m best known
for, I think, to this day, is for what’s called the
redating of the Great Sphinx. We were talking just before the interview, and I think you said you’d even seen it, The Mystery of the Sphinx. – Yeah, that’s a very famous documentary. – Very famous documentary
that, we’re in 2018 now. I can’t believe how the time goes by. That documentary came out in 1993. First aired on NBC. What I’ve put together now is that it’s not just the great sphinx. And initially I realized as a geologist that the great sphinx cannot be from the time period that it’s
claimed to be traditionally. It can’t be 2500 B.C. because it sits on the edge of the Sahara Desert. Yet, when I first went
to study the sphinx, I realized as a geologist
that it shows precipitation, rainfall, weathering, on
the body, on the walls of the sphinx enclosure. Very definitive. Had to go back to a
different climatic regime. So that was the first clue, if you would. We did seismic studies. I did that with Thomas Dobecki. I wanna mention my late
colleague John Anthony West. What I’ve put together now is that we’re finding evidence of this
earlier cycle of civilization at many different localities. The great sphinx, Turkey
is very important, sites in Asia even, that go
back to this remote period. And what is this remote period? It’s the end of the last Ice Age. In 9700 B.C., based on, I’m a geologist, sedimentation, stratigraphy,
ice cores, sediment cores, lunar data even, ’cause
the Moon is subjected to the same things as the Earth. We were hit, not by a
comet or a meteorite, but by a solar outburst,
a coronal mass ejection. Basically, the Sun,
acting as any star does, it sometimes spits out,
what’s in those plasma, electrically charged particles. They hit the atmosphere. Some of it, when it’s
that powerful as it was 12,000 years ago, drives
down to the Earth. You devastated this early
cycle of civilization due to these solar outbursts, these coronal mass ejections and it drove this early
sophisticated civilization to its knees, as they say, drove it back to a more primitive state and you had essentially a dark period
for thousands of years until civilization re-emerged in 4000, 3000, that period, B.C. So that is what we see in Dynastic Egypt. The sphinx that you see
today has been reworked. It was re-appropriated
by Dynastic Egyptians. It was re-carved. The head is re-carved. But we have a core body and the origins go back much much earlier. The Dynastic Egyptians
re-used older structures like the sphinx. They re-used a legacy and they themselves talk about this earlier civilization. – [Ben] Do you know about
any of the religious or spiritual aspects of the sphinx? – We don’t know specifically
what the sphinx was used for, what it was purposed for initially. Well actually, we do. I’ll come to that and it’s
not religious and spiritual but it ties in with that. Now later in Dynastic
times when it was restored, it was refurbished, they were
reusing this older structure, there was a cult around the sphinx. It was venerated. They dug the statue out of the sand. They re-carved the face. It became a center of cult veneration. And think of it this way. This is the way I think of it. They acknowledged it as
a very ancient structure that held high esteem. They held it in very high esteem. It was a artifact from this
earlier cycle of civilization. Now when we go back to that earlier cycle and we go back to very
early Dynastic times, we, as it happens to be, when I say we, and I gotta give credit
where credit is due. Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh, a good
colleague and friend of mine, he discovered recently, and this is within the
last couple of years, he discovered a series
of inscriptions or titles in the hieroglyphs that go back to very early Dynastic times, even before the time when the
sphinx was supposedly carved in 2500 B.C. by the
classical Egyptologist. And some of these go back
at least 500 years earlier, the hieroglyphic inscriptions, and they talk, we’re convinced,
we’ve reinterpreted these, that they talk about the sphinx as a lioness, a female lion. So I told you the head’s been re-carved. We now are convinced
that the original head was that of a lion, but not
a male lion, a female lion. And this was Mehit, the
lioness, the goddess Mehit who was a guardian and
what was she guarding? We have hieroglyphic inscriptions that show Mehit with what is a key coming out of her back. It looks like a bent rod but
it’s actually a primitive, a primitive key, because keys and locks were different than they are now. So the key is coming out of her back and she is guarding an archive. She is guarding a sacred,
I’ll call it sacred, important archive and the
people that held the title were the ones who held the
key to the archive of Mehit. And so she has a archive. Now it gets even better, in my opinion because back in the early 1990s when Thomas Dobecki,
Dr. Thomas Dobecki and I were doing seismic work around the sphinx, because I wanted to look at
subsurface weathering rates and mineralogical changes, we just happened to
stumble upon seismically a chamber under the
left paw of the sphinx. And I believe now that that is the archive under Mehit, which has
since become the sphinx, that she, the goddess Mehit, is guarding. – Wow, that is amazing. – The chamber is still there. To my knowledge it
hasn’t been explored yet. It hasn’t been opened up. This is something I want to do. If there are people, I’m
being absolutely serious. If there are patrons out there that have, I don’t want to sound
crude, but have money that they would like to fund, and we’re talking substantial money. We’re not talking $100,000. We’re talking order of magnitude more. It’s going to be in low millions at least. But this is serious stuff
because this could really open up so many things if we find records, which I think there are records in it. Because even the seismic, the ringing, there’s something in it. It’s not an empty chamber we believe. But to actually explore it
and find ancient records from this much earlier
period would be fabulous. I mean this could be the equivalent in its own way, maybe more outstanding, than Tutankhamun’s tomb when
that was found in the 1920s. – I mean that could change so much if you guys actually found that. I mean that would change
everything we know about Egypt. – Yeah, yeah, I think there are
a lot of possibilities here. – [Ben] Why don’t we hear too much about the early civilization? – Well because there’s very
little evidence for it. But we’re now developing it. No one ever looked for it before because, when I was in college, in graduate school, if you went past about
5000-6000 years ago, you knew there was no
civilization to look for. You stopped looking for it. And if the Egyptians talked
about what they called Zep Tepi, a time when the gods and
the humans were together, more or less advanced people,
advanced civilization, but that was just dismissed as myth, total myth. Plato talked about it. – [Ben] He did. – And his dating is precisely
the end of the last Ice Age, when you turn into our modern
chronology, 9600-9700 B.C. So we have this cycle of civilization is destroyed, effectively,
or brought to its knees by these cataclysms at
the end of last Ice Age caused by the Sun, and
I have a name for it, solar induced dark age,
which is sort of ironic. SIDA, we call it. Solar induced dark age,
SIDA, that ironically, the Sun would cause a dark age to occur. So I’m coming from a very
scholarly, academic point of view. I’m a physical scientist. I only look at hard
evidence and that’s what I base my views on. But you have to look at all the evidence. You don’t dismiss evidence
just because it’s anomalous and doesn’t fit your theory. – I heard that there’s a
word called problematica. Anything that doesn’t fit, it’s like well I’ll just
put it in this bucket. – In another bucket and ignore it. You know, people do that, seriously. And sometimes they do it consciously. Sometimes I think they
do it unconsciously. And I see this in some
of my fellow scholars. And I’m not trying to criticize them but you have to be aware
of your own biases. – [Ben] Okay, just last question. What motivates you to keep
doing what you’re doing? – I’m interested in ancient
cultures and civilizations but I don’t think that’s a
good enough reason necessarily for me to keep going. I think it’s genuinely important. I think we have genuine things to learn from these ancient civilizations, from the ancient earlier
cycle of civilization. So I think we need to learn from the past. It almost sounds trite, and maybe it is, but people don’t take it I think as seriously as they should. We really need to learn from
these ancient civilizations as we prepare for the future. We are more vulnerable now,
say, to a solar outburst than any of those, in my opinion, ancient civilizations were. Why? Look at what you’re doing. You’re holding a microphone
up to my, up to me, to talk into. We are electronically based. We’re computer based. We have all these sophisticated
electrical grid systems, electronics, satellites, GPS, etc. Okay, that’s wonderful
when they’re working. You have an even minor solar outburst, it’s going to cause
devastation around the world. How are people going to survive in modern technological society without electricity for months or years? I’m not trying to scare anyone but I think we need to take
these things seriously. And so there are lessons from the past. So that’s one aspect to it. The other thing that I think about, and I think now back to my late
colleague John Anthony West, who got me started in all this, and again, I wanna pay my respects to and that’s one reason I’m at
this particular conference, to pay, to attribute to him. He liked to point out that we may be very sophisticated
technologically. That doesn’t mean we’re
sophisticated spiritually or philosophically or
however you wanna put it. That, in some cases,
one could almost argue as the technology goes up
spirituality goes down. It’s like a balance and it’s very hard to have both simultaneously. I mean, people get distracted
by all the social media and the games and the toys. When I say toys, all the technology, and my students before class. I try to stop them once class starts. And they’re all just on their iPhones or smartphones or whatever and they’re not interacting
with each other. I mean there’s, I think we need
to learn to balance things. Technology is great in its place. What John Anthony West would argue, and I think there was
quite a bit of truth to it, we have lost something, perhaps, from a spiritual
consciousness point of view that some of these
ancient civilizations had. But ultimately their civilization was based on these what we would call high
spiritual principles. Not just making more money for this person at the expense of that person, etc. So, and I’m an anthropologist in part. When I say that, I was
trained as an undergraduate. I have a degree in anthropology and I think it’s very important to look at how different
peoples, different societies, approach the world, approach life. (ambient music) – [Announcer] Thank you for joining us for another edition of The Edge of Wonder. Be sure to hit like and subscribe and click that notification bell so you don’t miss a single episode from The Edge of Wonder.


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    Maybe the whole cult/secret society that Dr. Schoch is talking about are the ground work for today's. There is obviously a fascination with the culture in todays secret society's. Maybe it goes further back than we currently think.  The Egyptians as far as we know about were also obsessed with their bloodlines to the point that they were in breed. That is the scientific opinion on why they were odd looking. Possibly other reasons but just something to think about.

    March 9, 2019
  73. Meekamui Media Production said:

    Why is the Nose and the lips of the Sphinx disfigured? As if my stone thrown

    March 12, 2019
  74. mike jones said:

    Get this man his millions to explore that chamber!!! This is where certain philanthropist should be focused on.

    March 13, 2019
  75. starlight venus said:

    Why does it have to cost millions?! Why cant people come together for knowledge and the hope of discovering new things!

    March 14, 2019
  76. starlight venus said:

    Its sad that many people will die and will never know our true history, and whats even sadder is that no one will care, if people cared no amount of resistance could stop the organized and collective. We are more than them elitists

    March 14, 2019
  77. Lulu Rodriddle said:


    March 15, 2019
  78. MrCrispian said:

    what about the 2 CME that happened in 2012 that for some reason did not hit the earth….they shoud have but dident

    March 16, 2019
  79. MrCrispian said:


    March 16, 2019
  80. I'm just saying said:

    This chamber has already been explored through the tunnels of the Bucegi mountains in Romania as is told in the books of Radu Cinamar and translated by Peter Moon (transylvanian Sunrise and Transylvanian Moonrise and the tunnel to egypt. It is indeed a chamber with technology that tells our human history

    March 16, 2019
  81. Dennis Young said:

    If you read The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Thoth (The keeper of the akashic records) says he hid something under the sphinx too – a spaceship. If there are records under the sphinx, they will be held in a crystal, not a series of writings. Just like your computer records are held on crystals.

    March 18, 2019
  82. Fairy grant said:

    Is this the Halls of Amenti?

    March 29, 2019
  83. Kash Sattar said:

    How many people agree with him while typing on their phones ??

    March 29, 2019
  84. Jason Pettit said:

    Hawas knows what's there, he won't let you dig

    March 31, 2019
  85. Nite Explorer said:

    jerks if their are records better get to them before they get destroyed, lol why dont you wait some more

    April 7, 2019
  86. Bea Kacalek said:

    Muslim Egypt will not let it happen…Unless the bribe is large enough for them to forget

    April 8, 2019
  87. Patriot log home Builders said:

    Even with millions he wont br allowed to do it

    April 14, 2019
  88. YoYo said:

    Very fascinating and I appreciate the professional conclusions. It would be awesome to know what ancient civilizations can reveal and how the peices come together as far as our origins as humans. I'm thinking that perhaps monuments, pyramids, chambers were build out of stone because our ancient relatives knew that they could withstand time and catastrophic events in the future.

    April 21, 2019
  89. Annette - said:

    The Sphinx IS an Egyptian museum piece. He is right! They were as mystified as us when they found it as we are as mystified as them.

    May 25, 2019
  90. Elisabeth Marie said:

    ok so doesn't the sun theory match up with the bible about fire raining down from the heavens in Egypt as punishment.

    June 30, 2019
  91. sprd2thin said:

    The elites, I have read, send their children to private schools with no high tech because it inhibits learning.

    July 3, 2019
  92. Ambee Lea said:

    Oh man I shouldn't have watched this as I have a deep down initiative feeling that we will have a life changing CME soon and almost every day without trying to research info about the sun it just seems to come to my attention one way or another 😲☉

    July 29, 2019
  93. Steve Stiffler said:

    after Edgar Cayce told of the holographic hall of records under the paw one knows darn well that it’s already been raped and pillaged by the powers that be. This guy is good tho, he’s precise

    August 26, 2019
  94. Dustin Ebaugh said:

    He’s just fantastic!

    August 29, 2019
  95. Robert Hickey said:

    We found the ark! What about that? Sorry if I sound short.

    September 2, 2019
  96. Ana Valenzuela said:

    Love. Dr. Schoch.

    October 1, 2019
  97. L Not that L said:

    Can you guys get Dr Schoch back on at some point? Fascinating interview…
    Also.. something just hit me with regards to Sphinx and the idea the original head was a lioness… Y'all ever seen the original Thundercats cartoon? Even as a kid, I would look at that and think the Thundercat base was inspired by the Sphinx…. Maybe I wasn't actually that far off!!

    October 2, 2019
  98. Kermit Hitler said:

    This guy makes complete sense.

    October 2, 2019
  99. rjsweda said:

    cool guy 🙂

    October 2, 2019
  100. Robert Hickey said:

    There's stairs between the paws of the statue that are covered with sand. Or the left paw is covering the way down to the room. Look money doesn't do anything,we the people due. If we want to know the truth are human will, will show us the way.😜

    October 10, 2019

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