Social Work, Care and Justice at Liverpool Hope University

we want our students when they qualify to grow was the vision that the job of a social worker is to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the most marginalized in the place peoples in society I think that makes us quite unique in the northwest and I would orientation and I think whether for hope gives you a really nice balance that there's a focus on research and there's a focus on research informing your teaching and there's a focus on the students we comment in the class and trying to get to know them and a one-to-one VSS the faster the departments the feminists the staff know and the compass everything for teaching in the classroom you can actually take out into the wide world you get about theory to practice this course it's fantastic for that and so the whole concept of this course and the staff and the locality the location everything is just tip-top I love the discussions the debates I love learning from other people and this sense of like wonder at the facts on my word this stuff that were learning why we're not here at this before and it's it's it's a real revelation real hope today because 20 of the students have organized her convoy to Calais Goods for the refugees given the humanitarian crisis that's going on at the moment study and social work has provided me with so many opportunities to travel I've been to India to Palestine to Calais the combination of guest speakers field trips overseas traps enhancement events out sights because on top of high-quality research and teaching make the whole experience what it is

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