Signature Styles – Sophie Harris-Greenslade from The Illustrated Nail

I’m Sophie Harris-Greenslade and I’m an nail stylist, also known as the Illustrated Nail. My signature style is bright bold illustrative nails. I initially studied illustration and animation when I left University. I was encouraged by my mum to go to nail school and when I went on the course I just fell in love with nails. My big break happened when I did my first ever shoot on my own with M I A which was full W Magazine and it was like a Versace story and Donatella Versace came in and she said, “I love the nails, they’re fabulous!”, and I was just so happy about that. One of my most embarrassing moments has to be when I accidentally spilt nail polish over a stylist on at Tattler shoot. I was untouched and the polish went all over her very expensive jeans and Charlotte Olympia shoes, and I was absolutely mortified. I actually got sacked from my salon job because I’ve started a store in Spitafields market creating my own nail art. This really inspired me to push myself forward to become a freelancer and it’s got me where I am today. I started the Illustrated Nail blog about six years ago and it’s now grown to about 500k thousand followers I’ve got so many amazing jobs from it it’s really pushed my work forward. My advice for any budding nail artists out there would be to first practice, practice, practice I work for free for a long time trying to build up my portfolio of work in between working in the salon. Get yourself out on social media and go to fashion shows and assist already well-established nail technicians in the industry. I see nail art as a sort of illustration it’s just on a smaller canvas I’m so Sophie Harris-Greenslade AKA the Illustrated Nail and this is my signature style for success

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  1. Lucy's Stash said:

    LOVE Sophie's work and what a great video!

    June 4, 2017

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