Places No Human Has Visited

We like to believe that as a species, we’ve
been everywhere and seen everything. But this simply isn’t so. There’s a wild world out there that remains
to be surveyed by us intrepid homo-sapiens. There are areas in Brazil inhabited by native
populations living in closed hunter gatherer societies. In Myanmar, vast jungles remain undiscovered. The Mariana trench, 10,000 meters deep, in
the Pacific Ocean, has yet to be explored with any real depth. There are caves in Vietnam as high as office
blocks. Anthropologists have yet to discover all forms
of human life on this planet, with hostile tribes forbidding access to their civilizations. Ruins remain for archaeologists to find in
ancient deserts. And there are 1000s of species still out there
for zoologists to discover on land and in the ocean. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the
most interesting undiscovered places around the world, in this episode of the Infographics
show – Places no human has ever visited. Number 8: Vale Do Javari, Brazil. An estimated 3000 Native tribes-people still
exist in this dense isolated region. Thick with jungle, this is one of the most
isolated regions not only in South America, but in the entire world. 32,990 square miles, or about the size of
Austria, and bordering Peru, the Vale Do Javari is shrouded in mystery. Under the canopy, sloths shift from tree to
tree careful to stay out of sight of the Harpy Eagle, while anacondas patrol the understory. This region promises adventure with every
footstep. But don’t go booking a flight there any
time soon, as this region is completely closed off to outsiders. Much of the jungle surrounding Vale Do Javari
is open, and around half of the world’s rainforest can be found inside the 2.5 million
square miles of Amazonian rainforest. Much of this forest is still undiscovered. There’s a host of animals here from tree
frogs to anacondas and scarlet macaws, and numerous sites beneath the canopy that no
human has ever visited. Number 7: The Northern Forest Complex in Myanmar. It is one of the largest contiguous forests
in Southeast Asia and ranges more than 12,000 miles. At the crossroads of China and India, this
area boasts great biodiversity. The Hukawng Valley Reserve is believed to
be home to one of the region’s largest tiger populations. On the lower levels of the Himalayas, there
is plenty of forest. Home to red pandas, gibbons, monkeys, deer,
and the rare Rufus-necked hornbill, this area is rich in biodiversity. Moving up the Himalaya and to the beautifully
scenic kingdom of Bhutan is the world’s tallest unclimbed mountains. While Nepal’s Mount Everest grabs all the
world’s headlines, there’s a mountain on the same Himalayan range that has yet to
be conquered. We give you Gangkhar Puensum, the 40th highest
mountain in the world, standing proudly in Bhutan, where it measures nearly 25,000 ft
tall, (7570 meters) and remains unconquered. Four expeditions have attempted to climb the
mountain, but all have been called off due to bad weather. So far no human has ever tackled the summit
of Gangkhar Puensum. Number 6: Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave, located
in the heart of the Phone Nha Ke National Park. , It is the world’s largest cave, measuring
more than five miles long, high enough to house a skyscraper, and wide enough, at its
highest point, to fly a 747. Inside the cave is a jungle and river network. The British Cave Research Association expedition
set out to explore the cave in 2009, but they were blocked off by a 300 foot tall calcite
wall. For this reason, much of the cave remains
undiscovered by humans. Less people have seen the inside of Hang Son
Doong than have stood on the summit of Mount Everest. Number 5: The Tsingy De Bemaraha in Madagascar,
located on the western edge, is widely known for its limestone formations. Some 200 million years ago, the seabed rose
creating a plateau. There are 600 square miles of wilderness with
a plethora of animal and plant species living there, many of which have yet to be discovered
by man. Throw in waterfalls, untouched forests, and
11 different species of lemurs, and you have a virtual paradise unvisited by humans. Number 4: Northern Patagonia, Chile, has a
huge rainforest, mountain tops, rivers, lakes, and a huge ice mass – The Northern Patagonian
Ice Field. Unlike some of the other wonders we’ve talked
about, this one is open to the adventurous traveler. In 1963, Eric Shipton, accompanied by Migual
Gomez and Cedomir Marangunic, crossed the giant icecap from the San Raphael Glacier
into Argentina. In 1972, an expedition led by Sir Crispin
Agnew spent 5 months carrying out scientific research on and around the icecap. Much of the ice mass and surrounding area
is unvisited by humans, who really aren’t too hot on the cold. Large parts of Greenland remain unexplored. The country is 800,000 square miles, with
a population of 56,000 making it both the largest island and the least densely populated
country in the world. Due to freezing weather conditions, much of
Greenland has yet to be discovered by humans. Likewise, much of the Arctic Circle and the
South Pole remain unexplored. Number 3: The Nambid Desert is over 43 million
years old. This coastal desert in southern Africa stretches
for more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) within territories on Namibia, South Africa,
and Angola, and is one of the oldest and largest deserts in the world. A number of animals and plants have adapted
to the vast unforgiving landscape, including desert elephants, mountain zebra, Grant’s
golden mole, karoo bustard, and a type of shrub, Welwitschia mirabilis, which only has
two leaves and can live for over 1,000 years. Number 2: North Sentinel Island is both one
of the most fascinating and dangerous islands in the world. The natives are totally hostile, rejecting
any contact with the outside world. The island, located in the bay of Bengal,
is totally untouched by modern society because the tribes-people attack whoever tries to
approach. Two fishermen in 2006 accidentally drifted
too close to the island and were slaughtered by members of the native tribe. While there are wonderful places on terra
firma that we have yet to fully explore, perhaps the deepest mysteries are to be found offshore. Which brings us to number 1: The Mariana Trench
– the deepest part of the world’s oceans. Located in the western Pacific Ocean, this
crescent shaped scar in the Earth’s crust is 1600 miles long (2,550 km) and 43 miles
wide (69 km). It reaches a maximum depth of 36,000 ft (10,994
meters), making it inaccessible to humans. In July 2015, members of the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration, Oregon State University, and the Coast Guard submerged
a hydrophone into the deepest part of the trench. The titanium-shelled instrument picked up
natural and man-made sounds such as boats, earthquakes, a typhoon, and whales. More submersions are planned as scientists
hope to find out more about this most unexplored region of the world. So that’s our trip to the world’s most
unvisited places. Which is the most hostile, untouched place
you’ve ever been to? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Do These Things To Survive If You Get Stranded On an Island! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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