Nehemiah Company Culture

second chance people like myself have
struggled to succeed professionally or to move out of the shadow of their past. Everybody deserves a second chance we all slip and fall some point in time in
our lives Folks that we’re trying to employ
generally don’t have a chance to get a job anywhere else. We focus on second
chance meaning people that have a felony in their background or history of
drug or alcohol addiction. A lot of times the recidivism rate is so much higher
because people give up because they don’t have the resilience to keep
getting door after door after door slammed in their face. In my situation my
second chance is the second chance to prove to society that I’m not a horrible
person. I ain’t had nothing when I came starting here I started with $5.00 I had
was $5.00 to my name. I’ve always said that if I hadn’t found Nehemiah when I
did I would be either in prison or dead. Those could be people that slipped and
fell by receiving a felony somebody might have a history of drug and alcohol
abuse where they have a gap in an employment. Everybody has a past
everybody has you know done things in their lives that they’re not proud of
but this is a place where you can get a chance to start over. When you on
your last chance you don’t know what to do this lets you up. When you start over that’s one of the scariest things
because you know you don’t know how things are gonna turn out but if you
have an employer that’s willing to give you a second chance you have hope you
feel good about it you’re like okay I got this and so you can actually be
successful. I’ve seen enthusiasm I’ve seen dry bones come alive. I’ve had two
kids since I’ve been here I bought my first car bought my house in the inner
city. Been promoted eight times up to operations manager which is proof that
Nehemiah doesn’t limit you that they allow you to grow and continue to grow
to your own ability. It made me excited to know that I work for a company and
have a product out on the shelf. My most proud moment
is being here. The power in it is knowing the people behind it. What I say to those that are buying our products whether it’s Kandoo, Boogie Wipes
first of all I’d say thank you thank you for supporting our business but more
importantly if you think we got great products we got even better people. With every purchase you are helping break cycles of poverty and lack in many
generations to come There’s a big story to it it’s just not
just a product that’s made by somebody individually it’s made by a family out
there. This is some of the product that comes from you know these people working
hard and it’s stuff that you can use every day like everybody has kids that
they want to use a good quality product on and that’s what it is. When you buy products and you buy from good companies that are taking care of
their people you actually are changing lives and you’re being a part of the
mission that we’re trying to push and promote from within Nehemiah. Everybody has a job everybody has a profession but to be able to mix in a profession with a
mission that is so powerful within my own life it’s it makes every day worth
it. We think that we can play a critical role in the initiative around our city
to try and eradicate poverty and when you’re helping help a household whether
it’s a mom or dad who are trying to get back to work it really can impact the
whole family. They’re adding to society into the culture to the value of our
community instead of detracting from it. Instead they come out to be productive
they’re feeling good about themselves positive impact on their family and
friends and ultimately that has had a tremendous impact on our community one
person at a time. We have a treasure chest of gems out there and they’re just
waiting to be polished off so that they can shine and this is the place for them. I I get excited every day to see the faces of our employees and just see them
smiling as they’re working. They gave us a reason for living again, you know,
we walked down a different path now so it’s a wonderful company. I love working here because
the mission the people the family feel You know what I’m most
grateful of is is having this opportunity There’s no barriers in my
way anymore at least not because of what I’ve done
in the past is exciting so I’m excited about the future I’m excited about my
you know what I can accomplish and I only have that opportunity because of

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