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– She turned around
and she looked at me and I looked at her
and it was first time we’d looked at each other. And it was like electricity, and I was like, “Oh, oh no,
I’m gonna marry this girl.” (bright music) – Hey what’s up, it’s DJ
Drewski, I’m 32 years old and I am Italian and Irish. – And I am Sky Landish
I’m 29 years old and I am Jamaican and German. (soft music) We met in L.A,
actually, and we’re both from New York, New Jersey area. So we were in a L.A.
for, I guess a week and we met randomly at a
friend of a friend’s house? Or… – It was during a music
conference or music weekend, one of those award weekends and my friend and her friend
just happened to be room mates. – And so I walked
into the apartment and he was there
with like four girls, they were “friends”
and I was by myself at that point in time, so
I was in the living room and he kind of– – I was just trying
to make more friends. (chuckles) – And that’s how it happened. (bright music) We ended up hanging
out for a little bit. And I left my shoes in his car. And then months
later he basically… – I held the shoes hostage so that when we got
back to New York I had a reason to
meet up with her again and that’s what happened. I think once we got
back to New York, few weeks later she reached
out to get the shoes and then we just met up. – Yeah, and then we
were together every day. – It’s like a real
Cinderella story. Is that what happened
to Cinderella? – No. – Yeah, something
about her heels and– – No. – I’m Scott Buait, 55. And I am a big ol’ white man. – I Naeem Delbridge, I’m 38? 36, 37? – 38. – Around there. And I’m black. (quirky music) – I was actually
visiting a friend who had moved from New
York City to Philadelphia, and we had gone
into a nightclub. And my friend literally
picked a guy up 30 seconds into the,
walking in the door so I was all by myself
the entire night. And I saw Naeem on
the dance floor. It’s a long story, but
basically I started dancing with Naeem and then after
about 10 minutes of dancing, I asked him what his name was. So I said, “What’s your name?” And he said,
“Naeem, back to me.” Which sounds like name when
you’re in a loud nightclub. So I said, “What’s your
name?”, really loud, he goes, “Naeem!”,
so then I said, “Do you speak English?” (chuckles) So then he looked at me,
grabbed me by my shoulders and looked at me and
says, “I hate you.”, so that was the first
thing he ever said. – Then we made out
right after that. – My name is Iza Velera,
I am 26 years old, I am Peuto Rican and Dominican, born and raised in
Brooklyn, New York. – I am Shakeel
Simmons, 26 years old, African American, Italian
and Native American. I’m from Long Island, New York and we have been together
just about eight years now, we met freshman year of college. (bright music) – So he was the
basketball player, basketball star in college. And we got invited to hang
out with the basketball team. So we were hanging out, few
of my girlfriends and I, and Shakeel walked
into the room, he stood around for
probably three minutes tops and he had a hoodie
on the whole time. So I just kept staring at him, like who is this guy and why
won’t he take of his hoodie? Is he going to relax
and chill with us? And then he just literally
walked out the room. One of his friends told
me, “Are you interested, “I see you looking at him?” And then from there
the buzzer was rolling. – We met at a party, I
always saw her around campus and I was just, I had my eye
on her but I never made a move. But then I made a
move at a party. It was at a dance party, I went
up to her to dance with her and she literally looked
at me and she was like, “What took you so long?” So from that moment
on I was like, “Yeah, she definitely
might be the one for me.” – Kevin Ng, I’m 46 years old, first generation
Chinese-American. – And I’m Shantel
Moses, African-American of Caribbean descent
and I’m 40… Four? 44 years old. (soft romantic music) – We were at a birthday
party, it’s going down and I was one, I had a colleague
of mine in business school, it was his birthday
and one of his friend brought Shantel along
and we met there. We started to socialize and
go out to certain events in the city to get
to know each other. – He actually stalked me. ‘Cause you would show
up at my birthday party, you would show up at these
events that I’m into. And I remember my
friend was like, “Wait, why is Kevin here?” Like, “I didn’t know you
guys were friends like that.” – Well, you posted these events, you post these things on
Facebook or whatever you’re in. – Yeah. – There’s like invites
and so I’m like, okay, yeah, I think
I’ll join, sure. – Yeah. – I didn’t know it
was just gonna be you. – I liked Kevin a lot. We went out one time and I
had a confession, I was like, “I really like you, I
think you’re so wonderful.” And you remember
what you told me? – Well, yeah, I mean, in the
back of my mind I’m thinking that being friends is
great and I never really, really considered
dating outside my race just because in Chinese culture it is more date
within your own race or ethnicity kind of thing. – So he told me to wait and let us talk about
it in the morning. So then the next morning, or
a couple of mornings later, we met up at Prospect Park, we had this really
long conversation which started with, “I
remember what you said, but…” And that’s all I
heard was, “but”, and I’m like, okay,
well, you know, whatever, it’s nice to just stay friends. But then at some
point it changed and you’re like, “I
wanna give it a go, “I wanna give it a try.”,
do you remember that? – You know, I think
more about longterm, I’m thinking, okay,
well, if this works, or if things progress,
what do I do, what do I tell my parents,
or what do I, how do I– – Actually, that’s
what you said, and I’m like, “Dude,
we’re just gonna date, “I don’t wanna marry you.” (laughs) Yeah. – No, we been together
for eight years now, we have a child together, a five year old.
– A five year old. – Who we adore. – It all worked out. – Yes. – I’m very glad.
– The best part. – I’m very glad we stuck
it out together, yes. (laughs) – My name is Dominique,
I’m 29 years old, I’m black, Jamaican,
Bohemian and Dominican. – Hi, I’m Kayden,
I’m 33 years old and I am black and Jamaican. And we’ve been together
for three months. (bright music) We actually met
through a dating app. – I actually found him,
I was being a creep. What attracted me
was his freckles, I love freckles and his
eyes, his eyes change colors, one minute they’re yellow,
one minute they’re hazel and then they’re gray. So that’s what actually
caught my attention and then I hit him up and then we’ve been
talking ever since then. – And I thought
he was a catfish. – Yeah, he actually did. – I did not believe he was him. – He thought I was a catfish. – I asked for his Instagram, his Facebook, videos
and everything because I believed
that it wasn’t him. – Facetime. – I mean, look at him. – People like that don’t hit
you up on those types of apps, that’s just not what
happens, not real people, so I just assumed
that he was fake. He wasn’t. (upbeat music) – First met in New Jersey. I was with a friend
in New Jersey, he was passing through
dropping his daughter off. When we first actually met, the first day that
we seen each other, I ended up being his
Amazon package boy. – It was just my way of
getting him to stick around, honestly, I didn’t
want him to go home, so I told him to
wait at my house ’cause I work right up the
street from where I live at. I really was waiting
for a package, honestly, so I just asked him to wait at
my house while I was at work. – FYI, the package never came. – And he’s been at my
house every day since then. – My name is Ashley,
I’m 33 years old and I’m from Birmingham Alabama. – My name is Alisa, I’m
35 and I’m from Thailand. – And we’ve been
married for two years. We met on a dating
app in New York City and I think that’s
a remarkable story to be raised 10,000 miles apart and still come together
in a city like New York. So when I saw her
profile on the app, I thought she was beautiful. I didn’t know if I
would be her type, it didn’t seem like
we had much in common, as far as our professions. And I was hesitant
to swipe right because I thought maybe not
the right kind of person for this girl, but I did anyway and sent her a
message right away. And she responded and set
up a date for the next day which made me very happy. – Yeah, I saw her
pictures and all of them were professional
picture, like glamor shot, and mine was very, just
my usual self, day to day. And I thought, ah, I don’t know, this girls seems
kind of like a lot. I don’t know, I don’t
know if she’s type. But I thought, oh,
what is there to lose and I asked her out. – On our first date, we met
up at a Japanese Speakeasy and I was early because I’m
typically late for things so I made sure to
be early for this. And it turns out she was late, which made me extra nervous. And I sat there in the bar and
called my brother and said, “Bro, I’m waiting for this girl “and I’m really nervous,
you’re never gonna believe it, “but I gotta go ’cause
she’s about to walk in.” And then she showed up
about 15 minutes late. – And then I walked
in and Ashley had long bright red
hair at the time, her hair is tame now
but it was a bright red, so I walked up to her
and I remember saying, “Ah, you’re easiest
date to spot.” (soft romantic music) We talked about a lot of things, about our dating lives,
about dating in New York, about being single in New York. We were with men, both of
us were with men previously, so we talked about
that experience and coming out late in life and living this
life, later in life. And we talked about our families and how they think about that. We spent five hours at the bar
and the when the date ended Ahsley was like, “Well,
if this doesn’t work out, “I hope we can be friends.” – No, that’s not what I said. I said, “At the very least,
we should be friends.” Which I thought was
giving her an out, like if you’re not into
it’s cool, I like you, I wanna be your friend, but
she took it as friend-zone. – And then I asked
her out the next day. – My name is Lea Geschwinder,
I am 28 years old and I’m originally from Germany. Both of my parents are
in the music business and I moved to New York
about four years ago. – My Marquis Wood,
I am 30 years old, I’m from Atlanta, originally,
both of my parents are black and both of my parents
are in the Navy and so we moved around a lot, lived in a lot of
different places. (soft sentimental music) Lea and I met, we
met twice, basically, before this all started. The first time we met, we
were at a friend’s house, our mutual friend and I was
back hanging out with my friend and she was– – It was my room mate. – She was your room mate?
– Yeah. – Lea came and she was
talking about a boyfriend that wasn’t really returning
her calls at the moment. And I immediately looked
at her and was like, “She’s one of those girls.” It’s like I don’t
really like her. And then a couple
of weeks later, it was my birthday
and I invited Cassie to come hang out with
us, our mutual friend, and she said, “Hey,
can I bring Lea?” And I was like, “The girl that’s always
complaining about guys?” She was like, “Yes, please.” I was like, “Okay,
fine, she can come.” And then Lea came with Cassie and her and I started hanging
out and bowling and stuff. And all of a sudden, she was bowling, she was
wearing one of these nice hats and she bowled,
she kind of missed, so it went in the gutter.
– What? – She turned around
and she looked at me and I looked at her and it was the first time
we’d looked at each other and it was like
electricity and I was like, “Oh, oh no, I’m gonna
marry this girl.” It was the weirdest thing. – Yeah, we both knew
immediately, yeah, it’s true. – And then it just
took off from there. – Yeah, that’s how it went. – Is that how you’d tell it? – I mean, maybe. – What do you mean? – I don’t think it was
always complaining. – Thanks for watching,
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