Michael Hardt. The Common in Communism. 2009 9/9

has become a better place it was some people as a the other have you seen the division of the rate of medical because he's on board I don't know guitar because personally find a sharp line first so becoming an attitude that marks hot you are sorry oh and you think of that but they're having today is the fact that you know you are having more unemployed and open presario family pass today so you're basically have left before anybody she shakes and manuals they are proposing kind of occupied update for a moment to come and you are more kind of emphasizing you and putting every are kind of lying on both of the fittest evoking customer how people need a plan you're changing kind of to taking damage or removed sure i can say that subject dress what false burpees time supposing some sort of polymers because he's taken to talk about fighters and what about these large number of open tutorials and what both threads of water actually boxes in the traditional Marxist say say say Africa from Allah here many times what they say lucky one man an official positive Pakistan Middle East you know Latin America obviously got so many different places box charger so that's what was the first movie ceasing publisher is lying on an interesting network anyone she says I was relying on he said subway she's like super kind of proposing the idea at the right is there a lot of active activism when client is right okay quite as my I understood that now okay yeah III get it Rock amazing yeah well you know I i see it i mean i would say that and this is I think related to what we were talking about earlier in a way that that a question of organization has to first rely on a on a claim that the marks term for this was would be an analysis of class composition I wouldn't it doesn't seem to me that that for apart fast structure they were proposing homes today but that hey I think that the notions of working class the dominant notions of working class we've inherited no longer functioned for for designating those who work and in part ways because of economic questions change in many ways because the dominant notions we had because I have objections to the dominant initiatives we had the dominations we had what I'm thinking of as working class is essentially a proletariat that is politically guided by an industrial working class and that that seems to me a longer the case but B also a anti-democratic proposition previously in the traditional relationships between industrial working class and peasantry industrial working class and unwaged workers etc so i guess i would i would start by trying to me think that that class organization and start like i say by asking what do people do at work today i can have and how do people produce both inside and outside the workplace and so in so that you'd have to read think this is what i mean by for also at marks means bye bye bye class composition like analyze and that that and it that would suggest this is what I was sort of arriving it earlier was that that would suggest the modes of possible organization rather than I mean the way we're proposing it sounds like that one that we are sort of stuck with all of the previous modes and we have to choose between between them which I mean I I see how I see how you mean that if from I think I see when you were characterizing Tony and my project is being based on the sort of remnants of a previous working class has now moved in the middle class I've heard other people characterize what we say is being or the multitude is being a notion of the lupin III can men as many but I think it'd be better rather than sticking with the older categories to try to start with a new class analysis in perception sorry that doesn't really answer it but I think that that would be that where I would have to go before closing the gate much further is Gigi ciz to really go to an event box obviously yes so as a joke I thought it's the first option is like you know I just can't go back to these issues of the person selling like in the DNA's information but actually look like more stress on you gotta like biological tissues of safe working train you know and there's an issue the current issue at the moment is while it's acceptable to sell your organs within certain countries especially in Hawaii economic downturn the possibility or bit the desire to say you know sell your organs I think it makes with a fake problems we found in India that it's a kind of rich in which place worth more you know so that the export then of of these organ and openly how that creates this kind of new affluence this property and capitalism but ultimately that work if this week of kings and this is an issue to the tip food rest but um with that constant the problem that we're not using saving machines as our modes of production our modes of production are now human beings itself so this industrial revolution is being perhaps what we're on the threshold of repression an eel revenue or a quasi we have a sexual revolution as the primary mode of production how I didn't get that for using it for seven people's organs okay we're using that we need to produce more people how about can produce something up the motor production on our markets this industrial revolution if you will I don't know it is now a sexual not okay Ivo section of biological reproduction meets a machine operation uh yeah Jose come it seems to me I would put it I mean it seems very interesting if I were put in the same be related to some of the things that anne-marie was saying about or at least the way I was regarding them as what we have we have all these instances of the construction of markets and the construction of property that that did conflicts with the that notion of property itself so that the kind of it's not only just a matter of moral discussed one has or or or a social objection to these popular markets of human organs but it's also that it really doesn't function in a in a mark I mean it as private property that's what I mean it strains against them I'm not saying one can't trade organs I'm not saying one can't create property of genetic information but these these seem to be examples in which the the the model or the the grill of private property based on on material objects on the commodities of industrial production don't fit on and that and that that not fitting is part of the the disjunction that we're finding just anyway that's why I was trying to relate them Henry looks confused by that but made sense to me no it's just that genetic information isn't like a car genetic only only an animal is being like I don't mean just owning an animal like owning your dog but owning like Uncle mouse like a species or only a species of plant is different than owning a car or a house and so that that that's what I mean is that these that these what we call new forms of property strain against the regime's of property ownership they strain against in part because it's difficult to delete that property information gets out it's it you know like like I say if if if zero commodities function under logic of scarcity you know like if if you have that car and you're using that car I can't use it but if you have an idea and I use the idea it doesn't stop you from using the idea that's what I mean is it functions on a different logic and so that the grill of property relations that's meant for other words created in the in the context of material commodities and what I'm saying it strains against it doesn't function with slightly different with organs but that's what the most sort of my reaction is that the the transforming us into commodities that are traded strains against again that would are ways to think of that okay one more cast aside so imagine that that is mr. ball stealing property nothing for private personal private property yeah so infield that would you please explain whether accurate aim is or is not advocacy of wanting banditry it certainly sounds good we might buy a hesitation with with the piracy you know question and you know love of pirates is the question about whether property is stolen and made common or whether step property is stolen and just it functions as someone else's private property okay very soon and then therefore won't be probably visits that's i don't i don't mean also that I mean this it's not as if this is not as if the political transformation could be organized via like simply via theft although that that sometimes confunkshun were like I don't know if any of you had it probably didn't have like the discussion with the high school girlfriend or boyfriend with the father of them who says oh you're a communist why don't you give up your property and my usual response was no being a communist doesn't mean I give up my property then Congress means I take you or proper you

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