Mars Mystery Crash Site Lost City Ancient Civilization Crash Site Curiosity Rover Sol 1576 #501 PT3

wait a second maybe I need to unlock it ok then i’m going to bring it over here to this other layer ok let’s align it up like this see if we can’t get it and put it back here I’m gonna shut this off okay it’s still not aligned up as good as it needs to be and then okay there’s that was pretty good right there and so okay now we can see I’ve got to make sure i’m recording yes i’m recording ok now we can see things a lot better and so you there’s a little guy down there here’s this little part sticking out right there there’s this part they see how how that is now you see how that is and so that’s when we talk about the overlay which is this red overlay that NASA puts on everything and so yeah so and we can even do and it’s just you know it’s helpful to be able to see what we’re looking at and so although another one here let’s do this one because I kind of had forgotten that that’s what I did when I you know regarding the over lay this could be a knife or something you know maybe some ancient type of the knife who knows and so now since you see you see that now look at that isn’t that pretty cool so you guys can see right there what I’m talking about and and it just some of these pieces just don’t seem to fit together they did they really really seem out of place as far as as far as what’s going on in this image and and maybe we should do that with this one to i’m going to do that with this one let’s go back up here let’s do the whole thing start from here up on the right 1 i just had to make sure I’m on the right one because and we’ll get all the little will try our best to get out a little loooty-loos and they’re the best that we can yeah it’s this is the ma I think it’s the magnetic one you guys can see what I’m doing here and okay so I’m not then i have to click on that and ctrl-c ctrl-v shut that off and and there you go you can see you see that see how dramatic that is and how it makes a big difference you know regarding how how things stand out but you know yeah so and and so this this this is kind of like a smoking gun right here this is really a smoking gun because this is a square it’s it’s a 90 degree angle here and this looks like some sort of blade right there let’s see what else there was something else i was looking at all this right here you know these little rock’s you know some animals sometimes they’re suspicious you know which you know which makes me think of animals animal or or metal metal part of some sort and I know metal is going to last for a long time that’s what I’m thinking about metal is going to last for a long time I don’t know how many how long it takes for it to break down but yeah so anyway i will link in the video description so you guys can take a look at the images yourself oh look at this ok this is one more thing that this I’ve looked a lot at a lot of this lately this doesn’t look like strata either this actually you see these little rocks in here they look like they’re intentionally placed so this is something I talked about before when we look at some of the ancient indian and Mayan temples and things like that or you know just people building walls from things like that now look at this you see see these little individually place stones and rocks and things like that so it looked to me it looks like it’s possibly a wall or foundation from an old building of some sort possibly so let’s go let’s do this what we’ll do this one more so we can take a look and see and and the coloration is really really interesting here because it just is it’s just really interesting so ok so then let’s put this up here and I just need to turn that on you see that oh I did the wrong one okay i need to do it from this one okay now-now that now you see that you see that right there and so this looks like Little Rock you know strategically place rocks by intelligent life strategically placed rocks or maybe a mechanical part of some sort and sometimes if i want to go a little further i’ll add a little bit of a little bit more gaussian blur just like that you know and it kind of evens it out you see that it evens out then within within this background image that has the NASA overlay on it so so it makes it look just a little bit better and blends in so from far away it looks really good you know you don’t have to do it you don’t have to be a really advanced expert you can be a beginner expert and you know you don’t have to be a pro to do this anybody can do this and you know you can then you start to see these matrix of of the notion that we’ve been said oh naughty word ok but i think that’s about it for now so let’s get to looking at these images and finding things that just kind of looked out of place like crash site alien crash sites and you know by alien alien you know if somebody from Earth want to go to Mars and we would be the aliens did you ever think about it like that we would be the aliens or you know if anybody from Earth that went to Mars would be an alien anybody on the moon from from earth would be alien or extraterrestrial have you thought about that or have you thought about movies are being sold to so you know because some of the stuff coincides with the movie is being sold but you know so anyway of movies and TV shows and mixed in you-know-where lines are really really blurred so anyway I want to thank you guys for watching oh look at the time it’s 1111 there’s that synchronicity synchronicity so I want to thank you guys for watching please thumbs up this video share it with your friends subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas and i’ll see you soon peace love and avocados friday the 13th friday the 13

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