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Happy Halloween everyone! My favorite time of year once again, just
had my birthday, and its the season of literal death. Speaking of death, today we are talking about
the cartoon community! The cartoon reviewing community is certainly
an interesting part of YouTube. Being one of the smallest, yet somehow one
of the most dramatic niches of content, it’s been talked about a lot, from LS Mark’s
video on it, to C.R. Martin, MarsReviews or even Turkey Tom. Time to throw my own hat into the ring, and
discuss my thoughts on the community, which I’m not too disappointed to say I am a part
of. Mostly because recently I’ve had a lot of
thoughts on the people in this niche, and I’ve run out of ideas for my own videos,
and these videos seem to really do well in terms of views, and I desperately need some
of that in my analytics. But enough chit-chat, let’s start off with
some of the biggest creators, and slowly reduce all the way down to some of the underdogs
in the community. Let’s just jump into it! Saberspark
The most subscribed to cartoon community channel with over 850,000 subscribers at the time
of writing this video, is Saberspark. And I personally couldn’t be happier. Rather than a big corporation or some business
having the most subscribers, it’s just a hard-working guy with a great crew. Saberspark mostly reviews animated movies,
but occasionally talks about cartoons as well, and with a great team of editors, artists
and helpers, his videos have a very nice quality and are very well edited. You can tell that the people who Saber is
paying to do this know what they’re doing and he did a good job in choosing them, unlike
some other people we’ll be getting to a little bit later. Overall, he has a few series on his channel,
like What Ruined…, What The HELL Is…, and some other top 10 lists and quick video
essays. If you haven’t seen a video of his before,
I would totally recommend it, but I doubt you haven’t seen one by now. In terms of the community, Saberspark is the
king, and I think that’s for good reason. The Roundtable
The Roundtable is the second biggest cartoon reviewing channel, consisting of a few very
obvious college-dropout nerds standing in front of a green screen talking about the
latest cartoon news in order to desperately get their 15 minutes of ad revenue while the
topic is still relevant. You can tell I’m not the biggest fan of
these guys, and yeah, I’m really not. Their videos are very low quality and you
can tell that there’s not much passion put into these videos. Literally half the video is just telling us
to follow these guys on Twitter, and a lot of what they say is pretty self-explanatory. I literally know enough information from reading
the title, you add nothing new to the table, guys. Now that’s not to say I hate THEM particularly,
and I think they can certainly improve and get better. But this seems more like a ploy to get ad
revenue, and there’s not much artistic integrity present here. If they spiced up their videos a little more,
maybe improved their editing or just had more to say than the literal title in length, I
think these guys would be a much better go-to for cartoon news and stuff like that. Speak of the devil… Vailskibum94
I’m not gonna “go against the status quo” or whatever you nerds like to say, but I think
that Vail’s videos are just fine. Ever since the extensive review of his channel
by Avis Reviews way back when, Vail’s videos have been very heavily criticized for their
easy reproducibility, low overall quality, lack of any improvement over time and using
some cheap tactics to get views like clickbaity titles and thumbnails. I think that Avis’ video is a fantastic
watch, so if you’re curious, I’ll leave a link in the description for you to check
it out! But while that video does kinda hold up to
this day, I will say that with more and more ad revenue Vail’s production quality has
at least improved a little bit! Jokes aside, I think Vail seems like a really
nice guy from his portrayal online, but I don’t personally agree with the mindset
that channels like him have. Granted, his editing and all is a lot better
than The Roundtable, but again, that’s…that’s not a very high standard. I don’t want to just copy Avis’ critiques,
because stuff like his clickbaity videos are a little more rare now, but let me put it
to you this way: I recently uploaded a video on Rise of the TMNT moving to Nicktoons, as
my first and hopefully last ‘cartoon news’ video, just because I felt a little stronger
towards this topic. And as someone who prefers to make more high
quality video projects, this just didn’t feel that good to me. I wasn’t happy to upload it, and didn’t
hype it up as much as I usually do on Twitter and all that. What I’m trying to say is that if channels
like Vail take a bit more of that mindset into consideration, we’d have a better community. Maybe a weekly series where he just lists
off the news of the week in a detailed yet still concise and funny way, sort of like
what Philip DeFranco does for his news, but oh wait, that wouldn’t have as easy search
ranking or high ad revenue, would it? And I don’t know what Vail’s opinion on
this is, but Vail, as a fan, I think if you take this into consideration and try it out,
I’d respect you a lot more. Just saying. Phantom Strider
Phantom Strider is a very interesting guy. First and foremost, there’s no denying his
awesome personality, which is something people have said before. It’s totally respectable how he does these
charity streams, and he’s all around a great guy, at least from what he shows online. For all I know, he could be a mass murderer
who buys a box of puppies and shoots them up one by one…but from his portrayal online,
he’s a really cool dude. But then there’s his content. While I wouldn’t call it “bad”, it’s
not as perfect as some of the others in this video. Things like his messy thumbnails, and lack
of clean editing style makes me kind of take him a bit less seriously, I mean come on dude,
what is this monstrosity of a greenscreen thumbnail? And while his videos aren’t too far off
from other top 10 channels like WatchMojo, they do offer a bit more personality and he
does do a nice job conveying his opinions on whatever he’s talking about, and on the
views side he seems to be doing great. Just saying that I think he’s an awesome
guy, but if he put a bit more passion into his stuff it could get him a lot more watch
time and support, especially from me. But yeah, as if you haven’t seen his channel
yet, be sure to drop by and subscribe to the guy, he definitely deserves it. RebelTaxi
Haven’t been much of a fan of RebelTaxi. Never been much of a fan. If you haven’t seen his retrospectives or
podcasts, check them out. Yeah. ~Ad Break~
Mr. Enter TheMysteriousMrEnter is perhaps the most discussed
member of this community, and a lot of it isn’t for a very good reason. I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Enter. In fact, he inspired me to make these videos
back in 2016, and if you look back at my very old uploads you’d see how much I reviewed
things similarly to Enter. I think that a lot of people throw unnecessary
darts at him, and make him feel bad about himself, when I think he doesn’t deserve
all of the criticism. People usually talk about his angry reviews,
and if you watch his videos today it’s the complete opposite, to the point where it’s
almost annoying how monotone his voice is. People criticized his bad editing, and he’s
improved upon that a lot, but honestly, Mr. Enter, or any of his editors if you are watching
this, I think Crimson is a really great editor, and my favourite videos are edited by Crimson. But his recent Animated Atrocities are edited
by Giant Star Productions. Now I don’t want to make anyone feel bad,
but come on man, these videos are so lazily edited! Put some passion into your work for god’s
sake! You can see the terribly keyed out outline
here, and the stills are usually out of sync with his sentence changes, and as a fellow
editor, I think Mr. Enter really doesn’t care if he allows this to be on his channel. Remember when I said how Saberspark hires
good people to make his videos? Well, Enter and Saber actually have quite
a bit in common. They’re both neckbeard nerds around the
same age doing pretty much the same content. But the one difference between Enter and Saber
is that Saber has higher standards. Enter, unfortunately, does not. And no matter how bad I feel when he constantly
gets crapped on for everything he does, that is something worth noting. But, I do have a lot of respect for Enter,
and I think he’s a very talented individual, and his Technocracy series and Mixed Messages
are a lot of fun to watch. Best of luck with Growing Around, Mr. Enter! Cosmodore
My favourite member of this community is Cosmodore. A hard-working guy who makes high-quality
videos to great success. What’s better than that? For less than 2 years now, Cosmodore has been
consistently uploading lengthy reviews on obscure animated films, cartoons and SpongeBob. Yes, my favourite series of his is his SpongeBob
Worst to Best rankings, and I have been a fan since he uploaded his seasons 1-3 review. His editing is fantastic, and he’s recently
started using character stills, drawn by the amazing Pastaloween, which I think adds to
his video quality quite a bit. He certainly knows what he’s doing in terms
of making these videos, and it really pays off, both through the views, and through overall
fan engagement and likes. But perhaps his most redeeming quality, and
what I would call his “it factor”…is his magnificent accent. His accent is literally so rich that I want
to bathe in it all night…okay, that’s enough about Cosmodore. Just leave us alone for a while now. *shut that door meme*
~Ad Break~ Alpha Jay Show
Alpha Jay Show was one of the first people I watched who inspired me to do reviews of
my own, along with Enter, PieGuy and Avis Reviews. And in terms of video quality and my opinions
on him, it’s not too far off from Cosmodore. I started off watching his very old 2016 Fairly
Oddparents reviews, and ever since then I’ve come to love his videos more and more, but
still feel a bit of a nostalgic sense towards his older videos, and don’t find his newer
videos to be as fun to watch, even though the newer ones are obviously much better aesthetically. Alpha Jay has many series on his channel,
from his best series: Rise and Fall, where he does a very in-depth analysis retrospective
on a usually obscure show, telling us all about it and really deconstructing it with
his very analytical personality. There are other series, like The Alpha Jay
Show, where he just reviews an episode; Versus, where he compares two similar episodes; Did
This Start Off Well?, where he reviews the pilot of a show; The Worst Episode, which
is pretty self-explanatory, and lots of other great series he does from time to time. I think his channel is very creative, with
the panda persona, and his editing is fantastic and you can tell he really cares about what
he’s talking about. Overall, if this list wasn’t based on sub
count, I would’ve been talking about Jay as the first one, because, I feel like he’s
a staple of good content on YouTube, and congrats to him on hitting 200K recently. Oh, and check out my video on his top 10 best
videos if you want, it’s a bit of an older one, but it still sums up my thoughts pretty
well. The Ink Tank
Initially called Kuro The Artist, The Ink Tank is a team of I think 3 guys who make
videos on cartoons, mostly Ben 10, which is how I got introduced to them in the first
place, and they have their own webcomic, called 5 Years Later, a very successful crossover
of Ben 10 and Danny Phantom. The Ink Tank does tons of drawing contests,
video essays and crossovers, and does a lot of discussions of all kinds. I think the three guys working on this are
all genuinely cool and respectable people, and I think they should make more Ben 10 videos
in the future, since I personally love those, and I hope their sense of ambition continues
to carry them forward. NICKtendo
NICKtendo is another fun one. He’s definitely an underrated creator, and
just like Cosmodore and Alpha Jay, his editing is really nice and clean, and he covers pretty
much every cartoon. From Johnny Test, to SpongeBob, to Fanboy
and Chum Chum, which opens his content up to viewers of all kinds. Unfortunately, his high video quality means
that he can’t really upload very consistently, and often takes long hiatuses between uploading
his big projects, much like myself. And while there’s nothing wrong with that,
it obviously doesn’t live up to YouTube’s algorithms. But, his audio quality is great, his editing
is good, and his weird TV background style is really nice looking and unique. If I could give some constructive criticism,
I would encourage him to try to add some more enthusiasm or comedy into his reviews as some
icing on top, but as it is, I don’t find much to complain about with NICKtendo. PIEGUYRULZ
PieGuyRulz was one of the first cartoon reviewers I ever watched. It’s undeniable that his SpongeBob season
reviews pioneered a whole subgenre of, let’s be honest, stupid kids ranting to a camera
about why they hate an episode of Peppa Pig, but also a lot of hard working content creators
like myself or some other creators previously mentioned. Since 2008, PieGuy has uploaded over 670 videos,
all of varying quality, but recently, he’s transferred his content a lot more to his
podcast: The RE-Cast, with MonstersReview, whom we’ll talk about a bit later as well. On this podcast, they compare old cartoon
or movie plots with new similar plots that have been done in reboots or rehashes, bringing
on guests and having a lot of fun. In general, I think this is the best podcast
for cartoon watchers, even better than the RebelTaxi podcast in a lot of ways. But, while I like these podcasts, it is a
bit sad that PieGuy has departed from doing the reviews he was known for, which fans like
myself really liked. Other than small videos here and there, or
the very occasional SpongeBob season reviews, his channel is pretty much the RE-Cast channel
now, and the quality in that sense has come down drastically due to that. But, even through all of that, I find myself
recommending PieGuy once again, and I think for what he did before the RE-Cast, he was
extremely underrated as a creator. Let’s just hope he does another argument
video, those were awesome! Jem Reviews
Yet again, we are going to one of the first cartoon reviewers that I ever watched before
starting this channel three years ago. Jem Reviews is a very interesting channel
to talk about. He started out making top 10 lists on mostly
SpongeBob and Family Guy, and amassed a lot of success from that, and recently he’s
moved to a lot of other shows. His video quality has also improved in a similar
vein, only getting better and better over the years. Watching his old videos, there’s a lot to
complain about. Lazy thumbnails, terrible audio (clip), lackluster
and messy editing, and very Enter-esk-style. Now, his editing has heavily improved, he’s
a lot more laid-back, with nicer looking thumbnails, better audio (clip) and his identity as a
content creator is really captured here. And while recently he’s been reviewing shows
I’ve never really seen like Drake and Josh or Regular Show, there’s no denying that
he’s really improved, and my hat’s off to him for that. Veridis Joe
Ayy, look who it is? One of the guys I reviewed Toy Story 4 with,
which you should definitely check out: Veridis Joe. Joe mostly makes videos on animated subject
matter, diversity, character studies and pretty much everything else from reviews to just
random crap he posts sometimes. With Joe, there’s not much to complain about. His editing is definitely unique, his lack
of writing scripts makes for more lively and down-to-earth discussions, something that
I can’t do without studdering for the life of me, and his interactive and awesome personality
make people really stick around. And just from March of this year, he increased
his subscribers by 13 times, going from around 2000 subscribers, to now just under 30K. With just 70 videos, that shows that people
like his videos…I like his videos…and hey, maybe you will too! Check him out! MonstersReview
MonstersReview is a very cool dude. His very unique style of editing is one of
the reasons I love his videos a lot, and while he uploads very occasionally, the videos he
does upload are of great quality, and in my opinion they are some of the best edited videos
in this community, at least from an aesthetic perspective. Just wanted to say that I really respect Monsters
because he reached out and commented on one of my videos when I was a wee lad, and I couldn’t
be more appreciative. And oh yeah, he has that podcast with PieGuy
or whatever. Dallsmick
Just a quick one I remembered before recording this, because while Dallsmick isn’t entirely
known for his cartoon reviews, he recently switched his content to it, and his recent
Family Guy review literally blew up, so check out Dallsmick, he’s a really cool guy! And yes, he was also in my big Toy Story 4
collab review. Check it out or I’ll shoot a bab–
A.S.K. Air
Who’s this loser? Mr. Nostalgia
Subscribe to Mr. Nostalgia right now you fool. DO IT! The One and Only C.R. Martin
Once again, one of the coolest guys in the community, someone who I am proud to say I’ve
collabed with multiple times before…is C.R. Martin. He mostly reviews Gumball, but also a variety
of other games and other forms of media, so if you like a very analytical and chill guy
who has a great editing style and personality, and is just really cool, Martin’s your guy. I’m honestly surprised that he doesn’t
even have 3K subs yet…COME ON PEOPLE! Creators Below 2K
And now, in an attempt to make this video a bit less redundant, here are a selection
of fantastic creators under 2000 subscribers, that you should subscribe to. ShadeX, who makes really nice reviews and
news videos on cartoons, and also has a nice podcast that I’m gonna be on soon; Cartoon
Nation, who’s a cartoon news channel, much like Vail, who’s a really cool guy, and
has also been on my channel before; NitroCast Cartoon, another new channel who makes great
content, but not on a very consistent schedule, so if you could subscribe to him that would
be great; RushaanSBSP, who’s a great online friend of mine, and has been in too many of
my videos, and I have been in too many of his. He also reviews cartoon in a similar way to
me, so it would mean a bunch to me if you could drop a subscribe on him; and lastly,
Cargo. Cargo is another regular, and he’s pretty
much the same as Rushaan. Check him out. Conclusions
So, again, no hate was intended in this video if I said anything negative, this was just
a video on me discussing my opinions, and I didn’t incite any hate towards anyone
mentioned here. Also, don’t take offense if you’re a reviewer
and I didn’t mention you, I probably just forgot, so please just bully me in the comments
for that. I would also like to say that the links to
all these creators are in the description, so check them out and subscribe if you sound
interested, and if you’re new, please consider checking out some of my videos, some of which
are in the card above and description below, and like and subscribe and hit the bell if
you so choose. Aside from all that, thank you so much for
watching, be sure to follow me on Twitter @MrAskAir, and join my Discord server for
dated memes and other trash, and I’ll see you ladies and jellyfish, in the next one! Ciao!


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