This episode is sponsored by NordVPN, more information at the end of the video, on https://nordvpn.com/notabene and a promotion link in the description! Good video! Dear comrades welcome! We’re not going to hide it, in the life there’s some shitty job… and maybe you even experimented it! And guess what ? Shit job, our ancestors also … ! Come on, I’ll you
proposes a tour of the worst jobs in our History ! ! And we start very hard with a job that
make you swallow your dignity more surely that a beer too much after a dish of
bolognese: hermit of garden ! But before talking about this very specific type of hermit, it would be nice to know what is really a hermit ! True hermits develop mainly between the end of antiquity, around the 4th century, until the counter-reform
16th century catholic. In any case in the western world, since there is also hermits elsewhere in the world. Originally, it is about individuals withdrawing from the
life in society, marginalized people, therefore, to practice their spirituality. In short,
peoples who want to be quiet, far from all and who find refuge in caverns,
ruins of temples or huts at the bottom woodland. Deeply religious figures that intrigue and mark the spirits. Some inspire so many vocations
that they will be joined by followers and will create their own religious movement
like the famous François de Paule who at barely 19, *can’t be seen on
this illustration* forms the order of the minims. These hermits all have one thing in common, a solitary life, dedicated to spiritual wisdom, refusing wealth and all greed. And remember that, because it’s important
for the following. now that we know what a hermit is,
you have to understand what a garden is. And there you will tell me: no kidding, we have to listen to that? No but frankly it’s interesting and you’ll
see why! At the end of the 15th century, the gardens of the renaissance are appearing. Imported from Italy, they spread in France
and take the name of garden “à la française”. Gardens that have an architecture
marked, shaped by the hand of man who cuts and sculpts plants like
he wants it to enhance the social position of the owner of the place. We play, we meet, we come there
to walk around, to show off … in short … z rich habit for the rich. And this fashion of the garden “à la française”, is also exported to England. Until the 18th century or at that time, the English stand out progressively. Until then it has been said, the creation of
gardens is conditioned by the desire to show that we can domesticate nature
and that nothing exceeds the mastery of man. Outside the eighteenth century in England,
industries and their factories are growing at a blazing pace. Among the nobility,
some refuse this race to materialism and choose to manifest this opposition
through the gardens they lay out around their property. From a space
very structured, we go from there wilder gardens, where one only takes
you do not even have to mark a path. of the gardens, “English” as they say
today, which showcase nature and leave him a real place. If construction
man’s hand there, it must be for highlight this nature by offering it
a spectacular view. And so we see, within these incredible gardens,
poper some rather strange buildings that have for the sole purpose of being decorative,
this is called factory of garden. We thus find there pell-mell castles
miniatures, reproductions of ancient temples, old huts, artificial caves … in short, a rich thing for the rich … .comme
French gardens, but … not like the French gardens … .You see
what I mean ! These gardens there, they also have a function
symbolic completely opposite to the gardens French-style. They serve as a place of retirement,
isolation, where we can find and refocus on yourself. And here you start to see the parallel
with the hermits arrive. If these gardens are designed to magnify
this loneliness, soon, the friends of the friends of garden owners invite themselves
in these enchanting places to enjoy panorama. And suddenly, it becomes less
in less places of solitude and retreat. And that’s exactly where it gets
in a ball. Because if English owners want to
to keep this symbolic romantic and anti-materialist, they also want to be able to have fun
and enjoy the places like in the gardens French style, which fits perfectly
in debauchery. And how do we do that? I will you
to say it… When I quickly mentioned the factories
garden, I was talking about huts or caves artificial that could be installed.
Some of these sets can be put on stage. That is to say that in the hut,
we add for example a table with books on it, a feather and an inkwell, a
pair of glasses… in short, as if a hermit, who had decided
to retire spiritually to this same place, had just left the table.
We could then imagine his life, his morning routine… But for some noble, that’s not enough
to imagine, you have to see! But recruit a real hermit, it’s hot when 1 / y’en
has more 2 / these guys just want to let them be left alone So, patatra, we invent a new job
: hermit of garden. For that, no need to great qualifications, must have the mouth
of employment, not too much self-esteem and do not be uncomfortable with the fact
to be mater under all the seams. Because this job consists of coming to live
for a longer or shorter period of time land of a rich landowner who, in
the exchange of lodging, cover and small allowance, only waiting for you
to play, literally, the role of a hermit. To see more clearly, I propose you to
you read the announcement that lays the policy Charles Hamilton in an early newspaper
of the nineteenth century. An announcement, for a job of Hermit of garden …. The hermit will come to live on the land
wooded property of Painshill in Surrey. It will be provided with a Bible,
glasses, a mattress, a pillow, an hourglass, water and food. He will have to wear
a street dress and never get cut hair, beard or nails. He … not
should not move away from the limits of Mr. Hamilton’s property or address
the servants speak. Basically, we are paying someone who serves,
neither more nor less, of decoration in his garden. And if most hermits need to be
silent, some can learn some spiritual things to answer the requests
mystic visitors amused. We remove so all the religious symbolism that was
proper to the figure of the hermit for in to make a shell emptied of its meaning. In
big, it’s kind of a play perpetual which is played in the gardens
for the passing public, who can sometimes to count in thousands of people. A relatively hard job that requires involvement
every moment. The famous Hamilton knows something, the hermit he hires
as a result of his announcement gets fired three weeks later because he had
eclipsed to go for a beer in the pub. Hard. In its place I will have done the same … The practice disappears in any case little to
little during the eighteenth century, not sure that it is a great loss for humanity.
Whatever, I’m sure some might find their account! Do you like barbecues? That’s good. Here is an excerpt from an article from “Petit
Journal “of July 27, 1874. “During a storm in Rambaud (Hautes-Alpes),
the ringer Ollivier, wanted, despite the prescriptions which prohibit this dangerous use,
go ring the bell. Lightning fell on the bell tower and
hit this unfortunate who was not killed on the spot but who was half
charred. A quarter of an hour later, when we came to his rescue, his clothes
were still on fire. He died after two days of violent
suffering ” it puts in the mood huh? Must say
do not laugh with lightning. Since antiquity, it is sometimes considered
as a divine force or on the contrary as a force of the evil one. And for good reason, places of worship, especially
during the Middle Ages, have a tendency to be hit by the lightning downright important
than elsewhere, which poses a number questions. To begin with why? it can be answered very easily with
two factors aggravating their case. The first, is that churches are often built
on the highest places in the villages, to impose their status. Were
also the tallest buildings in denser cities for the same
reason. The second factor is that these buildings are equipped with bell towers or
metal arrow that attract lightning. Double penalty for places of worship so
! The popular belief wanted for a long time
that the bells kept away the storms. A very tenacious belief because as I
already said, it was considered that thunderstorms were either the evil spirit,
an angry god. To face thunder and soothe the spirits, the church
so find nothing better than doing ring the bells during thunderstorms for
to make them go away. Yep … the best way to fight against
lightning is to draw a wet rope by the rain itself connected to a bell
metal located on one of the most top of the corner … Where the shit job of
bell ringer you’ll understand … And you will tell me. Okay but the guy who
pull on the rope, what happens how to him ? Well, according to Césaire de Heisterbach,
a monk of the thirteenth century, it may be because it was his fault. He writes as well
that a priest going to ring the bell of the church to protect itself from the storm
gets hit by a lightning that tears him off his clothes and burns several parts
of his body. The priest being a sinner,
it is divine justice that has fallen on his case. There have even been stories about the fact
that such-and-such thunderbolt had been because he had not sounded well enough
the bells … with this type of reasoning necessarily… And for once it’s not the fault of the bells
in itself since some carry directly inscriptions lending them virtues
Anti-storm. For the anecdote, we tell same as some villages could be
battle of bells to send the storm on one side or the other … more fun
that a badminton tournament no ?! This practice of bell ringer in the middle
of the storm, she still lasts a good moment and if you thought that a poor man
who gets hit by pulling a rope wet is an anecdotal fact and well … not
really ! In Germany between 1750 and 1783, over a period of 33 years so, that’s 121
bell ringers who are killed by the lightning. And that does not take into account those who are
are being struck down but who are not dead ! Worse than that, if the guy is thunderstruck but
that he does not die, we consider everything from even he did a bad job and
that therefore he must not be paid. No luck. In short, you understand, being a ringer
bell, it’s not the bust and some people are well aware of it. It is
for that from the eighteenth century, we try to regulate this activity and forbid you
to ring the bells during a storm. But which really helped to stem the phenomenon,
it is especially an invention, the lightning rod, that is attributed to Benjamin Franklin in
1752 and that could have been implemented a little earlier by other scientists. Gradually, the lightning rod becomes indispensable
on most buildings and it allows to prevent the lightning from falling directly
where we do not want. The evolution architectural church puts the bells
more and more in the shelter of lightning and the most recent appearance of the engines
electric devices, which automatically sound the bells, greatly reduces the
risk of exposure to lightning. It must be said that there are more
bell-rammers either … Nevertheless, the next time
storm breaks not far from Tours, I’ll go ask for a bell to send it
towards Orleans. It will hurt them. Since antiquity, there is a whole lot
of activities that require putting the pastry hand so not very nice.
And among these activities, one that fears : the tannery. The tannery, it’s really useful since
that’s what allows us to get leather from animal skin. And it’s
already the heart of the problem since working with animal skins, this is the guarantee
that it schlingue a max around, if although tanneries were most
some time away from cities or relegated to dark neighborhoods
to avoid embarrassing the population. Finally, especially the rich, the poor have
do not care, we can stick to them what we wants they have nothing to say … And then beyond the raw material
that we work, there is also the process that we use to treat skins. For example, since Roman antiquity,
soaked the sheepskins in the urine to clean them. Urine helps to attack
the leather and detach all the impurities in addition to being able to fix the colors. Practical but not hyper glamorous! Moreover urine containing ammonia
also allowed to wash the clothes, task that we then passed on to slaves who
spent their time in filled vats pee and water to do the job. Funny anecdote, the urine was so
used by the ancient Romans they began to pee in jars for
sell them to tanneries in particular. So good that it gave ideas to the emperor
Vespasian who decides to …. tax the urine ! And yes, money does not smell! And
it is all the more true that this expression comes directly from this tax on urine
that the guy sets up to fill himself excavation. Speaking of that you have
can already be heard someone say “Vespasiennes” to designate the
public toilets, well that’s because that the first public toilets are
called like this in his honor and in reference, there too, at this tax! In short, we move away from the subject! After cleaning the skins that we
wants to tan, you have to make them more flexible and for that, there is a step that we
knows well in tanneries: the confection. Basically it’s about bathing the skins
in a mixture that will gradually soften and if today we use mainly
synthetic products, for a long time the number one technique is to do
cook a kind of soup made of water lukewarm and bird droppings. We stir, we balance, we mix, and tadam,
a soft skin that folds properly. And that, we always do it in
parts of the world. From the second half of the 18th century,
we start using for the confection, particularly in England, excrement from
dog to replace bird droppings. They are particularly sought after
in a context of economic development fast because to turn tanneries
at full speed, it takes poo! And that’s when we attend
at the birth of a particular profession naze, dog shit collector, we
call in English the “Pure finders”. According to Henry Mayhew, an English journalist
of the nineteenth century to which we owe one of the texts reference on poverty in London
during the industrial era, there are thirty tanneries in town at that time, which
employs hundreds of tanners. We can then estimate that the number of collector
Full time poop is 200 to 300 people. In concrete terms, these employees walk around
the streets of the city on the lookout for faeces with a basket they can hide the
content. If tradition wants them to be equipped with a leather glove allowing them
to pick up the poop without getting too dirty, most testify at the time of the fact
it’s much easier to pick them up with bare hands then to wash them
to fight with uncomfortable gloves and not practical. We pretty much agree I think it’s
not the dream job but to compensate, an effective poop collector could very
make a good living! In any case in a first time … because soon more and more people
start picking up the droppings in the street and tanneries buy the excrement
less and less expensive … The job is then mainly exercised by very people
who, to survive, scour the streets in search of the precious in order to
fill a full bucket that will be sold to the tannery. And believe it or not, the tanners,
who pay the luxury of buying at a price already very modest, vary this one
depending on the quality of the excrement. In general, the more dry and better they are
it is. But some tanneries have their preferences and search for materials
more malleable if you see what I want say. This quality requirement and the price
relatively low purchase drives collectors to develop a smuggling market where
the sale of feces is currency common. They mix excrement already
picked up from mortar from old walls to give it the coveted appearance. In short, we feel the job well naze precarious
more and more and this is also this supply superior to the demand that will make that
the job will gradually disappear. Anyway, shit picker is not
the only job that fears a max during the industrial revolution, there’s a lot
others, and in England as in France, we find a lot of business related craignos
recovery and recycling in all kind. In bulk: the bone seeker who will harvest
bones among butchers before reselling them to manufactures to make all kinds
objects the diggers who probe the polluted rivers
to find an object for sale on the sly Cigar end collectors who roam
the streets in search of cigar ends thrown by the smokers, whom they then deliver
to a provider who recycles tobacco from these cigar ends
And many other activities still like used tissue collectors, recuperators
old wood, etc … And yes, nothing loses, nothing is created,
everything is transformed! Trades that remain in any case very
precarious, which often put the health people who practice them in danger
and who can get closer, according to the anthropologist Canadian Malcolm Blincow, practices that
we find today in some third World countries. It makes you think… And here are the friends, shit jobs, y’en
has had plenty and will surely have something do a second episode, I already have
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    Mention spéciale pour les chevaux que l’on descendait au fond de la mine. Les exploitants se souciaient quand même de leur bien-être car les pauvres bêtes avaient droit à 15 jours de pâturage (par an!). 😱 Mais sinon ils étaient toute l’année au fond, étaient chargés de tirer en moyenne une quinzaine de « berlines » remplies de charbon, soit l’équivalent de 7 tonnes.

    Il y avait aussi le job de trieuse de charbon qui était bien pourri : « Le travail au triage est le plus éprouvant car il s'effectue dans le bruit et la poussière , l'hiver dans le froid et l'été dans la chaleur. Il fallait un œil exercé pour distinguer des schistes du charbon, ce dernier étant plus brillant. Mais dans ce lieu sombre et empoussiéré, ce n'était pas un exercice facile . A l'époque des Compagnies, le travail était contrôlé par des surveillants qui n'hésitaient pas à mettre à l'amende en cas de découverte de résidus dans le tri. Toutes ces opérations étaient effectuées sans gants de protection. »

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    Déja pour le principe de la publicité, ensuite pour le fait qu'un VPN aujourd'hui a plutot tendance à fragiliser la sécurité qu'à l'améliorer.

    Maintenant que c'est dit, passons à l'épisode !

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