Jeewan – Social Work MA

I think what I have enjoyed most about
the course is the service user involvement. Like for today, we had
advanced practice module and we had care leavers coming back to share their
experience with us and I think that helps us really to grow as a
professional and also personal and it helps us to see perspectives from
different angles and at the same time have more empathy. My career plans would
be to be a social worker with children and families after I graduate. It’s a
great University and it’s a life-changing experience. What I’ve
enjoyed most about this course is the variety of learning methods.
There’s not just lectures but there are role plays at the same time, case studies
and very interesting online quizzes. So it is very diverse and a very interesting
way to learn. At the same time the learnings are not just about academics
but it’s also very much in touch with the research and at the same time
front-line practice because there’s a strategic partnership with the frontline
practitioner who comes and teaches us. So it’s very much alive
with what is going on in the day to day practice. I love the buildings. I love it
is so convenient the train station is nearby, so it really it makes our life
much easier and I like the architecture. The advice for prospective students
would be, it’s a very intensive course so make sure you’re organised and your
friends are your biggest allies. So walk alongside with them together and at the
same time make use of all the resources that there are in the university. The
programme is designed so that a student succeeds so make sure that you use all
those opportunities like my tutor says the librarian is the research engine
with a heart, so you just make use of them. The programme changes who you are as
a person and also it enriches your life. So my
advice for someone who would be coming for the degree would be just make the
best use of the experience here and enjoy the process you


  1. C Gurung said:

    So proud of you my Baini❤️

    June 17, 2019
  2. Poonam Malla said:

    Wahhh Jyoti D❤️❤️😍😍

    June 18, 2019

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