Ivan Credhos human rights defender from Colombia

In a country like Colombia, in a city like Barrancabermeja, it is easy to become a human rights defender due to the fragility, poverty and violence. In 1988, I was detained by the army in a demonstration. I was detained for various days. I was assaulted, tortured. There was a high chance that
they would assassinate me In this moment, there was
a searching committee. They saved my life. Situations like these:
of inequality, violence, and aggression by authorities, against the youth and the leaders. This leads you to become
a human rights defender. After the peace process
and the signing of the agreements, more than 100 defenders have been killed including community leaders – in the whole country. These human rights defenders have been killed by the paramilitary groups. This is why the role of
human rights defenders is important. They keep killing us.
They keep persecuting us. Because these enemies of
the human rights and peace see human rights defenders
as a threat to their interests. You get used to being afraid, worrying of the constant threat. It becomes part of your daily life. Because it is a threat,
nothing happens. But it can happen,
when you get too used to the threat, they kill you, without you realizing it. But today, peace cannot come at the expense of the life of the human rights defenders. It is a mix of feelings and commitments of political views, life choices. Credhos is a big family.

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