Introducing Peter, a Macmillan welfare rights adviser

Peter: Hi my name’s Peter, and I’m a welfare rights
advisor and I work as part of a team of advisors here for Macmillan. When people first get
diagnosed with cancer, which is a major shock and a trauma to them, the next thing that
hits them and sometimes it hits them at a hundred miles an hour, is the finances – how
am I gonna pay the bills, I’m gonna need to take time off work how am I gonna cope, how
long am I gonna have to stay off work, how am I gonna pay for the treatment fares, the
cost of going to hospital – and that’s where I come in and I help cancer patients stabilise
their finances and maximise their income as well to make sure they’re getting everything
they’re entitled to. We do also give emotional support as well because you know we’re there
to listen to people and when people ring up invariably the first part of the call is just
us listening, and taking notes. I like to build up a relationship with a customer as
well, and a trusting relationship because I think once I’ve built that up they’ll come
back to me which they do, for ongoing things. There’s many varied people that use the services,
from a stockbroker yesterday who’d been diagnosed with cancer, right down to maybe an elderly
lady – different backgrounds, different financial backgrounds, ethnic, cultural backgrounds.
Phones are open from nine in the morning right through til 8 o’clock in the evening and that’s
monday to friday at the moment. You know just give us a call, don’t be worried about, don’t
worry about your nervousness. We’ll go through it together basically.

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