Interview with Kristine Sundsdal | Illustration: Authorial Practice MA at Falmouth University

Authorial practice, this course has helped
me go back into the things that I felt I lost from my BA of Illustration. I noticed, especially in the last term that
I kept going back to the things I used to draw and used to
like before I got into a degree, and I think getting back to that has strength. I feel like more strongly about the way
I draw because I wasn’t quite happy with it and it feels more true to me. It’s been a good course to to get back into.
The things that made you draw in the first place or made you interested in illustration. My background before coming to this course was, well I come from Norway and I did, like, part of a visual communications degree there but then I decided to come to England and do my BA in Illustration instead. And so all my academic things comes from an illustration and visual
communications buffer. Having other projects
alongside your practice, like the Chaos Project was the one that we
had which was a collaboration with the Truro Chaos group, social services group,
and we went every Wednesday to those meetings with them in Truro
and having that break from your own practice and doing something
collaborative or something really different was very helpful and
it actually fuelled our mind practice as in terms of communication with
different people and yeah, and knowing different people,
getting to know them, that was helpful and the forum, illustration forum, was a
great opportunity to have guest lectures from different parts of the world, to
talk about their illustration practices. Which is very inspiring and it’s been
one every year and I’ve been to every one and
it’s been great. Also, the lectures that the tutors
themselves hold is, it’s very great where they informally
talk about their practices, where they are at the moment; it feels, it definitely
feels, like it’s built around this, this communal knowledge base where everyone
just shares everything and it’s nothing that you would just want to keep for
yourself. There’s no secrets or anything and that’s what I find is
great about this course because everyone is so happy to share whatever they found
or whatever they are doing at that specific point in time and it can change,
but that’s what’s part of it and I think that the
course is true to your personal interest and your values and it pushes you to
continue on with those, even if it’s a very odd or very different approach that you are doing.

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