How wisdom transforms community [Who we are // Biola CCT]

[inspirational music]>>Announcer: The great
ideas that shape culture often begin in communities of people working out and sharing
those ideas together. Communities where disagreement
doesn’t divide or separate but makes the ideas better. At Biola University Center
for Christian Thought we’re providing a space for that. We’re giving people
opportunity to do what they came into this business wanting to do. To think together, carefully,
about the big ideas.>>It’s respecting the
freedom of the other. Would you be willing?>>Advocating a kind of way
of life without evaluation.>>There is this question
integratively of well, where was Jesus kind of
getting that compassion?>>Care about you. We may disagree on this
but I really love you.>>At the Center for Christian Thought it’s a mutual desire
to see Christian wisdom play out in the church and in the academy. That we needn’t get by on trite answers to life’s big questions. And part of what animates us is the desire to bring the depth of that
Christian wisdom and tradition to folks who are wrestling
with a broken world. [inspirational music] The kinds of ideas
discussed around the table at the Center for Christian Thought have power to transform people through conversations at coffee shops, in backyards and neighborhoods,
communities, churches. So we want to bring these conversations to bear on the real lives
of people everywhere. [inspirational music] Jesus nailed the human life. And He took it upon himself to teach others how to live it well. So He gathered around Himself students for the purpose of leading
them into a way with God in our world and thus launched a tradition of Christian thought. [inspirational music]

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    Sounds like heaven to me!

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