How-to: New Amputee Practical Tips for Coping with Limb Loss From Our Social Worker

Hi I’m Melissa Antonucci licensed clinical
social worker at Progressive O&P located in
Albertson New York Today I am going to talk to you about three tips for coping with limb loss First it’s normal to go through the five
stages of grief after an amputation the first one anger, of course you are angry you just had a major life changing event happen to you Second is denial, I can’t believe this
happened to me why me? I don’t want to believe this
happened. Next is bargaining maybe if I’d done something
different things would have been different next comes depression, overwhelming
feeling of sadness, which finally leads to acceptance coping with your limb loss and learning how
to move on with your life Second it’s so important to try and take
back control of your life trying to do things like getting dressed,
cooking, getting in and out of bed, taking a shower. those are things that you are used to doing every day and those are things that you
should really try and be doing. and finally if you feel like you’re
having trouble returning to a sense of normalcy so important to talk to somebody, whether it’s a friend, a family member or ultimately a
professional. Thanks for watching if you have any additional questions
please visit our website at or call our office
at 516.338. 8585 516.338. 8585

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