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Hey there! It’s Matt from Kenhub, and in
this presentation, we will be talking about the four steps to memorization of anatomy
terms. There are around eight thousand anatomical
terms to learn in order to understand the macroscopic and microscopic structures of
the human body. Taken as a whole, memorization seems like an impossible task. Breaking it
down into portions makes it much more manageable. Don’t underestimate what you already know.
You are probably further along than you think. Depending on where you go to university or
college and which language you speak and study in, anatomy is taught differently. It may
be taught in head-to-toe order, superficial structures to deep or regional instead of
single structures. The most common terms are in English or Latin. Whichever method is used,
here are four techniques that will help you memorize anatomy. First is organization. When you make a study
schedule and set aside time for learning anatomy terms, make sure you calculate the approximate
time you will need to learn the new words as you go through each new chapter. In order
to determine this, start with the first lesson and use the time it took you as an estimate,
adjusting the timeslot as you go. If you don’t learn the terms properly up front, you will
have difficulty understanding the theory and others will have difficulty understanding
you. Second is visualization. Although everyone
has their own way of doing things, the first time you see a particular area of the body,
be it on a cadaver or in an anatomy atlas, you need to get your bearings. Look long enough
so that you can visualize the area in your head. Even if you go to labs or practicals,
it is a good idea to go over what you learned at home, both before and after, to make sure
you go in prepared to follow the instructor and to solidify your knowledge and ensure
your understanding after. Third is memorization. Using an anatomy atlas,
either online or in print, start with the larger structures and then when you feel you
know them, go on to the smaller ones. Do this several times and then move on once you have
tested yourself. Here are some techniques that will make learning each two words quicker
and easier: Link the word to the structure by creating
a mental picture. Find the meaning of the word which is usually Latin or Greek by investing
in a medical terminology script or taking a course. Usually, the university includes
this in the curriculum. Break the word down and make it recognizable for yourself. Create
your own abbreviations, songs, poems, acronyms, etcetera. Basically, if it work for you, it
works! Write the words out as you learn them. This will help with memorization and with
spelling. Use flashcards, either in print commercial, online or homemade, so you can
remember and examine yourself. The final step is examination. Give yourself
a little exam once you have memorized the words. Take a small scrap of paper or a post-it
note and cover the labels. If you can’t remember some of the words, go back and repeat the
steps from memorization. If you are using Kenhub’s online atlas and quizzes, you will
be given a grade and the structures you didn’t know will be shown to you. Also, by signing
up for daily anatomy, you can be tested every day. If you want to save time improving your anatomy
knowledge, try the most efficient way to learn anatomy and register at The online
anatomy trainer makes sure you learn anatomy quickly, guided in the most engaging way possible. This video is more fun than reading a textbook,
right? If you want more videos, interactive quizzes, articles, and an atlas of human anatomy,
click on the “Take me to Kenhub” button. It is time to say goodbye to your old textbooks
and say hello to your new anatomy learning partner, Kenhub! See you there!


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