GSP+: Working with civil society to promote human and labour rights

The European Union’s GSP+ scheme works with developing countries to strengthen their commitments to human and labour rights, the environment and good governance in exchange for removing tariffs on their exports to the EU. Since 2017, DRI and our partners have been supporting local actors in GSP+ countries by raising awareness of human and labour rights, engaging communities and reporting on the situation in each country. In Armenia, our partner researched labour conditions in the mining sector, adequate housing, access to health services and the rights of minority children. Our partner in Bolivia investigated working conditions in sectors exporting products to the EU. In Cabo Verde, our partner raised awareness of human rights among local communities and students across the country. Our partner in Kyrgyzstan conducted a nation-wide survey of people’s knowledge of human rights
and gave tools and training to civil society. In Mongolia, our partner’s reporting focused on the safety of journalists, freedom of expression and the right to information. In Pakistan, DRI raised awareness on human and labour rights across the country and built the capacity of state bodies working on these issues. Our partner in Paraguay studied the future of trade with the EU beyond GSP+ and issues such as child labour. In the Philippines, our partner worked with labourers and trade unions to assess the state of labour rights in the country. In Sri Lanka, DRI worked with grassroots activists to monitor the government’s compliance with GSP+. As this project ends, civil society will have the tools and capacity needed to continue monitoring and advocating for human and labour rights in their countries. This video was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Democracy Reporting International and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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