Get to know your fashion/beauty channel’s community feat. RoxyRocksTV and Hairodynamic

Hi I’m Monica from Hairodynamic. And I’m Roxy from RoxyRocksTV. And today we’re going to talk about your YouTube community. My community is an international, very positive community and at the beginning the Italian subscribers were the ones talking more and interacting more with me but after I made a video about how to learn different languages, in which I encourage them to talk with native speakers of the language they want to learn, they started talking to each other too and they leave questions like “Oh I’m Italian, I want to learn English, is there somebody that can help me out?” and things like that, and that makes me really happy. What about you, how is your community? My community is, I think it’s a lot of viewers that are a lot just like myself. I’m originally from Seattle and I found that there’s a lot of Seattle viewers and I love that so much but I also just love everyone around the world. I use all the social networks I have. I always try to reply to everybody and also I go live once or twice a week and during the live streaming we always play games. For example we play Pictionary and I draw something they have to guess and I follow on Twitter or Instagram whoever wins. I’m on Twitter, Instagram, all those things too and my biggest thing is I try and favorite every single tweet that I see. Well I try to involve my fans as much as I can and on my blog I often post polls and I ask them what kind of videos they want to see next and they can vote and they can also suggest and add options. I treat my fans like my boss. I do what they want to see when they leave comments, I’m totally going to do what they want to see because I’m doing it for them and also I feel like I need to live up to their standards. If my video isn’t as good as other ones, they’re going to let me know…yes… and so I always have that pressure, I need to make my next video better than the last. Thanks so much for watching. For more RoxyRocksTV click here And for more Hairodynamic click here And to learn more from the Creator Academy click here.

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  1. Nuryadi ASMR said:

    You are a great creator, best regards me

    August 12, 2017

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