Frome’s Community Fridge

I didn’t realize how rewarding it would
be actually to save food, one from being thrown away and two giving it to the
community as well I run a food business called Lungi Babas in town. I’m really happy to say I help out picking some food from Lidl addressing
the food wastage that’s like the best benefit like making people understand
there’s a lot of food being wasted and it can be used and it’s perfectly all
right I solely believe food is energy and food
brings people together I think there’s something in us people where we’re
hardwired not to waste food you know, it just feels wrong. Someone brought like
stuff from Greggs and there’s this cake and we had quite a lot of people outside
and suddenly it turned out to be a tea party. So when we first moved into Frome
we didn’t have a fridge and so for my son he’s like oh why was our fridge
outside he’s only four so yeah it was it was still really nice for us to be able to
come here and look in have a sense of having a fridge.
Sometimes people here are still a bit wary you know so no no here’s some grapes, we’ve
got loads of grapes, have some grapes you know and you see people sort of like, ohh there not sure whether they should say yes. I really enjoy those little interactions. It’s got quite an array of people like
across the day they know when the timings are, when food will be available
and they do come here and this is bit of a social hub hub around the fridge. Oh
yeah I think it’s great actually for the people in need in Frome and also just
young uns you know? I ended up in some difficult circumstances where I had
absolutely no money and actually had nowhere to live and and the fridge kept
me alive that’s how I became a volunteer people find that food banks sometimes it
feels stressful and demeaning you know that they’re going cap in hand where’s
the fridge it’s not judgmental it’s the only qualification is can you eat there
was a source of food here for me and it meant that I could actually get through
those hard time. I think it’s gonna do more to help other people especially for people on low income like ourselves. But it’s a really, really good thing, it’s in the best thing that has ever come forward. Having this larder as well as a fridge
is going to save us so much waste food it’s brilliant, I think about that 6,000
items in the fridge you know double that it’s going to be 12,000 items.
Thank you if you contribute to it in any way thank you we got people like Rich and Jim who built this thing thanks to everybody who use it thank you for being such a great
community. you


  1. Plasingli said:

    Excellent little film — and why doesn't every community have a community fridge?

    November 16, 2018
  2. Cognitive Dissonance said:

    Excellent concept but food from Greggs and Lidl is nothing but poison.

    January 5, 2019
  3. Empressah said:

    This is just beautiful. Well done Frome👏

    February 14, 2019

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