Forbidden Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations with Matthew LaCroix & Paul Wallis Live Show #2

welcome to the 5th kind welcome to the 5th kind TV and today
we’re talking to Matthew Lacroix he’s an author and a researcher his books are
the stage of time and the illusion of us Matthew researches mysteries of the past
ancient civilizations he writes about the intelligent universe quantum physics
string theory geology he’s a Renaissance man so you’re
listening to me Paul Wallis talking to Maxie Lacroix Matt welcome to the fifth
kind hey it’s great to be here Paul so excited to talk to you tonight it’s
great to meet you I’ve really enjoyed reading your material and as I’ve been
reading what you’re researching and the things that you’re putting out there
I keep thinking oh my goodness we could have written each other’s books because
our fields of interest line up so much topic after topic I want
to begin by asking you the things you’re writing about they are things that
certainly were not on the syllabus when I went through school and they were
probably not on the syllabus when you went through school so tell us how did
you get into these amazingly interesting fields of study well thanks so much for
having me here Paul my journey has been probably a lot quite similar to many
others where you go through early academic your academic career and you
know middle school into the high school and then eventually into college and
along the way I started to really question the things that I was learning
I remember being in history to school and you know almost falling asleep
because it was just this very mundane boring version of all these events that
have happened and there was there was nothing exciting about it right we were
we were just simply told that we’re you know human civilizations started 6,000
years ago and then we slowly linearly move there our way up to where we are
now and there’s no there’s no mystery to it there’s no secrets that’s all and I
remember being I guess internally disappointed because something felt like
there was so much more and it wasn’t until I started to get into high school
and then into college that I really started to dabble and look into
some of these these aspects of ancient history the nature of reality energy all
these different aspects to make me start paying attention to hey maybe there are
all these other things that were deliberately not being told and when I
was really delving into it when I started to look into the stories of like
Robert temple with the Dogon and how they knew secrets of Canis Major and
Sirius and then looking into these the fantastical the designs the fantastic
designs that go into the pyramids of Egypt and how they’re mathematically
created to be precise harmonic frequency generators and all these aspects it
completely blew my mind I remember being outside on a summer day
and just sitting there reading a book and just being just having my mind
completely blown and sitting there just trying to scratch my head to try to wrap
my head around the idea okay so there’s this entire other side of human history
these secrets of ancient civilizations that were far more sophisticated than
we’ve been told and that all exists out there and most people aren’t aware of it
because it is what it’s one of these aspects that is a tightly guarded
narrative there were taught in school and it doesn’t include all these other
aspects that we’re starting to under understand now and that and that to me
letdown like you probably this great rabbit hole where we as you start
looking into one thing it tumbles into the next thing before you know it you’re
so deep in it that the people around you think that you’ve totally lost your mind
and and that’s something that’s that’s the way that a lot of us go down this
road right that’s exactly right I think as soon as you start reading and looking
above the parapet there are so many hooks that that start reading you into
all these different areas but I’m just I wonder because it in my experience I
remember sitting in school like you looking around and thinking is everybody
else buying this and I remember doing that at the age of five when I was in a
in a church school and I noticed how they were using Christianity to get us
to behave and I thought that was a bit a bit poor and
in the next thing it happened for me was when I was 11 I chanced across a book
that had an alternative narrative and that was Erich von Daniken’s charity of
the gods okay those those are sort of the two things that dislocated me and
got me thinking more critically about what we were being told what was it for
you what was it about matthew lacroix that meant he could sit in a classroom
and look around and think no this is not why is everyone else satisfied with this
why were you not satisfied do you have an idea that’s a great point
I think that there are certain individuals who are just not part of
that you know the cliques and the groups and being part of this normal high
school environment that were part of where you I’m not the person that went
out and you know was valedictorian going to the prom going to these sports events
doing all of this stuff I wasn’t that person at all because I saw no
connection to it at all I saw a place where everybody was acting fake people
were just trying to fit in and they weren’t expressing themselves there was
no imagination there was no wonder in this incredible world around us I was a
hugely passionate person about nature and getting outside and so when people
were doing these sporting events and whatever was after school I would just
head up into the mountains or something somewhere and go take a hike whatever it
was because to me being out in nature and that the purity and the balance of
nature it made so much more sense to me the quiet of having your mind think and
not being bombarded by the noises of cars going by and wireless signals
blasting you know through your head and you don’t even realize and all of a
sudden you’re you’re wondering like why can I think straight why why are so many
things so foggy around me and I remember actually once going on a backpacking
trip for four days out in the middle of the wilderness and when I came back that
perspective I never forgot it the rest of my life because I remember sitting in
my car in a busy urban area and it was almost appalling to me to imagine that
we exist in such an unbalanced and poisonous play
where most of the food we consume lowers our vibrational energy and affects us in
a very negative way but yet those same foods and all those things are promoted
and pushed on us and then on the same time this TV this box that is telling us
what to watch is just showing us all of these very materialistic viewpoints of
people being as attractive as possible the most everything was focused on this
physical obsession and all these things just to me felt like background noise
and I wanted to run away from it as far as I possibly could and so you brought
up a good point about being a different individual
and having these moments where you’re you’re being pushed into this system of
conforming but you don’t want to you resist and and so it really comes down
to well how long did that individual resist for or did they just come back to
this path later on in life and I in many ways became very frustrated with the
world around me and the corruption the darkness and it wasn’t until I started
delving into understanding the past in cycles of energy and consciousness that
it all it was like a lightbulb realizing that we have this entire system in place
to keep people in this very organized lower vibrational state where everyone
is thinking on the same page and is going to work every day and it’s not
questioning and every anything and and all of a sudden that just exploded and I
realized that here we have a system that’s being deliberately maintained to
keep order in society so that people don’t look into these secrets because
what would have what would happen if they looked into these secrets
everything in their life will change yeah I think that’s an amazing story I
think I want to hone in on something that you said there about your four-day
retreat out out in nature out in the forest because I actually think that is
a very helpful thing for people to know about that there’s something amazingly
grounding and healing about being out in nature being away from the television as
you see being away from all the is that in train us but also being in
nature being grounded breathing the air being around trees there’s something
about that the recalibrates people and it it grounds you in a way that you can
begin to get some clarity and if you’re in it for four days most people if they
went on a four day retreat would come back with a different perspective on the
day to day grind that they’re part of and sometimes when people talk in terms
of raising their vibrational level or achieving a higher state of
consciousness it can sound very remote and difficult and technical and how on
earth do I do that but actually taking a walk in a forest
it goes a long way to changing some gears for you and I’m now realizing
looking back on the production of my most recent book which is escaping from
Eden that really flowed out of a lot of time walking in the forest and it wasn’t
by design I was doing it because I was in between jobs I was needing to
depressurize after the previous one and so as spending some time in my local
forest and I now look back and realize that a whole lot of fresh thinking and
remembering the anomalies that I wanted to look at came out of that time and the
forest so there really is a connection between your time in nature and your
clarity of mind in in the studies that you make so I want to go back to you are
you you’re still at school yeah beginning to dislocate from the the main
meta-narrative that we get taught can you remember what was the first anomaly
or unanswered question that you thought no I’m really gonna need to look at that
for myself was there one that really got you going really I think the thing that
started this whole path because I is there you’re gonna separate the idea of
being curious about something to being driven by that spark that that goes off
where you say okay I can’t I can’t disprove this at all in fact it doesn’t
make any since with the logical thinkin that
we’ve been given on the past and really I mentioned a lot but I think the dogon
was was the big spark for me the Dogon tribe for those who I mentioned the many
times but for those who don’t know there’s a there’s a remote tribe in Mali
Africa called the Dogon and the Dogon is this very strange group who practice all
of these rituals where they go way up on these big sticks so they can be
extremely tall but more importantly they have these certain elders that have been
chosen in in their community and the elders the whole job behind them not
only is to guide the community itself but they were actually tasked with
carrying down the knowledge from their previous elder that came before them and
they did it in such a strict way that they would actually isolate themselves
because they knew that polluting thoughts and other information could
cause this incredibly valuable information they knew to disappear and
so they would isolate themselves and they would pass this on every generation
and what were they passing on well the Dogon people have this incredible story
about how they were given very detailed information and influences long ago to
learn not only everything about our solar system what about other solar
systems specifically the serious solar system that’s in the Canis Major
constellation and so this this the Sirius system itself what makes it so
incredible is that the Dogon weren’t discovered by the outside world until
the 1930s with some french anthropologist came into the tomalak the
country of Mali and they found them and they were astonished because the Dogon
knew all these detailed descriptions of Sirius a B and C and how they all rotate
around each other and the entire canis major system they had all this detailed
information about the problem was in the 1930s the Dogon they didn’t have a
telescope they didn’t have any means till just to have a way to magnify and
look into the sky so how could they have known that and more importantly they
they saw Series B and C and Series B hadn’t even been discovered yet it was
like later on they discovered it with a radio telescope and they were like
basically Wow the Dogon were right all along
and so how they they had a they had a precise description didn’t they have
serious face very various precise they knew almost everything about him we’re
not talking about just something where someone was able to view it from a
distance and come up with just some theories it’s like they were told very
very detailed information about this star system and when the Dogon were
asked about how they came up with this knowledge they didn’t say they they they
found it they worse they said they were told this knowledge from they called
them the beings they call the Nomo and the Nomo if you look into the
description of the Nomo and the pictures that were drawn of them look exactly
like this these images from Mesopotamia of the same symbolic references of some
of these ancient influences that influenced those civilizations as well
and the more you dig into it the more you find out the Dogon were originally
from Egypt and that they had a native state Egypt to avoid religious
persecution so just like that rabbit a whole mentality it just keeps going
deeper and deeper into these these secrets of ancient history before you
realize it you you’d have to just step back into yourself Wow
so ancient civilizations instead of being more primitive were some ways more
advanced than we are and they may it may not just be one civilization
civilizations may have come and go because of disasters and that’s why one
of the reasons why we’re in the place we’re in today
that’s is an amazing story the story of the Dogon the fact that the information
they shared with the anthropologists in the 1930s was information we didn’t yet
have in our astrophysics of the time and we’ve now been able to confirm it do you
think that the the Dogon people said they got this knowledge from people who
lived around Sirius C do you think they got that knowledge while they were still
part of Egyptian society are they part of do they come from the Egyptian
priests to it is that how you would regard their roots well they don’t
at least say that they got the knowledge in Egypt as far as I know I do they do
they do stay they do state that the Noma was the one who departed who imparted
that knowledge on them now that no mo figure is identical 200 honest that
figure in Mesopotamia you find that has what they call this aquatic fish suit so
for a long time people would be like well that’s some kind of a strange
aquatic being and it seemed like the truth was sort of muddy the waters were
muddied with all of this confusion around around symbolism how to separate
something that’s symbolic from what it actually really means and so the more I
started to dig the more I started to connect those same symbols to this
ancient Sumerian God called Anki or yeah who was the one we think of who where
who was a messenger of wisdom and knowledge and who had those symbols and
so and but this is what is it was absolutely incredible that just kept
pulling me in is that when you look at the type of hat that was worn by a Juana
Santana no mo it was the mitre hat that became the
modern-day Pope hat it was the same so it means that the the religious
institutions we see now we’re actually just basing all of most of their
knowledge and a lot of their important symbolism on these ancient symbols from
the past so how could they not be real if they’re just you can still be found
today you know what I mean it was it was really incredible see all exactly I
think the persistence of certain motifs in art and certain symbols is a
fascinating field all its own and of course when you see these symbols
recurring a couple of questions gets thrown up and one is when the Pope wears
his mitre does he know where that shape came from does he know that the body of
knowledge that that shape is referring to I think that’s very intriguing
then yes because of the because of the Vatican archives and how many yes
exactly I want to come on to library secret libraries a little bit
later but the other question course about these symbols is how connected
were these ancient civilizations because there are images that recur all around
the world from culture to culture where we think this there was no contact
between those cultures so already we’ve talked about Mali and the Dogon people
ancient Egypt Sumeria and in the knowledge and in the symbols there’s
clearly a connection between those cultures so just starting with the Dogon
people you’re already studying three cultures and the Babylonian you
mentioned awareness I love that story because this is this is one where Carl
Sagan weighed in in in his early days in the 1960s he was very interested in the
Babylonian mythology of awareness and the app color and the idea that there
was prehistoric contact with a species from somewhere else in the universe who
came and in that story nurtured the beginnings of human civilization and I
wonder when when you look into the past when you look at the roots of our
ancient civilizations how involved do you think an et presence may have been
in our story and was it just in terms of giving us tech teaching us about banking
and money or were they more involved even than that in shaping us as we are
what conclusions have you reached met that’s a pretty loaded question let me
start by just by just giving a little background on this before I move into
that I firmly believe based on the evidence that there have been cycles of
civilizations that go back far beyond 12,000 years ago and then the greatest
civilizations that passed on a lot of the megalithic knowledge and the
building knowledge we see like in the pyramids they were before 12,000 years
ago and they were wiped out and so I think there are these these different
segments of time periods where the evidence clearly shows that we had a
golden age of civilization where knowledge was was shared by cultures all
across the world and there was some kind of a global connected civil as
you know people thrown out the idea something called Atlantis because Plato
and the Timaeus and Critias specifically mentions Atlantis and then we see this
this megalithic building meaning large stone precise building that that could
have been it was been a completely the hardness factor in Bronze Age tools
we’ve been impossible to carve some of these incredible pieces of granite
better so that are so difficult to carve with those tools and so we used all over
the world I started to see these connections with these civilizations all
around all around the planet in countries from from the Inca and South
America all the way over into Baalbek Lebanon and up through and down into
Mesopotamia and Egypt and all the way around the world and when I started to
really look at that I started to look at the symbolism that’s shared by those
civilizations and that’s where this symbolic journey for me began and I
really delve jumped right into it with both feet when I started really talking
about the eagle on the surface now we were getting to that later in the show
we can talk all about how that’s shared but just to preface that the Eagle in
the serpent symbolism can be shown in ancient cultures all around the world
from all the way down on the ink up through the Maya and the Aztec and then
all the way across the world through Mesopotamia and down to Egypt it’s all
shared by these symbols how could they have the same symbols if then whereas it
wasn’t a common influence at one time now now getting back to what your I just
wanted to start by saying that now getting back to we were saying I guess I
wouldn’t really label myself that you I don’t use some of these polluted terms
so I don’t really use the word alien and I don’t I try to avoid the idea of
connecting all of this we trying to lump it all together with like UFOs I think
there’s a lot of complicated things going on in reality a lot of advanced
technology things like the military has in all aspects of that in understanding
advanced cultures and how they would perceive another another Society in
terms of not polluting their timeline but what so what I would have come to
come to the conclusion of after studying ancient Mesopotamian tablets Mayan codex
is ancient Inca symbols Egyptian writings
everything is that these gods these gods that seem to have influenced all these
cultures around the world from Elana alone us in in Mesopotamia all the way
to when we’re looking at the Nommo with the Dogon it seems to all be these same
influences now who are these gods that we’ve been that have been called
throughout history it seems to me based on all the little amount of knowledge we
know is that some kind of superior beings came here and I don’t think they
came here necessarily with some kind of a maybe I don’t think they necessarily
flew down and landed with some shit like we we commonly just jump to it seems
like these beings were existing in in other dimensions outside of ours and
that they came according to the octo hey sis and a lot of the other tablets they
came here seeking immortality and eternal life and the two of get away
from the bondage of having to die and then haven’t you reincarnate getting
forget almost everything you know having to start over it seems like they were
obsessed with immortality and find a way to live forever and when they came here
they found a place where the energy of our planet you talked about how powerful
it is to walk out in nature I don’t think that’s necessarily shared by every
single planet that exists everywhere in the cosmos I think some planets in ours
has been called Gaia I think some planets have a very very powerful energy
center that both feeds life but also can be used for energy and I think that that
was what their their real obsession was with coming here was that we had I don’t
think it was about gold I think I think that that was a
mistranslation I think it was about energy immortality and seeking a way to
essentially live forever and I and that’s what a lot of the tablets really
state if you go and read them is that before human beings were here there was
a perfect balanced world and when they came they brought
unbalanced with them and that’s what and that’s what the Gnostics say as well and
they state that these these beings created mankind to alleviate the
workload of the gods and they talk all about how originally these are gg these
ancient ancient beings they had lower class of @gg had to clear these life
lines these river channels and we know what those are now they were the phrase
and the Tigris Rivers in the Mesopotamian area but it specifically
mentions that they did that for thousands of years until they revolted
that famous story that that we see in other culture came from the Andhra Hesus
and it says that they put down their tools and they decided to revolt and
that the gods had to call them gods the Anunnaki gods and they had to decide to
alleviate the workload by creating a mortal man with their own essence so we
essentially if you read the tablets we became that so when we look we think to
ourselves well we’ve been made to believe that we’re just an evolved ape
really you should probably look in the mirror a little closely because it might
surprise you but you have your read about ancient ancient stories yes but
that narrative of our being a fusion of earthling and parents from some other
place sky people that occurs in mythologies all around the world and it
repeats in so many iterations it’s I begin to wonder why that hasn’t become
the mainstream story when every culture has a version of it I mean is weird
Greece Norse how do we keep it out but it’s a story that keeps repeating though
I’m very intrigued by how this story of our origins keeps resurfacing and it
often resurfaces in story there are so many movies that people will have
watched where there’s a version of this story in it whether they’re watching
Planet of the Apes or Tarzan or the Jungle Book the story keeps resurfacing
but do you have an idea about where where our school story how it occupies
the center stage sure these other narratives are kept to the fringe so
that if you start talking about it you’re regarded as being on the fringe
what if there’s so much agreement why isn’t it the mainstream story so this is
what I’ve pieced together in terms of what happened when you look at when what
we think of as the pure religion what was known as the old religion it was a
predated Christianity and it related to understanding spirituality and the
essence of who we are in relation to the universe that those teachings there was
a point in history when those became hijacked and that same point in history
is where I believe that this story as well became a hijacked and I you can
trace that to what was called the Holy Roman Empire and it meant that you had
this time period where the most powerful Empire in history was collapsing due to
their unsustainable nature and him and they decided that the easiest way to
continue this this progression of staying powerful was Constantine the
first in Constantinople the city that was named after him in Turkey he decided
this this brilliant idea that was probably not even his at all but he
orchestrated it and it was revolving around okay we used to be and he we used
to be completely against Christianity anyone that was a Christian we would
burn at the stake and then they and then the Roman Empire within a couple years
of that decided to change roles and if you if you weren’t a Christian you were
burned at the stake and so they had the Holy Roman Empire became the Holy Roman
Empire when they adopted Christianity as their official religion and that’s how
that’s where this whole thing starts because the Holy Roman Empire is the one
that then went around burning church churches and libraries like the library
Alexandria and destroying all these ancient remnants on the around the world
because they were seeking very once but very specific thing they knew and that
famous quote right he who controls the past controls the future they didn’t
realize that if they destroy any of the ancient writings that predate what they
think of as the modern Christian they were they were able to just to
rewrite the narrative so they destroyed ancient tablets ancient records all
these writings and all these papers that have been rolled up and hidden they
destroyed them all or they kept them somewhere locked away and they were able
to cleanse the world all of this competing evidence and then create their
own narrative and so they went along with this idea of that human
civilizations were only six thousand years old
they emerged out of the Fertile Crescent and that they slowly developed
agriculture and mathematics and all of these things and then here we are boom
we became became what we are and there’s nothing secret about it right we’re just
we’re just age that fought for thousands of thousands of years and then slowly we
became more civilized and then we discovered all these wonders of the
universe that’s right and all yeah I think that’s exactly right
and what’s interesting in my book escaping from Eden I look at how the
Christianity that Constantine adopted was a particular strand within
Christianity that right at the beginning there was a big debate about what role
the the current version of the Hebrew Scriptures she should play in
Christianity and embedded in that debate was a discussion about the story of our
origins because there were a lot of significant church fathers who were
arguing for a worldview that included a far more populated universe and
interaction with other species in in the beginning of our story and they they
found all this through Plato and that was part of the mainstream Christian
conversation until about a hundred and forty four AD when some votes went the
wrong way and the other story was accepted and we are alone in the
universe we began very recently gods in charge and then the civil authorities
are under God and you and I our role is simply to obey everything that we’re
told that was the narrative that we sort of bought into you so that had formed
fairly neatly entirely by the time Constantine thought I could
but this to work I can work with this that’s a form of religion that’s very
helpful to state powers we’ll go with that and so there’s a very interesting
period in history when what you and I are talking about was mainstream
conversation and then it got pushed out so there’s there’s just so much that’s
going on in that and you can see in the story of empire and conquests that
extinction of older knowledge is a motif that repeats time and time again you
mentioned the Library of Alexandria not the only library ever two of the others
you know accidentally destroyed but many many others and then that pushes some of
this knowledge into esoteric groups groups that have to sort of live in
secret and archive their literature secretly to use this knowledge alive I
want to come back to an earlier thing you said though which is really
intriguing where you were talking about awareness and the out color and how they
described as sort of semi-aquatic big but we have to decode the young the
symbolism and the images and could it be that something else was seen and it was
described in those terms so you raised the question of how do we decode these
ancient symbols and motifs so when you come to Egypt say and you’ve got figures
that these God God figures who are human-like and then there’s a bird’s
head or human-like then there’s a dog’s head how do we read that is that a an
expression of an interdimensional being that we’ve interpreted it did were there
people wandering around with dogs heads or with birds heads how do we translate
that what does that mean that’s that’s a great question I think mainly B Hall
wrote it really really well when he said that and I paraphrasing when you know
society discovers the secrets of symbolism a great veil will be lifted
where all of a sudden will realize the truth that has existed right in front of
our eyes all along and that truth is I think
of these images like you described are just purely a symbolic way so you
brought up the bird head in Egypt you’re you’re referring to the ancient God on
his thoughts and his head was the head of an Ibis now if you look into the Ibis
this if it was a bird that represented higher wisdom and knowledge this very
patient bird that was very careful in deciding on the next movie would make it
would never act out of out of line it was it was the symbol it was chosen to
represent him because it was a symbol of wisdom patience obtaining knowledge and
so that that was just a symbol of why that was on his head and other symbols
can mean other things some of these gods were very warlike some of them some of
them weren’t gods of the underworld and so they would have symbols that
represented that every single time we find these symbols it is telling us a
story about who they were and what they represented and I think that the the
deepest part of this that I really would love to just get into and talk about is
well so aloneness is is referencing and in the Nommo is referencing this aquatic
building being that represents like a fish well when you start looking into
ancient Sumer you find that this God Enki he was the fresh waters in the
ocean and his symbol was a fish and one of his symbols was a fish and that if
that to me helps you to connect well who was who was that that influenced them
but the two biggest symbols and then I write about very very very extensively
in my in my books the latest book the stage of time is this idea that there’s
actually two principal symbols that may be the most important of all and they
have somewhat ruled our civilizations throughout history and that is the eagle
in the serpent now those two symbols are very very curious because like so many
things in our history I believe they’d be completely inverted to their opposite
meanings and so when we think of as a serpent in the biblical version of the
serpent is this evil snake that tempts Adam and Eve with the knowledge of good
and evil you wouldn’t want that and at the same time the serpent is considered
this in a figure that’s that’s always always
portrayed an evil light in this day and age in modern society and at the same
time the eagle is a savior this this helper this Guardian everyone’s like oh
that’s so wonderful I’m so glad that my national bird is an eagle but if you
actually go into it and you really look at the history of what those symbols
meant you find out that those two symbols were completely inverted later
on the Roman Empire had a very big hand at inverting those symbols and the
evidence to prove that is when you look at the Saint Patrick’s Day because Saint
Patrick’s Day a story of st. Patrick’s Day is the ultimate proof that those
symbols were inverted because you mentioned that group some of the last
groups in our history that have still practiced these old ways these old
teachings and to me that last great group was known as the Druids and they
were persecuted and hunted down by the Roman Empire well in the story of st.
Patrick’s Day st. Patrick by the way his father was a Roman soldier a high end
soldier st. Patrick was tasked with the church in cleansing Ireland of snakes
okay snakes evil snakes and when you just do
a little bit of research into Ireland you find out that snakes have never
lived there it’s once again these symbols right and so you look into it
and so st. Patrick was reading the snakes from Ireland well who were the
snakes the snakes was just the symbol is the symbolic name that was used for the
Druids or any pagan group and so therefore okay
so these groups were practicing harmony with the universe and nature higher
spiritual conscious in the ways the old ways of the past
that sounds pretty evil to me whereas on the on the flip side the eagle was
supposed to be this bird of freedom but if you but at the same time when I
started to look into it every single Empire throughout history when you
follow these flags had this eagle on it and so quickly I started scratching my
head being like okay so what does the Eagle really represent well the in this
may be difficult for anyone who’s listening to listening in places like
the United States or a lot of these other empires that either used to be
around or around today and that’s what the United
States is and I live there it’s definitely it’s definitely a war empire
but anyway so the Eagle represents ultimate power and control and it was a
masculine power and control whereas the serpent was more of a feminine energy
creation energy knowledge wisdom and so those two those and earth so you think I
was like the serpent as this energetic spiritual energy of Earth and the and
the Eagle being like the controlling aspect of higher dimensions and over
viewing everything in our reality and those two symbols can actually be traced
all the way back to ancient Mesopotamian Sumer with these ancient gods that we
mentioned and how they each had those those symbols carried on and so the more
I started to look into that seeing those symbols all around the world the Maya
and the Aztecs worshipped these serpent dragon gods and I got to bring up just a
quick thing is the dragon is simply just the metamorphosis of the serpent wings
represented a metamorphosis just like for anyone who doesn’t believe it still
if the serpent is so evil then why does the medical caduceus symbol have the
serpent interwoven and one of our most prized symbols of all right that’s right
and you can see there’s a more complicated story around the serpent
when you begin looking closely and and that symbol of the serpent as a symbol
of healing that’s been there you can find that on the walls of hospitals with
Christian foundations that’s the symbol they’ll use and in the
current form of Genesis there are some little clues that there’s a bit more
going on with this serpent than we’ve been told because the current
translation is very curious because in the current version where we tell it as
a god story the serpent is the one who’s actually wanting to upgrade given
consciousness upgrading human intelligence
esra yeah and then the god character it comes in and says no I don’t want humans
that’s smart where you read that and you know there’s something else that can’t
be quite right in foods that God right exactly and as soon as you drill
down into the translation questions as soon as you PluralEyes the word elohim
in genesis a whole other story emerges and you realize that these presences are
not what we thought they were and i want to come back to this this question of
upgrading human consciousness because if people go to your website and look at
all the things that you’re into they might look and say well goodness what’s
the connection between quantum physics string theory consciousness ancient
civilizations cycles of extinction how on earth do all these tie together and
what I find really interesting is that two and a half thousand years ago all
those things were present in the thinking of Plato Plato sort saw the
connection with all of them and in fact some of the the conclusions he presents
he ties specifically to higher states of consciousness he wrote to 9,000 years
ago that the material universe exists in order for consciousness to express
itself and in your research you are finding evidences in today’s science
that really support that and help us go further with that concept so tell tell
us a little bit about how you got into that line of research and what it means
because it can sound very abstract conscious universe intelligent universe
string theory we have an idea of what it is but what does it really mean and
what’s the use of it so it’s all comes down to the idea of understanding the
nature of reality and energy and that was where I had to fill in my knowledge
to understand because that was what these ancient cultures were obsessed
with that was what they were focused on and then they realized that the ancient
Egyptians especially realized they they called the material world
Kaah and they called the nominee the spiritual realm and the creative
imagination side of our reality they called it BA and they and they stated
that basically these two sides of reality are battling against one another
for one to become dominant and the sign of cod is this fizz
reality that we exist him is the one that was perpetuated and pushed on us
for so long that we actually forgot really who we are and we became almost
trapped in these bodies thinking that that’s all that life is when in reality
were part of a system where we are infinite eternal energy and then with
like you said we’re here to just experience a physical life with physical
consequences because there aren’t physical consequences in the
non-physical world because you can’t die it energy is eternal so it really
doesn’t matter what decisions or things you do in the non-physical world because
it wasn’t wouldn’t have direct repercussions on your life so the
ultimate challenge became that we are these incredibly spiritual almost like
divine energetic beings who are trapped in this world where we’re supposed to
grow and learn valuable lessons but in many ways the deck is all stacked
against us preventing us from growing and reaching these higher states because
there are those individuals involved in all of this from the very beginning some
of them really don’t like that God figure you mentioned who you can link to
that figure of Yahweh and Jehovah the same thing that’s not when we think of
as the prime creator of all the universe that bases everything on love and growth
it’s this jealous evil figure that really doesn’t want humans to reach
higher seeds of consciousness because then we would be like them would be like
gods and so that was that’s where this whole story comes in is that a reality
was actually promoted and pushed towards a very warlike in chaotic type of
reality to force to trap us in these physical bodies so that we would forget
who we are and be distracted by this physical world and that’s where all of
the nature of reality really came in because once I realized when I had
receiver Li down deep inside all knew all along was that this physical body
and everything we see around us is really just an illusion and that our
true essence and our energy is this non-physical energy that is all around
us to give you an example we know what it love is real most of us have felt it
in our lives at least one and we know that love is real but how do
you measure love you can’t measure love scientifically how do you take some
instrument to measure love but so does that mean it’s not real no if that’s how
all this comes into place we try to prove everything on the physical basis
of us understanding how it works and we just we discredit and ignore the things
that are we’re not able to prove like for instance the spirit spirit and
consciousness and all of the aspects that go along with energy those things
were ignored in school and we were just made to believe that we’re just this ape
that is living in this survival of the fittest mentality and we just need to
work really really hard til you eventually get a good job and then you
get home and then you get kids and then you just die and that’s your whole life
and then you never actually go out to seek these these bases of knowledge that
help you understand the universe of the nature of reality and that was what
really led me down to say okay so here we have these new theories that are
coming out like you mentioned string theory the idea that everything in the
universe can be reduced down to these small little vibrating strings of energy
that really can define everything and I don’t know if you just saw but they just
had a discovery made where they are now connecting what they call the fifth
element to something or the to this think this connection we have a dark
energy and how dark energy is this other side of the universe that almost
balances and mimics the physical side of the universe so when you really start
looking at that it becomes it comes almost fantastical because it’s it’s
like beyond what we can even comprehend in what we’ve been taught in school that
all of us together simultaneously around us and we can’t really perceive it now
you talk about the fact that we’re not taught this at school and that’s kind of
a real-world experience of of what we read in mythologies all around the world
that decisions were taken by these higher beings as to how cultures how
intelligent human beings ought to be and there’s this decision that we should we
should be down here where we could be managed in the light of your research
how conscious can we be how intelligent can we be is this what we should that
what we – is this where we stay or do you see
potential for for us to develop so used to call humanity the children of men he
said that we were all like children that existed in a body that was like an adult
but we were we were we were like little children because we were so distracted
by the physical world and all these things that bombard us then most people
actually never took the time to actually grow they stayed almost as a child and I
think that that is in many ways how you could look at a lot of our society today
is that we have seven and a half billion people and in perhaps the majority of
those are like children because they have gone along with this narrative like
we’ve this doctrine that we’ve been taught in school about just being an ape
and then everything is just a physical world and that we’re nothing special
and that we’re just here just to consume the resources of our world and not care
about the consequences of our actions because hey it doesn’t matter right
there’s nothing connected to anything else but really the ancient cultures
said the complete opposite the ancient cultures actually stated that the real
feat to conquer was actually the non-physical reality and that the
physical reality was like I said is more of an illusion that doesn’t mean you
ignore it and you and you don’t try to do well in it because you’ll die right
but it means not becoming so blinded by it that you forget about the entire
other side that really defines is this in and that is in many ways what has
been described in in almost every ancient culture is that look at all
these individuals throughout history you know some of you famous figures like
Buddha and looking at individuals like the famous biblical version of Jesus and
all these other individuals who may or may not have existed it doesn’t even
matter the teachings they left behind and then what they were trying to
promote is the idea that we have this kingdom of heaven within us and that we
ourselves have to be the ones to decide to change we’re not going to be told to
do that by someone else there isn’t going to be this Shepherd that comes in
that leads us towards the life we ourselves have to decide okay
we have free will we are eternal conscious beings in this environment to
grow and to learn new things so once we don’t forget that then we have to take
account of our own lives and say even though these decisions seem like I have
no choice I always have choice based on free well and everything that I decide
to do is going to be a factor in how my life turns out and so most people go
along with these distractions and these things that come along in our reality
that hold us back and they’ll just sail through life with them and then and then
by the time they die they’re sitting on their death bed and they’re wondering
what did I do with my life you know what was I doing I regret so many things and
that’s why I decided very quickly in my life that I would not only just read
these things but I would practice them and I would understand them and that’s
what I did and I was able to have experiences that go far beyond what I
could ever imagine that really helped me understand that look all this stuff is
real all of this stuff is just sitting there waiting for humanity decide to
wake up and pay attention because if each one of us decided to reach these
higher states of consciousness and energy unlocking these shockers that
allow us to reach these ultimate stages of consciousness we would essentially
cope ended up co-creating our own reality we would change everything here
that’s the part that people start to scratch their head to be like what do
you mean we’re co-creating reality right that’s wonderful so if you were talking
to boil that down if you were talking to say an 18 year old they’ve just finished
school education they work out what they want to do with their life what kind of
career they’re looking for how they’re going to live their life and they’re
looking for a mentor and they discover Matthew Lacroix online or on YouTube
because you don’t go somewhere and so they come to you and they say Matthew in
the light of everything that you have learned so far how should I live my life
how would you boil that down for them well I would I would tell them that it’s
it’s important at first that when you’re young you you you try to
you know work your way through this dark I call I call the consciousness I try to
equate consciousness to the idea that were it’s like we’re in this dark forest
and we don’t really have any kind of way to know which way to necessarily go
because most of those easy routes things like well become a lawyer to get tons of
money and you’ll be happy all of these as an example all these different routes
seem like they’re really easy routes to find happiness and what we’re looking
for but really they’re just these dead ends they’re these means to just
distract us and hold us back whereas these very challenging paths these PMON
possible because of all the roadblocks they’re actually the correct paths all
along and that they we have these struggles that we have to overcome in
order to grow and learn and I firmly believe that the first thing that needs
to happen is a person that’s 18 or even younger they need to develop a basis for
the self a base layer that they can fall back on their life and what does that
mean well if I was with that individual or whoever it was I would want them like
you said to first get out and really appreciate this world we existed
appreciate nature appreciate how incredibly beautiful it is how many
different species of life exists that are all in a perfect harmony except for
us and really notice that and then discover this word that is basically the
key to the lock to all of us that word is awareness is and one of the things I
stayed in the stage of time is the key to all of this is realizing are you
aware you know it simply asked a question am i aware of what I’m not
aware of and that might seem like a really strange question but sit down and
ponder are you aware of your health are you aware of the the environment that
you’re living in are you aware of the things you’re doing on a daily basis how
is that impacting you those decisions you’re making the things you’re not
doing the things you are doing everything comes in to these factors of
becoming more aware of this nature of reality in this world around you because
once you become aware of your actions then you can change then you could say
well I know that when I eat that big greasy hamburger
my vibrational frequency lowers dramatically so wait a minute so what if
I eat some you know some healthy vegetables or fruits who are a piece of
healthy fish what is what does that do internally to my vibration versus some
of these really bad foods those are those first steps that people take and
recognizing that wow these things really affect my state they really affected my
conscious state how unconnected to understanding all these things around me
and when you start doing that and you have a basis of knowing when I mentioned
nature knowing that that’s what’s real being out there and seeing the balance
of everything around you seeing how everything is doing exactly what it’s
supposed to be doing except for us you can fall back on that basis and not
become distracted when you’re being bombarded by all these things that are
going to come at you in life that are going to completely try to take away
your imagination your individualism you know this idea of you having decisions
you can make that go beyond just what you should necessarily be doing when
you’re told that’s what I would I would tell those individuals but I would also
want them to have fun I think people need to just get out and really just
enjoy yourself in this experience we’re not here very long we need to realize
that this is an incredible opportunity we have and we need to take it and get
the most amount out of it we can’t man of course they should also read your
books the illusion of us they’re able to at this stage of time how else can
people find you and follow your work Matthew because I think everything you
shared today is really going to whet people’s appetite but for some more math
you’ll acquire how can people follow your work I have a website called the
stage of time comm and I also have a YouTube at Matthew Lacroix that is la CR
o IX or the Kawai in French and I Lacroix is the main pronunciation is
that right it’s it’s I guess you could call it you can say Lacroix or Lacroix
it doesn’t really matter they’re both ways to say it but it’s fine either way
but yeah I really everyone that supports my work the stage
of time was really my bread and butter of the accumulation of all the years
that I’ve spent doing this and trying to put together just the idea of a stage of
time being in the stage of the third dimension and how just like Shakespeare
said there were all actors playing this role on this great grand stage of
experience and that we all can can be whatever character we want in that great
story and that in this physical reality we basically decide the outcome of
everything in the non-physical realities and the other dimensions it is
everything gets decided here this is the great stage that basically decides
everything I think that’s awesome I have really enjoyed talking to you today we
could talk for many more hours and I hope we’ll have you back again on the
fifth can TV but now I want to say thank you so much for joining us we wish you
every success in your research as it moves forward and look forward to
catching up with you another time thank you Paul I really enjoyed our discussion
so much I hope to come back on soon to a thing all the best


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    That's funny. Bc the modern roman empire not only references the fish god the Vatican wears on his head. But also the Serpent from Egyptian gods you are aware lucifer comes as light and dark dont you ?
    The serpents on the medical symbol are from. Moses and pharaoh. When. Moses layed down his rod and it turned into a serpent. Then the 2 magician's laid their rods down and they turned into serpents. Then. Moses serpent ate the other 2 representing God was speaking to pharaoh about his god. The serpentine spirit the kundillini and by devouring his magicians serpents was showing power over his kingdom and his god
    Far as it being in Christian circles. We Christians perish from lack of knowledge. True. Christian's didnt know what these symbols meant and are just finding out. The symbols are created by freemasons from the foundations of this country usa that symbol is showing the 2 serpents surrounded the rod of Moses the wings represent the fallen Angel's. They are behind the deception and you are falling for it too. Their time is short and they know it. The new age is just the same old lie. You too can be a god. Look at what's happening to those who fell for it. Look at. California. What's happening to it ?? All you're saying they have been saying for. Years. It leads to death and destruction. It's a trap. Prayers for all of you. …. times running out. … be very careful of this. It's nothing to play with. The serpent didnt upgrade anything. It degraded us and has continued ever since. And ever since they and man have tried to get back to the garden by their own works. Only 1 way back and that's through. Jesus. Christ. What you dont understand is. Adam and. Eve were living in the tree of life. When they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It thrusts them into another dimension. One not made for man. It's like being on the 100th floor then brought down to the 1st to show them what rats and roaches are. Bc all they ever knew were birds and rainbows. You're being deceived.
    The Light (Jesus/ Yeshua) came into the darkness but the darkness comprehended it not.

    November 28, 2019
  58. Dae Dae Thomas said:

    Lacroix work is well researched. He applys a sense of logic as well. He's a young Graham Hancock.

    November 28, 2019
  59. basic materials said:

    The bro force is strong with this one

    November 28, 2019
  60. Buck Roger said:

    Missed the live stream but watched the show on Matt's channel, but it was so good I'm back for another listen. I hope you two team up for another one.

    November 28, 2019

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