Erste Group | What does Social Banking mean to us?

Two hundred years ago a Revolutionary idea was born by the founding fathers of today’s cast a group Everyone should get a chance to build up prosperity regardless of their social status age or gender It’s in our DNA We believe in all people. We also believe in those who others don’t Our clients are people and organizations Who strive to change their own lives the lives of others and thus the world for the better they believe in a better future and so do we With elster social banking we provide tailor-made affordable financial solutions Accompanied by financial or business education and mentoring to empower our clients to build prosperity In the last few years our funding of more than 234 million euros supported more than 3000 entrepreneurs in taking their first steps 600 social organizations in pursuing their work and almost 7,000 small farmers in tilling their fields that funding helps to create over 15,000 new jobs and preserve almost 30,000 jobs For us social banking is not about charity It’s about creating equal opportunities and making an impact in society We’ve been doing this for 200 years and are committed to continuing to do so in the future

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