Edmonds Community College Commencement Ceremony 2018

(upbeat orchestra music) (light clapping and chatting) (orchestra playing lively tune) (The Star Spangled Banner) – My name is Jeremy Matthews and I am on faculty at
Edmonds Community College and I will serve as your
Commencement Ceremony Host. (crowd applauding) Welcome to the Edmonds
Community College Commencement Ceremony
closing out the 2017 – 2018 academic
school year. At this time, I would
like to introduce our Board of Trustees that
are in attendance tonight. Board Chair Diana Clay. (crowd applauding) Emily Yim, who is also
the National Board Chair of the Association of
Community College Trustees. (crowd applauding) Quentin Powers. (crowd applauding) Student Trustee, Naol Debele. (crowd applauding) Trustees Carl Zapora
and Dr. Tia Benson Tolle could not be with
us tonight but send their well wishes
and congratulations. (crowd applauding) We would also like to recognize some special guests
in the audience, Rosario Reyes, CEO Latino Educational
Training Institute or LETI. (crowd applauding) Maria Cristina Garcia,
LETI volunteer. And Merih Braliz,
also a LETI volunteer. (crowd applauding) We would also like to
acknowledge our ASL interpreters for the evening
who offer support to our deaf or our
hard-of-hearing students and audience members. Please welcome Ellen Carpenter
and Bernardine Wentland. (crowd applauding) Finally, Edmond CC is committed to environmental sustainability, in our continued
effort to infuse sustainable practices
throughout college operations, we encourage you to
view this evenings program digitally at
EDCC.edu/commencement. In addition, our caps
and gowns are made from 100 percent
post-consumer plastic bottles, reducing our environmental
impact even further. Don’t our Graduates look great? (crowd applauding) I wish to also
acknowledge our friends and colleagues, King
Triton and Alumni, both on the floor
and in the audience. It is the support
enthusiasm of everyone here that helps make tonight so
special for our Graduates. And if I can ask something
of the family and friends who are here, the celebration
that starts tonight doesn’t need to end once our
Graduates cross the stage. It can continue
through your love and encouragement
for years to come. Before we hear from
our speakers tonight, I have a few more
opening remarks. Please, as a
courtesy to everyone, if all in attendance could check your phones and
set them to quiet. And photos, take as
many as you want. To the Students and Graduates, I too am a Graduate of Edmond’s, I wore a blue robe, and waited for my
name to be read aloud. Only for me, it was
in the Sea View Gym. It was very dark, with only spotlights
directed at the stage. It was crowded with chairs, it was very hot, sweaty. Things have changed, we have
Angel of the Winds Arena. But as a Faculty Member.
a Teacher and Alumni, I want to tell you
what I tell everyone. Student’s are the best
part of this work. (crowd applauding) As a College, we can have
a campus and computers, we can have faculty and staff, we can even have parking, but it takes students
to have a school. And without you, we
wouldn’t be who we are. Because it’s your
spirit, your involvement and participation
that brings meaning and purpose to what
we do in our lives. Now, even though
we have classes on Monday and finals next week, no matter what happens next, tonight is about you,
tonight is for you and everyone here
is excited to watch as you go forth, adding
meaning and purpose to the lives of so many others. Thank you. (crowd applauding) At this time, it is my
pleasure to introduce to you the Interim President of Edmond’s Community College,
Christina Castorena. (crowd applauding) – Thank you, Jeremy. Well good evening
everyone and welcome to the 2018 Commencement. Thank you all for
bein’ here today on this gloriously
celebratory evening. Tonight we honor and
celebrate the hard work, talent, and persistence
of more than 1,700 Graduates from age 17 to 73. This milestone represents
both an end and a beginning. This may be an end of
your educational journey at Edmond’s Community College, while at the same
time, this may be the beginning of new
career opportunities lying ahead as
you go out and use your newly acquired
skills and knowledge in the workforce, or this may be the beginning of
another college degree. Maybe at Edmond’s
Community College or possibly at
another Institution. There are many
possibilities but what’s certain is the excitement
of what the future holds for you and the sense of hope and accomplishment
that you have. I remember when I
graduated from College. I remember that feeling of
accomplishment and hope. Like many of you, I
was the first person in my family to go to College. Although my parents
were very supportive, they didn’t have the knowledge to be able to offer me guidance and assistance in my
educational journey. So, I had to navigate
College on my own. I had to figure out how to
do admissions applications. I had to figure
out how to fill out financial aid applications. Have any of you done that? Yeah. And apply for scholarships. And I also had to figure
out how to balance school and work because,
like many of you, I also had to work
while I went to school to help pay for my
living expenses. And I also had to
learn how to persist. Especially during
those hard times. And I know that everyone
of you out there has faced a hard
time, maybe two, maybe three, maybe a handful. There are many times
when I certainly wanted to throw my
hands up and say, “Enough, I cant continue
this, I’m done.” But I also knew that there
were a lot of eyes on me. My family members, my community, my Latino community,
watching to see if I made it or if I failed. If I failed, I knew that others would not follow
in my footsteps, so my only option
was to succeed. So I sought out
help, like tutoring. I sought out support like
mentors and student clubs. And with that
support, I persisted. And I finished. And when I was
sitting in your seat, in my cap and gown,
I remember feeling an immense sense of
accomplishment and pride. And all of those eyes
who were watching me, they saw that I succeeded
and I was filled with hope that
others would follow. And they did. Although I am the first
person in my family to go to college and
graduate, I am not the last. And that is my biggest success. Triton graduates, you persisted. You kept going even
when times got hard. You succeeded and
you are here tonight and we are here
to celebrate you. So let me just ask, if
you’re the first person in your family to
graduate with high school, could you please stand
so we could applaud you? (crowd applauding) Thank you. If you are active
Military, a Reserve or a Veteran, please stand. (crowd applauding) Thank you. If you are an Honor
Student, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, please stand. (crowd applauding) Thank you. If you are a parent
raising a child or children while going
to school. please stand. (crowd applauding) If you work full
or part part-time while going to
school, please stand. (crowd applauding) I know times were tough
but you’re here today and you’re receiving
your diploma, your certificate,
or your degree. You accomplished your goal
and you are a success. And I hope that you are feeling that sense of accomplishment
and excitement as you sit there this
evening in your cap and gown. Now, I’d like to ask
all the Graduates to stand so that we
can applaud all of you. (crowd applauding) Thank you. And Graduates,
just take a second, ’cause there’s a lot
of family and friends and people who supported
you along your journey that were your help and
support along the way, so could you just clap
and thank your family, friends and your support
for being here tonight (graduates applauding) Today is truly a day to
celebrate accomplishments, as for Edmonds
Community College, I’d like to share with you some highlights of this
Academic Year. Some of our best moments
included kicking off the year with a new mission;
Teaching, Learning, Community. And our new Guiding Core themes; Academic Excellence,
Student Success and Community Engagement. We celebrated the hire of Edmond’s Community College’s new president Dr. Amit Singh. Dr. Singh has more
than 20 years of experience in higher education and he comes to us from
Clark State College in Ohio and he joins our
Triton Community on June 25th. We congratulated three students, Naol Devele, Jessica Howard, and Tina Rajabi who are selected as semi-finalists
for the prestigious National Jack Kent
Cooke scholarship. We should clap for that one,
that’s an accomplishment. (crowd applauding) Yeah, thank you. (crowd applauding) We celebrated the Washington
State Legislator’s approval of 37.8 million
for the construction of a new 70 thousand square foot Science Engineering and
Technology Building on campus. (crowd applauding) And we opened the
Student Center for cultural diversity and inclusion in the Triton Student Center. Kudos to the
associated students of Edmonds Community College
for their leadership and investment in this
new and beautiful space. (crowd applauding) And Claudine Biology
Professor, Jenny McFarland, as the First Community
College faculty member to be recognized as a Claude
Bernard Distinguished Lecturer by the American
Physiological Society. (crowd applauding) These are just a few of
our many, many highlights. And I also want to
take this opportunity to acknowledge and
thank president emeritus Dr. Jean Hernandez, who retired in December, for her dedicated leadership over
the past seven years. (crowd applauding) Tonight our biggest
highlight of the year is celebrating your
achievement, you. We’re here to celebrate
each and every one of you. You are now a Triton
Alum and we look forward to cheering you on and
your continued successes as you blaze trails
for your family members to follow and for
future Triton’s. It has been my pleasure to serve as your interim
president and I wish each and every one
of you continued success as you go on from here. In closing, I want to
leave you with a quote from poet and
writer Maya Angelou. And she says, “I encourage
you to go live with life.” “Be courageous, give us
tomorrow more than we deserve.” Thank you and congratulations
to each and every one of you. Thank you. (crowd applauding) – Thank you very much Christina. Good evening. My name is Mustapha Samateh. I am here on behalf of
the Associated Students of Edmonds Community
College student government. As the Executive Officer
for Administrative Liaison. I am delighted to welcome
you to our commencement. Today is a joyful event to honor our graduating students
for successfully completing the requirements here at Edmonds Community College. Indeed, our goal in
student government this year is nothing
less than to create a living example
of student leaders who embodied and
personified the very calling of Michelle
Obama who said, “You have all the
opportunities and skills and education that so
many folks who came before you never
dreamed of, so imagine the kind of impact you
can create in this world, imagine how you can
inspire those around you to work harder and achieve
their own education.” The associated students of
Edmonds Community College is the official voice
of the student body. We promote, legislate
and regulate students activities and affairs. We represent Edmonds
Community College students, to faculty staff,
administrators and legislators. I am very thankful
to have a position that allows me to be a student advocate and a student voice. On behalf of our
associated students, I want to congratulate
all of you graduating today
for being winners and with that, I will
now like to introduce the Interim Vice President for Student Services, Dr. Sy Ear. Thank you. (crowd applauding) – Good evening. It is my privilege and honor to introduce our student speakers. Our first student speaker of
the night is Martin Douge. Returning to school after
30 years in the workforce, Martin Douge came to
Edmonds Community College to make a change in his life. After experiencing some
of life’s hardships, Martin realized he needed
to find a career path that would be more sustainable. Edmonds Community
College provided Martin with those opportunities
and the support system he needed to make
that change and excel academically and personally. As a self-proclaimed introvert, Martin credits his instructors
for ensuring his success. Both as a student and
as a whole person first. The support he received gave him the courage to continue
furthering his education by enrolling in
college level classes. At 52, Martin will be
graduating today with a GED. He is currently
enrolled in classes at Edmond CC and
pursuing an associate in Applied Science degree in
Material Science Technology Please welcome to the
podium Martin Douge. (crowd applauding) – Thank you, Dr. Ear. Hello Triton’s! (students hollering) I am here tonight to
celebrate earning my GED. Yes, I did expect to earn
my diploma earlier in life. I also expected Bill
and Ted to show up on stage here and
save me from speaking. (crowd laughing) But as we can see, that
didn’t work out either. I did not expect to
be here at this point in my life speaking
to you this evening. But I am certainly
grateful I am. Edmonds Community College
has not only opened it’s doors to my
education, it has also opened its doors
to my life as well. You see, I struggled
for years with poor health and few
real job opportunities. My health had
provided a challenge that I could not quantify. I had no idea what I
could do for work anymore. My mind was clearing up
after years of addictions and the choices I had
going forward were few. I knew I needed a
better foundation. I knew something,
I needed something better to build my future with. The thought of
going to school was ominous and filled with fears. I had a bad experience
with math years ago. I needed something to go. But I got up the courage
and determination to go back to school and
at least obtain my GED. I knew that’s where
it all had to begin. During the first
week of classes, a serious health
concern came back that I thought was long in the past. I had to miss days
of class at a time but my teachers
were always there, always making sure I
was ready to succeed. That concern for me
as a person first, not too weak from illness, not the recovering alcoholic, but the value of me as a
person was giving full measure. I have to say that
when you’re beaten down and feeling less than,
to have your whole person nurtured is
an amazing feeling. The connection to
the College was made and the lessons learned from Edmonds Community College became those of value
and of compassion. I’ll always remember that
and look forward to that as I continue that is
part of my education. An instructor use the word
resilient to describe me. Another one said
that I had advanced degree from the
School of Hard Knocks. I don’t use those words myself, maybe just an example
because I could see how a positive
example has made a tremendous difference
in my life. I can see the wisdom
in seeing and accepting the whole person as
part of the having a full learning experience. Teaching us all even
more than we can imagine In my life, the
pathway’s to learning have come agonizingly
slow at times and too quickly at others. I’ve given up 1,000
times in so many things but I’ve always found that
1,001 time do it again. Edmonds Community
College allows me something to be something
bigger than I am. And I haven’t bounced
back again and again. I decided I like the place. So I took a few college
classes to keep learning after I had completed my GED. I’m now attending
college classes and working towards an associate in material science technology. I’m looking forward
to more experiences in learning at college. The value of rebuilding
my foundation began with my education. And it will continue to
have a positive effect on other areas of my life, continuing on to the tech field which will allow me to
care for those around me through better pay and
better career opportunities. Career opportunities that
I’d never imagined opened up. I didn’t foresee that caring
was part of the process. Or that compassion will teach
you much if you allow it. But the thing to remember is, is that you are special,
each and every one of you. I am very grateful
to be here tonight. To not only accept my
GED but also embrace my future as a
student and a member of this community of learning. That I am more than proud
to be associated with. There’ll come a
time when, no doubt, that you will reflect
on your college days and asked how it was. I hope that you will look back on it as I will, an experience that taught me the
value of people that not only changed my world are the very same people who
will change the worlds future. Thank you Edmonds
Community College – Yeah! (crowd applauding and whistling) – [Man In Crowd] Woo!
(crowd whistling) – Thank you, Martin. Our next speaker is Tina Rajabi. In 2015, Tina Rajabi
came to United States from Iran with her family. As an immigrant to the US, language was a barrier
to Tina’s education but she was determined
to overcome this. Tina began her
journey at Edmonds CC as English as her
second language student. She did so well, she eventually tutored other ESL students. Tina’s love and
enthusiasm for math also fueled her passion
to excel in education. Rajabi is a teacher by nature and she also worked
as a teaching assistant in the
math department. In fact, she started
the first on-campus math club in more than 20 years to show others math can be fun. During her time at
Edmonds Community College, she’s been involved
with mathematics, engineering, science,
achievement, our MESA program, the Relationships in
Science Education on Rise, and Seattle
University Mathematic Early Research
Program, as well as presented her research
at Stanford University. At 20, Rajabi will be
graduating with her Associate in Science
degree with a focus in mathematic and is
anticipating acceptance into the museum of Washington’s
Mathematic Program. It’s my honor to welcome
Tina Rajabi to the stage. (crowd applauding and cheering) – Good evening. When I was first told
that I need to talk for five minutes, I thought
it’d be such a long time. So as a math major,
I started thinking about it as only 300 seconds. Telling myself,
“Tina it’s just 300 seconds.” It is such an honor
for me to be able to share with you
three lessons I learned throughout my journey at
Edmonds Community College. I want to start from
the most challenging, but fun chapter, Immigration. My family and I immigrated
to the United States from Iran about two
and a half years ago. I vividly remember the
moment we got off the plane, my heart was filled
with happiness, and excitement and
at the same time, was filled with
fear and confusion. It was a turning
point in my life. Immigration makes all the
questions start with, what if? What if I can’t make friends? What if I can’t study
in a different language? What if I can’t find a job? And what if I’m not enough? When I first came to Edmond CC, I was ready for the
worst when I was doing my test for the
English as a second language. I was ready to be
told that my English was not good enough to
sit in English classes. To be told that I need to
spend years learning English. But instead, after
the test was over, I was told that I
was ready to take the college placement
test, since my English level was higher
than what I expected. The story of my immigration
is the story of all of us when we transfer to a
different College or University or step into a different
parts of our lives. Don’t let the what ifs stop you when you move on to the
next part of your journey. Immigration taught
me my first lesson. I learned that when we
believe in our abilities, we gain the power to turn all the challenges we face
into opportunities. Like many, I struggled
pursuing my education. In Iran, students choose
a major in high school. I chose Math and
Physics with plans to become an engineer
for four years. But have I ever had the
passion to be an engineer? That question arose one
of the most remarkable challenges I faced
during my very first quarter at Edmond CC. During that time,
I took calculus and I realized how much I
truly wanted to major in Math. See, I thought I wanted
to major in engineering for four years, so that was
a big change in my life. And maybe even a bigger
change for my parents. We had those long conversations
late into the nights when I was trying
to convince them that as a college
mathematics professor, I can earn as much
as an engineer does. Maybe. (faculty laughing) By now I think they’ve given up. As time went by, I
became more familiar with the culture of Edmond CC. With the culture that
cares, supports ideas admires growth and
embraces diversity. I also started
getting more involved in our community by
getting jobs on campus, volunteering in events
and serving on committees. Lesson two, we’re always
told, “Build your resume.” But our Triton
community taught me, it’s not just about a
resume and earning a title. It’s about being a person
who cares about others and tries to make a difference. This is the most
beautiful version of us that we can ever represent our fellow citizens on this planet. Though I should mention that I didn’t just study or work, I’ve had fun too, I’ve been very active and
spent many hours in the club. The math club. Oh, now I see some
frowning faces. Okay, I promise I
won’t talk about equations in the
speech but let’s all admit that mathematics is an
integral part of our lives. (audience laughing and clapping) Throughout my time at
Edmonds CC, I was not alone. I found a second family. I found friends who will
be lifetime friends, faculty who enriched
me with knowledge. Not just the knowledge of
mathematics, biology and art, but most importantly,
the knowledge of caring, humanity,
patience and kindness. Lesson three, there
will always be people around you who will help
you and some who won’t. Let the first group
help you bloom and let the second
group teach you how to be strong in the storms. Whether we are 17
or 73, we all know life is just like
a roller coaster. Some of us had to go
through a lot of sharp and skillful maneuvers
and some of us experience a less
challenging ride. But today, regardless
of our experiences in our own version of the
amusement park called life, we are here to celebrate,
not the end of anything, but instead the beginning
of the journey ahead. May your passion
towards your education help you become successful
the way you define it. Thank you. (audience applauding
and cheering) – Thank you Tina. At this time, I would
like to introduce our Edmonds Community
College concert band under the direction
of Steve Mostovo. They’ll be performing
Jupiter From The Planets by Gustav Holst. (audience applauding) (“Jupiter From The
Planets” by Gustav Holst) Thank you Steve
and the wonderful Edmonds Community
College concert band. (audience applauding) Please join me in
welcoming to the podium Dr. Charlie Crawford, Executive Vice President for Instruction. (audience applauding) – All right, you
ready to do this? (students cheering) K, Graduates of the
Edmonds Community College Class of 2018, please rise. (crowd cheering) President Castorena
please step forward and Board of Trustees,
please stand. – [Man In Crowd] Woo! President Castorena, on
behalf of the faculty of Edmonds Community College, I declare that the
graduating students standing before us have
satisfactorily completed their requirements
for the programs in which they are enrolled. I now have the honor and
privilege of presenting candidates receiving
associates degrees, professional and technical
degree certificates, high school
diplomas, and general education development diplomas. – Thank you, Dr. Crawford. By the power that
has been vested to me by the board of trustees of Edmond’s Community College, and upon your recommendation
and that of faculty, it is my pleasure to
confer the diplomas, certificate, and degrees to the graduating class of 2018. (crowd applauding and cheering) – President Castorena,
I am proud to present to you the graduates of Edmonds Community
College Class of 2018. (audience applauding) And if graduates,
if you would please, please stand or sit, let
me check this thing here. (crowd laughing) Please be seated until directed to stand by the
ushers, thank you. (quiet murmuring) – Keegan Riley Crow. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Darlene Hampton. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Dario Graham. (crowd cheering and applauding) Hi, good to see you. – [Dr. Crawford] Lyn Veero. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Zack Walton. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Kary McCalluk. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Hin Su Chu. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Samantha Yeora Hophmin. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Hillary Jamga Chapter. (crowd cheering and applauding) (muffled speaking of names) – [Dr. Crawford]
Phanetor Anatachen. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Marinda Cullarabi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Laurie Rockford. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Enzel Benventure. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Hakeen
Alabahaba Abaja. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Dillon Chang. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Deidan Rusa. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Jacklyn Barnes. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Zion Echarus. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Selene Indolle. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Devich? Myda Nevich. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Ryan Tineshi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Cindy Lou Monarch. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Ajandre Sahartay. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Janima Abruce. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Erica Smith. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Sarah Campbell. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Jenny Roads. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Diana Marie Kale. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Risa
Victronel Defangvet. (woman cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Gregory Watson. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Tia Fam. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Shellie Marie Stewart. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Jasmine Samamora. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Kayla Casper. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Mona Alazalle. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Michelle Grunder. Congratulations. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Wynn Jay. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Chamayne Rangul. – [Dr. Crawford] Karina Nevosko. Congratulations. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Oscar Reyes. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Jay Don Revera. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Lance Barer. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Sierra Rivera. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Scott
Edward Merrick. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Tracy Mock. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Megan Kemp. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Margarita Perkins. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Sven
Yohan Durchvan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Winkey Lem. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Lisa Gunn. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Joesph Sue. (distant cheering) Congratulations. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Denise McDonald. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Richard Whitehead. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Aaron Lawson. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Dan Hasting. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Benjamin Morse. – [Man In Crowd] Woo! – [Dr. Crawford]
Lapita Vila Domen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Philip Howensdine. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Tania Eltori. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Lorna Alhusane. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Kendra Brown. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nee Dain. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Stacy Molf. (crowd cheering and applauding) Congratulations. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jane Zamora. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Crystal Lovelace. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Malia Cook. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Tathiana Manglonin. – [Man In Crowd] Yeah! (audience clapping) – [Woman In Crowd] Yeah! – [Dr. Sy Ear] Quan Neen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Donovan
Van Anderson and Patrick. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nomeen Tubanast. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Laurie Janelle Green. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Shawn Windlee. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Aisha Jones. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Louis Hernandez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Kathrine Ferguson. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Haruka Cosay. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Audrey Cara. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Mal Yano. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Nicole
Pavita Ada Selene. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Taboka Mura. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Hazel Lam Hayen. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Heba Mohammed. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Kayla Wong. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Malana Tostova. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Marcella Herez. – [Dr. Sy Ear] April
Joanne Goldsmith. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Benjamin Hall. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Yudid Bodaya Hanez. (whistling) – [Dr. Crawford] Lia Andrews. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nazesh Alfan. – [Dr. Crawford] Taree Mendal. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Armina Hasan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Regina Fan. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Christopher Quinn Fagan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Trang Fam. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Lilian Grace Moore. (crowd cheering
and horn blowing) – [Dr. Crawford] Bangdez Jiles. (horn blowing) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Jennifer Salas Roblez. – [Dr. Crawford] Josh Bass. (horn blowing) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Catherina Brenswich. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Natalie Herman. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Janise
Navora Stevens. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Shellie Anne Williams. (horn blowing, crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Fraya Lanquist. – [Dr. Crawford] Melanie Hope. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Roderick Harland. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Serena Tram. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Janae Gibson. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Stephanie Telavarin. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Venrow Ho. – [Dr. Crawford] Georgia Wright. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Peach Trada Coren. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Amanda Rambo. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Wonti Yan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Dana
Jessica Patterson. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Dalise Yae. – [Dr. Crawford]
Farrah L. Karishee. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Mikayla Stelly. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Lyell Azure. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Sophia
Nakamora Gardner. (woman in crowd cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Vanessa Site. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Lavita Hernandez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Janette Pavariz. (crowd cheering and applauding) Congratulations. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nancy Jo Brazmer. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Amba White. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Armid Paul Sing. – [Dr. Crawford] Abigail Shoots. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Michelle
Falisha Fryding. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Dawn Malene. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Duche Kamacho. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Begel Metha. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Samantha Baldwin. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Danny Sing. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Robin Barwell. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Gralene Cobert. (woman cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Sue Akremen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Winnie Shen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Julia Apana Butler. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Sarah Hernandez Horez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Ana Guya. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Shannay Camden. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Kyle
Christopher Sudro Ronkelo. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] John Sav Lee. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Michelle
Louise Dajadin. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Evan Meldie. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Steve Van Ho. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Maurice Woo. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Maliha Rizma. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Erma Rohaz Imandez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jessica Howard. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Issac Florez. (horn blaring, crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Tony Claureen. – [Dr. Crawford]
Alesandro Gamero. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Zack Brown. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Lia Lesbrance. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Brittany Smith. – [Dr. Crawford]
Irena Riza Menguyi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Emily L. Wagner. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Yulia Yesu. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Aman Dee Caul. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Audrey
Hernandez Delacruz. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Sashatan Viva Salouse. – [Dr. Crawford] Spencer Wang. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Bryan Perothers. (woman cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Jacey Kubos. (crowd applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Zack Bebow. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Abigail Bubageta. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
David Christensen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Alex Hernandez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Elisa Sawskey. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Wahee Muoh. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Hunter Akow. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Bailee Seder. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nia Wen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Oga Yureva. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Na Tano Hope. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Diana Labonka. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Huong Wen. – [Dr. Crawford] Sebran Corne. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Gabby Cordaya. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Andre Ingrim. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Katie Sheef. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Kevin Fry. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Becca Mitchell. – [Dr. Crawford]
Tatiana Volodeen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Stephen Granger. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Marie
April Ramirez Avion. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Dana Winzel. – [Dr. Crawford] Rachelle Mahea. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Benedict
Aneiah O’Collo. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Stephanie Vella. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Travis Freesnur. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Chantel Hikes. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Amid Podel. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Debbie Wetnal. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Laura Smith. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Jen Clack. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Noel Young. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Bianca Tescar. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Serena Lablong. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Arina Alex Dekanu. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Hailee Renval. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Rivis Rasiah. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Isatu Chovi. (crowd cheering
and horn blaring) – [Dr. Crawford] Hoswea
Cirvantez Laurea. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Raymond Storm. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Bonsianna Manonton. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] John Win. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Destiny Alessa Cran. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Leonardo Sanbrano. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Franklin Rohaus. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nina Yenels. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Gilbert Fargus. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Linda Herrera. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Bret Ediger. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Pedcal Calachova. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Nathan Ediger. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Muhammed Sol Cannul. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
James Matthew Gislay. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Cole Montgomery. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Monica Sholtz. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Regan Shabu. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Jenson Bailey Bomondt. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Amanda Rollins. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Chloe Kayloy. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Charel
Elisabeth Moon. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Olivia Levens. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Joe Wolfe. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Mackenzie Whithal. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Shane
Lee Lesley Causmore. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Gabbie Edwards. (horn blowing, crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Gilal Vasee. – [Dr. Crawford]
Joselyn Shavele. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Gailen Swager. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Parker Lamin. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Frank Ramario. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Morgan Owl. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Randy Ovalis. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Megan Williams. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Virginia
Marie Sicklerberry. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Derrick Ralph. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Casey Butler. – [Dr. Crawford] Marcos Gareno. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Saja Altey. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Lauren Gates. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Evan
Napoleon G. Chadga. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Amina Nure. (horn blaring,
audience applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nicholas Derias. – [Dr. Crawford] Arani Todros. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Emily Baboonabick. (crowd cheering
and horn blaring) – [Dr. Crawford]
Kiana Lashay Dikanya. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Ashley Foster. (crowd cheering
and horn blaring) – [Dr. Crawford]
Fernanda Barios. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Ashley
Alexandra Mury. (crowd cheering
and horn blaring) – [Dr. Crawford]
Sharon Castello. (woman cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Alexis
Gaturius Santers. (crowd cheering
and horn blaring) – [Dr. Crawford] Girma Caleto. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Merriam Soto Martinez. (crowd cheering
and horn blowing) – [Dr. Crawford] Mariam Mendez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Harry Thompson. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Graciella Ocasta Castele. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Nicholas Callum. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Maria Gonzalez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Danica Vudavee. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Laura Martinez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Penan
Frankil Rosetti. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Angelica Varietos Garcia. (light applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Aaron
Scott Winchester King. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Maria Veloz. (light clapping, whistling) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Solidal Dameniono. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Muhammed Nol Avere. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Dalela
Ariselle Herez Delgarcia. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Tella Adulla. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Zita Paulino. – [Man In Crowd] Woo! – [Dr. Crawford] Ada Awah. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Fanny Silvera. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Damujin Torsinga. (laughing, cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Martin Laricano. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Carlo Chavez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Audrez Cartelez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Paul
Brandon Dallington. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Ethan
Justin Allimond. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Jizah
Jumpun Watinavorn. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Elisabeth Sweat. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Rebecca Davidson. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Lauren
Claire Orda Mockinda. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Rachel Stogwell. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Han Fam. (cheering in distance) – [Dr. Crawford] Shawnee Rosnak. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Ramia Bohan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Esther May Jones. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Tamira. (crowd clapping) – [Dr. Crawford] Rod Sing. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Manuel
Alejandro Gonzalez. (crowd clapping) – [Dr. Crawford]
Michelle Lindel. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Kenya Alicia Monroy. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Jessica Bohanen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Christina Patt. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Auzezala Bogolee. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Jordan Heinbinger. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Newie Tran. (crowd cheering and applauding) Congratulations. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jamie Hanasi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Un Lee. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Kylie Rowe. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Nina Antran. (distant cheering) (muffled talking) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Saba Ahmed. (girl cheering in distance) – [Dr. Crawford]
Anne Ama Shalay. (crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Howe Hun. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jordan Norse. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Anna Bonye. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Joel Rosenburg. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Padee Jo. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Mary
Cathleen Jackson. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Ajatu Su. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Emily Peg. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Carletta Cury. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Teresa Anne Harvard. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Veronica Salis. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Kaylee Kenny. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Julie Walmon. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Daniel Mahogan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Chloe Lynn Waymire. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Chema Kubochi. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Amy Asendez. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Yuki Suno. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Mariana Bodaru. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Yuna Suda. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Wendy Faye Imenez. – [Dr. Crawford] Barry Andel. (quietly speaking) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Cory Lynn Rose. – [Dr. Crawford] Gin Sanzo. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Wang Siwen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Chun Kichang. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Brandon Cline. (distant cheering) – So proud of you, Brandon.
– Thank you. – [Dr. Crawford] Nead Hunscon. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Latifa Toykay. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Vi Vol. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Bryan Lole. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Gwen Wyn. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Una Havichavich. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Dwen Wynn Yongtan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Karly Austin. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Kun Vo. (distant applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Jocelyn Joelle Bias. – [Dr. Crawford] Danya Sanchez. (woman in crowd cheering) Congratulations. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Miriam Vargus. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Amy Mahonted. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Maday Jesus Ramirez. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Giftey Abacon Ajay. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Darmine Koshet. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Jinay Usin. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Miriam Alias. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Joel Peyton. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Kurtis Russel. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Cathine Bollow. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Kired
Yohegasus Hatu. Congratulations. – [Dr. Crawford] Yvonna Andreva. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Yudai Yoshita. – [Dr. Crawford]
Janette Sobassa. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Aluishesh
Yven Adon Pegatama. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Matthew Hadi Vagaga. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Naveer Hummad. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Calvin
Johnathan Septaiwan. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Gin Ye Won. (crowd clapping) – [Dr. Crawford]
Andre Gesteva Sirogi. – [Man In Crowd] Andre! – [Dr. Sy Ear] Leo Lee. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] William Hujudi. – [Man In Crowd] William! (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Yuyu Di. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Elviro Laguando. – [Girls In Crowd] Woo, Elviro! – [Dr. Crawford] Wendy Chen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Reyton Logan. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Wot Yeh. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Patrick Avales. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Lee Z. Lem. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Erin Louise Tam. (distant cheering) (quiet talking) – [Dr. Crawford] Wok John Wyn. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jennifer Zena. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Sue Yung Son. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jennifer Arillia. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Jania
Barvilla Susindra. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Bryan Favard. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Dedra Susangio. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Celes Asung. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Diego Wenas. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Josette Forgi. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Armadas Awu. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Deborah Tamu Lakolki. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Tanya
Alastagia Leonardi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Mynn Phan Yobune. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Adda
Ayu Geska Vionchana. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Chow Men Wen. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Anita Redea Ramontio. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Kienna Steve. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Kania Nehowa. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Muna Muta Aleh. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Jady Sisaria Ecob. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Sherrie Mort. – [Dr. Crawford] Lillian Joe. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Daniel Chinyonzi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Briggeta Jacob. – [Woman In Crowd] Jacob! – [Dr. Sy Ear] Bryce
Nicholas Chapman. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Kaja Maharrani. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Suddnav Core. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Ricardo Johnathan. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Victory Azie. (distant cheering) – Thank you. (quiet talking) – [Dr. Crawford]
Elaine Elizia Chokro. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Saluma Bougi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Nicodemus Immanuel. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Alicia Thomason. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Ganga Ida Bodus. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Menvon Amon Watanavo. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Janet Pernia. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jenny Corona. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Cindy Sutonto. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Paulina Corona. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Georgina Sucapotrene. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Karen Pharenza. (distant clapping) – [Dr. Crawford] Christa Yoga. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Anamina Helichavich. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Matthew Sydney Vigiya. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Fatima
Everim Abrihaldi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Dorthia Regialgi. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jennifer Delia. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Untari Kirana Arinali. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Aday Hue. (muffled talking) – [Girl] Pretty easy, right? – [Dr. Crawford] Yeah. Ivanki Kirana Arnaldi. – [Dr. Sy Ear]
Jessica Anne Sirenson. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Samudra Arinaldi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Sen Yu Wang. – [Dr. Crawford]
Bryan Johnathan Blue. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jatelle Dean. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Dylan Will Etzel. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Sue Mong. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Antonis
Johnathan Wilgargi. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Tran Fam. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Tranita
Nicole Fernandez Fut. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Lin Mi Win. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Audrey
Christobelle Chokra. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Un Vied Boey. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford]
Christiania Tawn. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Alessandra Simon. – [Dr. Crawford]
Callista Selene. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jordan Simon. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Debra Tomvunan. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Adella Miobo. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Maria
Chrisobelle Utobo. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Mariam Scyee. (long drawn out woman cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Kumba Baday. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Serena Toligiver. – [Dr. Crawford]
Eeka Tarina King. – [Dr. Sy Ear] Hi Tang Tran. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Yasenya Hernandez. (horn hooting, crowd cheering) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Erica Wiley. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Taha Sinan. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Adajeeha
Ariguya Cosmin. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford]
Luke Chan Green. (quiet talking) (distant clapping) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Jefferson Julius. (distant cheering) – [Dr. Crawford] Jordan Gondah. (crowd cheering and applauding) (quiet talking) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Tina Rajabi. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Crawford] Naol Debele. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Dr. Sy Ear] Martin Douge. (crowd cheering
and horn blaring) – Ladies and gentlemen,
we will now begin the tradition of
turning of the tassel. This act symbolizes
what is transition from candidate to graduate. Graduates, if you
would please stand up. All the graduates stand up.
(audience cheering) If you would please
take your tassel and move it to the left
side of your mortarboard. It is my honor and
privilege to be the first to congratulate you in this
incredible achievement. (audience and students
cheering excitedly) (horns blowing,
crowd applauding) Congratulations. (audience quietly talking) – The commencement program will conclude with the recessional. Audience members, please
remain in your seats until the graduates and faculty
have left the arena floor. Graduates, please remain
seated until cued to stand. At the close of the
recessional guests may proceed to the View Lounge behind
me to meet your graduate. Thank you for joining us this
evening and safe travels home. (audience applauding
and cheering) (quiet chatter) (Edmond CC Band
playing lively tune) (quiet chatting fading)

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