Drug Testing Welfare Recepients – Jamie Weinstein

we’ve got these welfare queens up there bill gates who has made billions and
billions of dollars by government regulation called the copyright law that is given special privileges company
and canadian branch there on the making tens of millions of
dollars a year in pain almost no taxes on it uh… because he was able to attend a
game the system and it is taxes lowered yet they c_e_o_ of uh… g jeff in will
do the you know g pays no taxes and
billions of dollars in profits uh… you get the c_e_o_ of exxon mobil
four hundred billion dollars in profit no income tax we had a lot of welfare queens out there let’s drug testing all jenny one stain on the line of the daily
caller daily caller dot com is a senior editor at the leak all ur came here in favor of drug testing
always welfare queens right well tell of course battle considered
operate lol to be equivalent of about getting government welfare about a wholly different one bit how are they different world it’s part
of private property of the way did you create intention to try to provide a copyright uh… log people so they didn’t have it
but after the second or third year of the copyright being protected how is it
any different how is it not welfare depend on how many i did take a long
time compared to people due to uh… what what white piece of
white three-year to magic number december the thomas jefferson proposes
the number that was most most often debated during a constitutional
conventions you know this history yet but they had three years would not
have had in stone uh… in the end i i think that is they
got a very clearly just gotta check us out of the other we are but but let’s
not government we can quickly determine that the other pakula exactly alice i
guess i can tell you what you wanna dot you want a drug test people who are on
who are on government systems of some kind i have got that very i’m driving to
protect them i think it’s been a a fare paying upper people mistake to choose to do uh… so long as they did caught the
back of a decent some paper found that implementing the policy identity in
particular caught the fact of but on the printable ovett the fact that if you
were kept in government largess money that comes from you and me in the pack broker governor justin you probably aren’t really not get back
to close uh… who are on drugs so you see the
more you prefer reporting ritziest think that the guys who are we like to hear prints for example the
guys that the government who they are getting these no-bid government
contractors from their bodies like the bush administration that they should be drug tested dying they’re making billions of
everyone address a reprint but it’d be a good question patriot are brutal karen where you have people uvu gate that’s
subsidies and protection of her car uh… growing sugar in a states that
protect them from trade elsewhere they entered yet but the corporate welfare
should end unseemly protest and i shinde wrote that the military ended but but but you know they’re getting all
this government largess i mean the government’s giving mindboggling amounts of money to to these millionaires in billionaires
c_i_a_ you know you’ve seen their the least thirty-five bedroom mansion
stan the surround the city where you and i
live uh… motion with the drug testing these
guys week weekend debate what are you just
want to protest or perot don’t wait come on agree with you utterly election
into a step further uh… we can debate what is your cover
getting government large class welfare what is not agree that there are some
very wealthy people that are getting corporate welfare in a way to uh…
through kind of uh… accruing capitalism and i don’t want to protect
them i want to and delightful and i will attend p crony capitalism so do you want
to handle joining under the lifeline to too in euros on food stamps well tom and i think that argument goes
along the lines of if you were arrested a family a father
or mother for doing something criminal to that effect other families where well
i think yes but it would you suggest you don’t arrest them uh… well one of the things that i know
is that from then we all know now is the result of rick scott who owns uh… but changed medical clinics that do dot drug testing
is that when he implemented drug testing for work for food stamp recipients in the state of
florida that about two percent of the tested positive and then when they
randomly tested the general population down there was run eight percent so people so we’re drug-testing election
i this listing punitive election recruitment lighting drug so i
mean i i i don’t know if there are going to drugs might help but they puneet or
probably more basis it’s a right party i think you would
think that drug testing of people the government a government largess but
would be the right thing to do but it was your favorite punishment even when
it violates your own moral principles u you would you want you to answer the
question of what i have to do it or use karna bhi uh… the image of a deal why do i want
to punish eight-year-old children write-up for the poor for trafficking
aerobic what he wanted which would which you’d which you it’s a bit cooler that their characters
something a little committed fraud or something or go were
going to go to jail which you just not send them to jail i mean cabal of course
not while this semester the crime i would send the
detail but is the best of my knowledge apply for food stamps is not a crime no but the point is that uh… certain
qualities all opec families and and and and the and the people who were responsible that it’s worth it if the parents so you’re
saying something it’s laid off from their job what remedies i don’t know
what remedies if you say the summit is laid out on their job is because
republican policies blowing out of reaganomics blowing up our trade policy
feels that i could not secure i make a bipartisan blowing out joining together the detail the factory went into a sort of mexico
or somethin they’re out of work they should be punished by being drug tested uh… i think that they shouldn’t be on drugs attitude of
course is someone to be parked if you’re going to be anyone i’d merely merely
truck if they’re not working if they’re not driving a truck and i can i can
understand drug-testing airline pilots fearless punishment i can understand drug-testing airline
pilots is i want to get on an airplane where
the pilots pins you know stone in the last twenty four hours but i don’t
understand drug testing some guy who’s sitting in his home watching tv because
he can’t get a job i mean i think he should have the right
to get high and and and and selling confided jaya if i want to make sure
that he’s not you know second bem broken out via living begin my front door but workers prepared u_s_ i’d like to be
clear with principles here so what you’re suggesting is that not
only do you think that that they should be no
drug testing that you have no problem if the person who is receding uh…
government aid is getting alright uh… in india subsidized by the government no
i don’t i have no problem i have no problem with anybody getting high and
less their operating every equipment that can damage me or i do i think that will when we were
there isn’t really goes and writes added and but i do have prominent give money
out of the public person uh… to people that are are are getting
on ok well as the next several years if they’re if their gift is should we
should we drug test them for alcohol uh… well the nation question look at the
legalizing drugs for a while you know i mean it’s it’s not it’s not an
interesting question i mean if you look at this as you look at the good science
this time now i know you’re familiar with this as well people who are equally intoxicated on
marijuana versus alcohol are much more dangerous driving when when they’re on
out when they’re untouched it without all that with marijuana they’re much
more likely to kill or be killed and argue so let’s drug tests everybody
for alcohol i’d end up in the states privately that
they would do that certainly would oppose it okay how about tobacco their product states paper the power to
to answer that wanted to give money to and i and i and i think so what you’re
saying is that a lot of there’s a lot of problems with the uh… you know
speaker-to-be newt was right now uh… inhibiting kit economically a
uh… reasons to do so and because they think that right that people that are are getting
money from uh… it should not be like i think i a
lighting equipped with the people a giving people money then we should have the right to drug
test them so uh… which brings me back to my
original question ok we the people are getting there on the enormous amount of
money by subsidizing this in this whole they have court
system and everything else that has allowed him to give wealthy art should
be drug tested or subsidizing delegates for the
copyright laws are subsidizing exxon mobil with billions of dollars in the
military supply and a shipping lanes but and i think there’s corporate
welfare up at a picnic brought me with the recipient of it by any means uh… the idea that he is a deidre
capital corporate welfare he’s a self-made man he was born millionaire is u_n_d_p_ he worked his way up in that
position on come on answer would be a good evidence of their
show me how we’re going to he he he use the law he use that the the education
that he got by virtue of being born millionaire he is the old boy network
that he had never heard of the morning at eight o’clock here at the account for
those who want to look a little work with them probably work harder and longer than most everyone else was
nottinghamshire he worked very hard to know how hard is somebody have to work
at twenty million dollars here for doing nothing if the idea that he was not a a a man
who a work harder to do this because i think you know i don’t begrudge it was
first million bucks a year jamie not at all the glass i’ll be graduates first
million bucks a year but nothing i can certainly wire you
can’t make it out with was on the tightening white will have will happen
with argument and cheney dilly-dallied acknowledging lines to his


  1. Netty van Driest said:

    Poor people, specially those supported by the government, are not supposed to have fun. They should be miserable, otherwise they might start like to hold out their hand and worry about food, rent and health bills every day, instead of finding a non-existent job.
    Even when drug-testing is expensive and counterproductive,"they" must feel that welfare is just to keep them alive, on the subsistence level misery neocons feel they deserve. Escapism must be punished as a sign of ungratefulness..

    April 4, 2012
  2. dunrambai said:

    love you Thom. Keep rocking!!~

    April 4, 2012
  3. Coreysaurus said:

    Tom and Jamie are both wrong. No drug testing and no welfare or corporate welfare. Government shouldn't play favors to the elite.

    April 5, 2012
  4. Jach said:

    Is Thom on the side of getting rid of copyright and patents now? Huzzah!

    April 5, 2012
  5. StunnedByStupidity said:

    NO ONE WHO CREATED THE DISNEY CHARACTERS IS ALIVE NOW – yet the money is gushing into the Disney coffers… There are a group of DESPICABLY nasty people called 'right wing authoritarians' that take GREAT delight in kicking the shit out of subordinates – they make up 20-25% of the population go google 'The Authoritarians'. Around 2% of those on welfare take drugs (THEY ARE EXPENSIVE) now compare that to the Banker welfare queens – now our bigot has a problem. And spare me the IDIOTIC

    April 8, 2012
  6. StunnedByStupidity said:

    'crony capitalism'. Capitalism ALWAYS becomes corrupted when freed up – this wanker needs to apologise for what he and his lunatic scum bag friends has done over the last 30 years… When the left fucks up as bad as the right has over the last 30 years THEN they get to open their bigoted mouths again, until then show some shame and STFU! BTW can someone show me how someone making $20 MILLION works harder than say a lumberjack-and the lumberjack risks WAY more -namely his life!AM fed up of MORONS

    April 8, 2012
  7. Leesa Michaels said:

    The daily Caller is run by bow-tied disingenuous ass,Tucker Carlson.

    Libertarians like Weinstien have such a selfish, self-centered, sociopathic view of the rest of us. It's all about the self and all the other idiot pseudo-philosophy that hypocrite Ayn Rand puked out of her pompous pie-hole.

    There's no Art in their selfish little lives except the Art they can Buy… and their only creative impulse is to creatively steal as much money as they can from the rest of us.

    April 12, 2012
  8. Leesa Michaels said:

    We should get them their own little island and watch them run it into the dirt.

    April 12, 2012
  9. Big Slim said:

    jamie weinstein is gay

    June 2, 2012
  10. Jason Sapp said:

    really? lol

    February 17, 2013
  11. rockstar1011 said:

    Thom your a moron. I wasted my time listening to your B S arguments.

    February 26, 2013
  12. pIZzA hUt sHoW said:

    My question is this; what happens to the children who need these nutrition progams and their parents use drugs? Do the children starve? Do the children get taken away from their parents? Who takes care of them?

    March 18, 2016
  13. Ms Ro said:

    I know this is an old video but, in response to this guest talking about drug testing well fare queens……. Wall street: lots of drugs of better value and high escorts so….
    So much more to say on this

    November 9, 2017

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