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Hi everyone, i’m Noob Illustrator So today i’m gonna draw Gundala characters. This film is also a hit in Indonesia Also the character is the most frawn for challenge GUNDALA FANART and i’ll draw 2 characters in photoshop cc i start with rough sketch i’m using purple for the color i always use reference to build the character i always search the reference in Pinterest. ouuhhh, i wanna remind you i’m not native speaker and i’m not good enough in english. i wanna share to y’all i make this video inspired by Yuu-kun Project channel He or She make speed paint int sketchbook autodesk in device and using his or her finger to make illustration now i’m skecthing Gundala’s features Oooopss, sometimes i did wrong when i was sketching 🙁 and sketching some details on his costume now i draw part 2 character and still start from rough sketch sometimes this face perspective so difficult done 🙂 time to start coloring first i make base color now i’m using medium color sorry you can’t see the color panels cause it didn’t get recorded in my screen recorder 🙁 and now i start from a lowlight I’m using black, and the opacity 18-20% opacity i never use the smudge tool i’m just managing the opracity for blending now highlight i just managing the opracity until 14% for highlight now part 2 i’m using the same technic and these the final result please support this channel 🙂

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  1. Typical Music said:

    So good 😍

    September 10, 2019

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