Dharmesh Shah: Relentless Attention to Culture

– First thing you learn, I kind of hinted at this in the beginning parts is that like the media reaction is like okay well the first rule of culture is you do not talk about culture right? That was the immediate reaction I got from the employee base. What I’ve learned since then is in order for it to work, you have to talk about it incecessantly. You have to keep, like this is what it is cause as your growing you think like oh well everybody kind of gets this. Like we’ve been around like. No they don’t. I guarantee you they don’t get it. And as your kind of adding new people so you have to keep talking about it. First decide what it is and then communicate it constantly. The other one this is back to software like some people it’s like okay well these are our values and this is what it is and this is the way it’s going to be because our founders said so 20 years ago or whatever it is. That doesn’t work, cuture is more like software than hardware than sort I give more parallel perspective. You should be (inaudible) on it and building it just like you would a product.

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