DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement Course

We see the culture that Red Hat have built
internally as something that has worked well and, and we’d like to, to take some of those
learnings and implement them internally where we are and, make use of those and we think
it’s a good set of practices. DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement is
an immersive 5 day experiential training course. We initially created it to facilitate this
need where we would train ourselves and become really, really good in being able to succeed
with our customers. After doing this we realised that actually what’s the point in creating
this wonderful immersive workshop if we’re going to hide it away from the world, that
doesn’t sound very open. So we’ve released it and made it available for our customers
to be able to consume and use too. It explores technical practices on Red Hat
technology, cultural practices, and enables teams to adopt continuous discovery and continuous delivery. I’ve learned more in this week than I would
have on a course where you’re just sat in front of a book. You’re meeting like minded
people from different organisations, it’s been really, really good, really, really different
way of learning but a, a much better way of learning. I had a lot of breakthrough moments, I built
a mind map, and every time I have an idea I would type it down, and when I go back to
Portugal, I will take a look at that and really stretch out the ideas. The learning experience was phenomenal, it
was an action packed week but full of energy, a a good blend of theory
mixed with practical exercises. The reason I would recommend other people
attend this course is to give a full appreciation of the whole DevOps lifecycle and culture.
People will take one part of DevOps, the tool chain, or a practice, or Agile, and think
of that as DevOops. To me, it only happens when it all comes together. I left with a feeling of excitement and ideas
bubbling up in my head into how I could further empower my team to be better and to work better. Yeah, I’d definitely recommend it, across
the whole range of people within an organisation. My learning experience this week has been
phenomenal. I came here not knowing anyone in the course, the team bonded together, we
started off with a social contract which got everybody on the same page, we bonded well
together, we worked together as a team, we had fun and it demonstrated how you can have
fun and work and still deliver massive outcomes.

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