Detroit Mercy Social Work Promo Video

Detroit Mercy gave me a foundation for a generalist Social Work practice and it opened my eyes to a future that fits me I love helping people and I love animals I got my Bachelor of social work here at Detroit Mercy and now I'm exploring schools for a master with the concentration and veterinary Social Work the future is yours to create start here at Detroit Mercy tuition at the University today is more affordable than ever students are able to pay a tuition rate that is competitive with other state colleges and universities here at de trade mercy we offer courses in smaller class sizes those smaller class sizes allows students to get to know their faculty members as well as their classmates additionally faculty are able to get to know their students by name the Detroit Mercy advantage means that today your education is flexible we offer several courses in different formats our formats include completely online where students are able to access course content anywhere at anytime that's most convenient for them we also offer traditional courses here on the McNichols main campus and our third option are our hybrid courses which contain a combination of our online courses and our face-to-face courses social work is needed everywhere if you want to be out there helping to change the world start here and e-trade mercy when I realized I wanted to help people Detroit Mercy started me on my career path my Social Work education left an everlasting impression on me and gave me a strong foundation being in the heart Detroit we as students were able to learn beyond the classroom by working with individuals and communities in need these lessons helped shape my future and inform my work in clinical practice Detroit Mercy can help you to create your future and help you realize your dreams to start here at Detroit Mercy your Social Work education can take you everywhere from clinical practice to finding your niche the future is yours to create start here start here start here at Detroit Mercy you

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