Daily Huddles: Building a Culture of Hospital Safety

Looking at the bottom of your paper, you
have buddies. Rachelle’s orienting to charge today. Yay Rachelle! We
probably should have a sense of that before pharmacy starts sending out
supplies that we can’t access So we’ll get a pulse check, so when you’re on the unit,
ask it to see if it’s on the carts. For the psych consult process,
this has to do with one-to-one sitters and evals. The discussion was brought up yesterday. Do we have any updates needed today from anyone in the group? And actually Kathy can you send out a
five five five now? You know with this process we are problem-solving in real
time and if we’re able to ensure that our staff are well taken care of through
the huddle process, that we are making sure that they have the necessary
supplies, the necessary medications to deliver. We want to make sure that all
the units have the equipment on their carts. We’re ensuring a better patient
experience. The Department of Medicine admitted 38. We’ve really focused on kind
of identifying patient safety events. Things that would kind of impede the
flow or impede patient care. I think it’s also been a good way of making us
accountable for being timely with addressing medication safety issues so
our staff know that the incident reports get reviewed on a daily basis and we
need to follow up on them in a timely manner and we’re held to account on that
because we come back to huddle the next day and we need to be able to report
back on what changes have been made. We sent out a five five five page… At first,
I have to be honest, we were all like what is this, what is it going to mean
for us, but it really has helped with information and everybody receiving the
same messaging and I think people are feeling more satisfied that the things
that they’re bringing forward are going to the people that can actually help. I’ve seen it’s more proactive. We’re thinking about the day ahead
and it’s really nice to see everyone jumping on trying to figure out what they can do yesterday to prepare for today. When we
rolled out the safety huddle, we were really wanting to make sure that we
removed barriers and/or fixed problems as quickly as possible and what we’ve
seen is people rise to the occasion when they hear a issue or concern and say
I’ve got that, that’s what I do, that’s my expertise. Teams are empowered to speak
directly to us about their concerns and we are charged with really responding to
them to help them manage those situations and I think that has made all
the difference in the world. It also continues to build a culture of
safety and trust that I think all of our team members really appreciate. I’m
really glad you’re here. I think it’s a great way to communicate, I think it’s a
great way to focus on the needs of the unit and it’s also a great way to say
good job. I think it was pretty apparent from the moment we started this process
how beneficial it was for us to participate, to give us a voice, to be
making decisions to being able to get immediate feedback. Healthcare is serious.
There’s tragedies and miracles every single day, we see some really tough
stuff. It’s nice to start out a day recognizing and doing gratitude but also
laughing with colleagues and having a good time and starting out the day in
that environment. We’re seeing a lot more laughter and collegiality and
collaboration through this process– Everyone is invited. –which is nice, I
think often we spend more time with people here at work than we go home and
so we’re seeing our family bond here strengthened through the huddle process. you you

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