Hi, I’m Mitsunori Saito. Owner of Mitsuka-boze franchise.
It’s 11 years since starting. Mitsuka-boze was opened on 2007, a first ramen shop to be specialized in Miso in Kansai area. We’ve started out with small 14-seat ramen shop We had no customers, just wondering “How can we get ourselves a customer?” Working on what we can do, luckily, people start to come over to our place Now, we have 2 franchise: in Hotarugaike and Umeda. Mituka-boze is a miso ramen shop. Just by learning about miso, fermenting grabbed my heart. Then, I’ve bumped into Minoh Beer, thinking “wow, this beer is something special.” Week by week, we became a good friends and asked “Hey, I want to serve this beer at my place.” and answer was yes. Just by widening my curiousity and network, I’ve learned there are lot more fermenters and brewers in my home town, becoming friends with Minoh Beer and Akishika Shuzo. Their making a beer with full body, something you can drink everyday. At the same time, brewing a whole lot, seeking for what they want. A brewer with passion of pioneer, I’d say. They’re located in Makiochi. One station before Minoh, nothing but homes around them. Surprisingly, they’ve really grown big from such place. With really good fans. Ramen shop with craft beer? It was like “What kinda place is it?” Amongst I know of, there wasn’t such place, wanting to purchase our keg. My impression is they are really good at having fun with new toys. Like Mitsu, everyone’s just as same as him. Really enjoying from their heart, and willing to spread it all around their world. It’s really exciting working with them. We believe its all about balance, not bitterness or aroma or flavor, nothing special, but something you can drink all night. High drinkablitiy means its all balanced out. Aftertaste and aroma is something we struggle everytime. First impression is “Wow, it’s got a taste.” and started drinking, becoming fan. Both Minoh beer and Akishika. Then, we became a good friends and asked “Hey, teach me about sake.” Then they said “You’ll first have to start with farming rice.” From since, we’ve farmed rice and brewed together. Brewing a sake is not simple, more story to behind it, not only brewing it or tasting it as a customer. We brew using our rice, with no organic or chemical fertilizer, just letting them grow as is, and using them to brew sake. With its rice, our sake is strong in taste and bit sour, but makes a good mariage with dishes. it was just ridicuouls hearing about them. Ramen shop is a place for no comfort, but they offered a good place to drink both sake and beer with their dish. Saito-san, he’s really wierdo in ramen industry, but at the same time someone we needed, even though he’s still a wierdo. He came to help our rice field, and started helping brewing. A close relationship between brewer and merchant is what I believe, and I fully respect his actions. Hey, it’s too much of a compliment. My mistake on a compliment. Thought of just saying bad about him, but really he’s helping out us alot. I’ve bumped into this miso culture in Hokkaido. People eat it everyday, but there wasn’t much of miso ramen-shop in Osaka, while there is in Hokkaido. Things got interesting when I made a visit to miso brewer, curious of how they’re made. Tons of selections and used to be a mother’s taste. It’s interesting how the flavor changes, from a soya bean, salt, and who it’s brewed by. It can get salty or bit more mild. Miso is just really entertaining with its all values and varieties. To summurize it, miso is a culture. Hey, thank you for joining “Thanks to all!” He’s been dumped by a girl going out for 7 years! Hai! Hai! “Yeah, I’m filming” Need… my… next drink… An era of ramen and sake will be coming soon. “Think it’s real?” Yeah. Appeal it to abroad, and they’ll love it…. “like ex-importing?” yeah, people’ll love it soon.

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