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The digital has become
a major part of our lives. It has an intrinsic influence
on how we interact with our world, both our present and our past. Cultural heritage institutions such as galleries,
libraries, archives and museums have been deeply influenced
by this digital transformation. It presses them into
new, unexplored venues and directions. Movements such as Open Access
have urged these institutions to open up their collections
to the public. Never before has cultural heritage
been so readily available to such large audiences. Access should not be limited to
browsing through collections alone. Users want to explore them,
comment on them, share their experiences. So, how can we use
our digital collections to create new ways
to engage and inspire audiences? Hello. I am Fred Truyen, professor of cultural studies
of KU Leuven, and I am working, together with a group
of researchers and experts, on Europeana, which is the portal to the digital
cultural heritage of Europe. In this MOOC, you will learn to use
several digital heritage platforms. In a mix of theory and practice, you will learn how to read
cultural objects from up close, but also in a wider context. You will also learn
how to teach this to others. With examples
of photography and dance, we will show you
how to stimulate true engagement, interaction and dialogue. You will learn about
digital curation and annotation. Can you enable co-creation? User-generated content?
Citizen science? But most of all, I’d like you
to enjoy these magnificent artworks. These testimonials
of human excellence.

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