Copic Colors December 2018 Wolf Silhouette Marker Illustration

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets
Creative! Sorry if I sound a little weird. I’ve had a cold this week. It’s not fun
when you’ve got a cold and a baby. Anyway! If you missed my announcement last week,
or the reminder in Tuesday’s video, I am still uploading every Tuesday and
Thursday, and occasionally putting out a third bonus video during the week, I am
just no longer restricting which type of content I put out on which day. So yes,
this week is absolutely backwards from my previous normal routine. Tuesday was a
review, and today is an art video! What fun! New things! Anyway, let’s get on
with it. Today I am doing the December Copic Colors. For those of you who aren’t
aware, the North American distributor for Copic products has been putting out a
set of three colors each month that they challenge us to use, kind of like a three
marker challenge, although they totally let us use black and colorless blender
if we want to. December’s colors were- or ARE, this is
still December. I’m putting it out pretty early for once!
B00 Frod Blue, B12 Ice Blue, and B18 Lapis Lazuli (which is gorgeous, by the way.
Love it!) And I decided to do a beautiful night sky, cloudy type of background and
put a wolf silhouette in front of it, howling at the moon. Thought I’d have a
little fun using the colorless blender to get the clouds to just be kind of
disintegrating into the light of the moon, and I think it turned out pretty
well. I realize that the color choice is quite similar to the Roy Henry Vickers
inspired silhouette I did quite recently. That was not intentional. I didn’t know
what December’s colors would be when I chose blue for the Roy Henry Vickers
image. That had been a one in color as many shades we want
challenge from one of my Amino communities, and I chose blue. You know, in
hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have, but how how was I supposed to know? And if you’ve
been paying attention, you may have noticed that I did not do
November’s Copic Colors. I was missing one of them, the G99 Olive Green. I
actually thought I had it at first, but it turns out I only have the olive green
multiliner, and Canada Post has been on strike, on a rotating strike. They’ve
been legislated back to work now, but at the time they were still striking, it was
still affecting things, so I really couldn’t order it from anywhere except
the Canadian supplier I like who uses a courier instead of Canada Post, but for
some reason they don’t carry G99 in either the Sketch or the Ciao. They only
carry it as a refill and what good is that to me? I don’t have a marker to put
it in! [Disclaimer: they have it now…]
So I was going to do the challenge and just pick a green that was close
enough, but then I started trying to blend the colors together see what I
could do with them and I just I didn’t like it, and it felt too Christmas-y for
November, so I decided you know what? Whatever! I’ll skip it. I will do December,
come hell or high water, and we’ll get back on track. So anyway, since I’ve been busy this week trying to
get that marker video out and then had a cold, I’m not going to talk all the
way through this. I’ll come back in the end card with a little blurb. If you like
this, if you’re new here, please do hit subscribe and ring that bell for
notifications! Leave a comment down below, tell me if you’re participating in the
December Copic Colors, if you’ve tried any of the previous month Copic Colors,
or if you plan on doing them in the future. If you want to know more about
how to find out what the colors are, all that, also comment that down below. I’ll
help you out and, yeah… talk to you in a couple minutes! Hey, look at tha,t we’re at the end of the
video and you’re still here! Thank you so much for staying. If you are participating
in Copic Colors this month, if you’ve done it in the past, if you’re planning
on doing it in the future, leave a comment down below let me know! Are you
excited about these colors? Do you like these choices? Which ones have you liked
the best so far this year? If you’d like more information on how to find out what
the Copic Colors are and possibly how to get them also leave a comment down below.
I will help you out as much as I can. So here we’ve reached the end card. As you
can see, today’s pieces hanging out in the feature spot. If you want to be
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soon, bye guys!

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