Collect the email addresses of 25% of your concert attendees – every time! Indie Music Minute

Hi I’m Tony van Veen CEO of Disc Makers. I have a tip I’m really excited about this week. I was at the Taxi Road
Rally, a conference in LA great conference; and I tried this twice and it
worked like a charm. You know if you’ve ever heard of golf or
you’re a golfer there’s a saying drive for show but putt for dough. Well I’ve changed
that saying to social for show email for dough. And what that means is you have
to go onto the social networks and get followers interact with them so that
they can be engaged. But if you actually want to sell something people don’t go
to Facebook or the Instagram to pull out their wallet. But when you send emails and you have a new
product a concert ticket, t-shirt, a CD to sell if there’s a
link there to buy it it is proven that email is the best channel for you to
move product. And so the key is how do you build up your email is big enough
that you can actually make some meaningful revenue when you send people
there to buy your product. And the trick I use at the conference was this in the
middle of my presentation I told the audience “hey do me a favor, please take
out your phone open up your email and send me an email to Tony at disc
and when you send me your email I will send you a copy of the slideshow
presentation that I’m doing right now” and it worked beautifully. People had their
phones out they were sending me emails and by the end of the conference of the
presentation I had the emails of between 25 and 30 percent of the audience in
each of the presentations that I did. Now why can’t you do that at your concerts? If you have something of value an exclusive recording of a new song
that’s not on Spotify, your new single, a download that’s not available elsewhere,
like you know maybe a cool you know lockscreen image that people can
download and use on their phone, anything that’s digital that’s exclusive. And in the middle of your sets is you ask your fans hey do me a favor pull out
your phone send me an email to Tony at band name .com please. Make sure your
email address is nice and simple that makes it easier for them to send you
that email. You could probably
get between 20 25 30 percent of the audience of every concert that you go to
to email you if you’re giving a great show. And now imagine if you’re opening
up for a much bigger band and you’re in front of a much bigger audience you will
add names to your email list super super fast, and when you add names to that
email list and you start communicating you will see that the income from online
sales will follow. Hope you found this helpful,
see you next time!


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    Hey great information, thanks!!!

    November 30, 2019
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    Great info

    November 30, 2019

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