Civil & Environmental Engineering: Meaningful Community Impact | Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

I had immediate responsibilities at work
as a structural engineer. I got to design structures of all different types.
Buildings, huge warehouses, small signs for the entertainment industry. My very
first project was using a material type that I had never seen before in school,
which is extremely daunting. But Rose gave me the tools to figure out how to
connect what I did learn with what I was trying to do now. I love the challenges
associated with having to coordinate between architectural, structural,
mechanical, electrical, geotechnical. There’s just so many challenges and every
single day I get to come in and address a new challenge. As a structural engineer
here, I’ve gotten to work on a lot of renovations. Currently I’m working on one
for low-income housing. It’s just given me a great sense of responsibility and
pride in my city. Driving down the road, looking at all of the structures that
our company has provided for the Cincinnati area is just amazing. It’s an
incredible feeling to know that you helped change the community and sparked
interest in an area again.

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