Child Welfare Information Gateway: Your Connection to Information and Resources (audio description)

[Tabitha Kelly, Bureau Chief] When you are dealing
with a child welfare agency, it’s constantly evolving
and pushing practice to a different level, you
want to stay informed. [Calin O’Connor, Policy Analyst] I think it’s incredibly
important to have states sharing what they’ve learned. We have hundreds of different
systems really of dealing with child welfare in this county,
between the state-operated systems and the county-operated
systems within states and cities that have their
own jurisdiction. So the Child Welfare Information
Gateway is a fabulous resource for sharing that information and helping people
learn from each other. [Debbie Rock, President
Light Health & Wellness] It’s what we use in our
every-day practice in our programs and it works. [Information Gateway
logo appears] Today, protecting children and
strengthening families requires the right strategies, data, and
proven evidence-based practices. Professionals use Child Welfare
Information Gateway as their best connection to the resources
and services that impact the lives of children,
youth and families. [Nicole Dobbins,
Executive Director] There’s information for
professionals, for birth families, for policymakers, for
frontline child welfare staff. [Branden Polk, MSW Student] You can find topical
resources on substance use, domestic violence,
foster care and adoption, out of home care. You will find tip sheets
on training professionals, on specific strategies
and treatments. [Tabitha] We’ve been able to take
that information and use it immediately in the field. So that’s important
for people who are busy, social workers who have
heavy caseloads, and they need concrete
tools and strategies that they can implement quickly. Information Gateway’s
connections across child welfare provide insight into
emerging trends and needs. [Information Gateway
publications] This deep understanding helps
Information Gateway identify and develop relevant and purposeful
publications, tip sheets, training tools and guides. Professionals use these
resources to communicate with families, train staff and
colleagues, improve their programs, and enhance
public awareness. [Calin] The people who work at the Child
Welfare Information Gateway are experts in their field
and they can look at a variety of resources. They can assess whether
it’s the highest quality. [Bev-Freda Jackson, Analyst] I’ve got something
that I can rely on. Something that I have
confidence in the information. Something that I
can access quickly. There are researchers and
practitioners [Tabitha] who have been doing this for a long time,
who have solid reputations, and we trust that information. [Information Gateway
website appears] Users can search across
state child welfare laws, find services and organizations
supporting healthy families, and access the nation’s
largest child welfare library. All content is free at
child-welfare-dot-gov, [Live web chat
appears on screen] and supported by a team
dedicated to answer questions online
or on the phone. We all want to feel
like we’re saving the world, [Debbie] saving the day,
saving each child, but we can’t do it alone. [Branden] Child Welfare Information
Gateway means to me speedy access to what I need so that
I can service families better. So I can learn,
so that I can grow. [Tabitha] When staff have the tools
to do their job better, more efficiently, the
families and the children are better off because of it. [Child Welfare information
gateway, US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for
Children and Families, and the Children’s Bureau]

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