Care, Health & Society

[ Music ]>>We are preparing our future generations of
health care providers and social service workers with the social tool kit that
they need to be effective in affecting health care quality improvements. And that’s something that is sorely
needed in our U.S. healthcare system. I would describe the Care Health
& Society Program as foundational and even an essential undergraduate
degree for anyone interested in entering the helping professions.>>I’m Nolan Palmer, I’m from Southern
California, and I study Care, Health & Society at University Arizona Online. So, I chose Care, Health & Society specifically because the program is interdisciplinary
and it connects the clinical, and medical, and administrative, and social
aspects of health. So, you’re not just studying how to like
to broad change, you’re also learning how to make an impact on that one patient
or how to connect with one patient.>>Successful students already
have characteristics that mirror the helping professions. They’re enthusiastic, they’re passionate, they
have so much empathy for those that they serve. They’re excited and ready to
make a difference in the world.>>My dream job with this degree would be
to go into the policy side of healthcare, because there’s a lot of different ways that you
can kind of combine the clinical and medical, but also administrative aspects of healthcare
and really make an impact on patient care, and the way patients experience
health care in a social context.>>I would like for our online
students to know that it’s possible, that your dreams can become a reality, and
we are literally standing-by to support you, and serve you, and educate you, and train you, so that you can be the change
you want to be in the world. [ Music ]

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